10 Premium Homemade HAIR MASKS Recipes for HAIR Density & Regrowth - Updated 2018

In this article we will discuss about 10 premium homemade Hair Mask Recipes for your hair density and regrowth. These also care your damaged hair. What can be more fresh and natural than, prepared by own hands, home masks for the density of hair? Shop cosmetics are comfortable and beautiful, but do they always meet the requirements?

The Advantages of a Homemade Masks

World manufacturers of cosmetics for cosmetics - for example, such as Yves Rocher and Dove - produce a whole range of products for the density and health of hair based on natural oils and herbs, are actively developing in the field of restoring the natural structure of hair, their intensive nutrition and stimulating their growth.

On labels of each bright packing of production massmarket: shampoo, masks, balm, whey for hair it is possible to meet a mention about their natural basis. At the same time, the composition contains a variety of preservatives, fragrances and other necessary, but aggressive components that negatively affect the health of keratin fibers.
10 Premium Homemade HAIR MASKS Recipes for HAIR Density & Regrowth
Unlike purchased in the store balms that solve the problem of thin and rare hair only visually, lifting the hair shafts from the roots, home masks stimulate and nourish the hair follicles, give the hair volume due to the thickening and strengthening of the rods.

How to care for the thinned curls and return them to their former volume?

To restore the natural beauty, strength and natural shine of your hair, you must follow the recommendations of a healthy lifestyle: to ensure a balanced diet, full sleep, regular exercise. In addition, it is necessary to significantly limit the intake of alcohol, avoid stressful situations, do not forget about the headgear in accordance with the season.

It is also necessary to visit the trichologist (hair health specialist) and the endocrinologist to ensure the normal functioning of the hormonal system before taking measures to restore the splendor of his hair. In addition, it is worth considering that for women during pregnancy and lactation hair loss is a normal phenomenon, not requiring much concern.

If the health is okay and the internal causes of hair thinning are not available, then you can proceed with preventive or restorative cosmetic procedures. They promote hair growth, strengthen follicles and rods, thicken the structure of keratinous fibers along the entire length and impart a missing volume to the hair.

Products of Home Masks for the Hair Density

To restore the former splendor of your curls you can use two kinds of masks:
  • Combining the components in a mixture that promote the feeding of strands, strengthen the hair follicles and accelerate the growth of curls;
  • Divided into two stages, when the scalp first heats up, blood circulation in tissues increases, and then a nutritional mixture is added, saturating the skin and hair roots with vital substances.
The most common and most effective products for stimulating masks that promote growth and hair density are: mustard or pepper, cinnamon or ginger. For our grandmothers it was not considered shameful to include in cosmetics: onions, garlic, spirits (vodka or tinctures), as well as expensive cognac. But such an experiment for contemporaries can be unacceptable, since persistent onion or garlic smell is not the best ambre for going out into the light, and alcohol additives can harm the skin and hair. From pharmacy products, cosmetologists allow the use of dimexide in heating masks, but it must be diluted with water (oil or juice) in a proportion of 1: 3.

Nutritional components of masks for the density of hair can be used both in pure form and enter into mixed cosmetics. In natural cosmetology, egg masks are known when a beaten egg or a pair of yolks is applied to damp hair, the head is wrapped in a film and a towel, and then, after 20-25 minutes, rinsed with acidified water. This mask can be applied every time before washing your head. She perfectly nourishes dry and brittle hair, returns them strength, elasticity and splendor.

For fatty hair, sour-milk products are good: yogurt, kefir, natural yoghurt without additives. They can also be used half an hour before the water treatment. Apply kefir at the roots and along the entire length of the hair, and after a third of an hour wash off the remains of the mask with comfortable water with your favorite shampoo.

In addition to kefir and eggs, homemade masks that restore the density of hair may include: basic cosmetic oils (olive, almond, peach, apricot, linseed, castor, burdock, jojoba, grape seed oil and wheat germ, cedar, shea, argan and any other), honey, gelatin, aloe juice, lemon or orange juice, glycerin, essential oils, yeast, cocoa powder, vegetables (potatoes, tomatoes and carrots), fruits (banana, avocado), nuts (cedar, almonds), medicinal plants (calendula, chamomile, nettle, St. John's wort, eucalyptus t, green and black tea), powder from algae (fucus or kelp).

Liquid B vitamins, ascorbic acid-C, oil extracts of vitamins A and E, or complex preparation "Aevit" on their basis, are inexpensive but effective means by which complex masks can be enriched to restore a lush hairstyle.

It is known that in eastern beauties thick hair was due not only to the genetic factor, but also to the rooted tradition of strengthening the roots of hair during staining with natural basma and henna. These herbal components can also be added to home masks to restore health to hair follicles and elasticity of the rods. But basma without henna can present an unpleasant surprise in the form of a greenish shade, which is difficult to remove even by professional washings. It must be remembered that we are dealing with vegetable dyes. Henna in combination with basma can impart a very different tone to hair: from flame-red to coal-black. For blondes, or girls with blond hair, in the mask for the density and elasticity of hair, you can add only colorless henna.

10 Premium Recipes for Masks for Hair Density

01. Stimulating mask:- Chamomile flowers (1-2 tablespoons) pour water (200-400 ml) and put on fire. After 5 minutes after boiling broth, pour 1 tbsp. a mustard powder and 0.5 tsp. Sahara. Next, you need to cool and drain. The mask is applied at the roots of the hair to the curls (avoiding the tips, which it is better to treat with pure cosmetic oil) 2-3 times a week. Handle the mustard mixture with caution, as it causes burning sensation. The procedure time is 15-30 minutes, but the mixture on the head can be left only until discomfort. Then, the remnants of the mask should be washed off immediately so as not to cause skin burns.

This procedure can be carried out both separately and in the form of the first stage of skin warming, after which it is possible to apply a nutritional mixture on the roots of the hair and along the entire length of the rods. Chamomile flowers perfectly match blonde beauties, for brunettes you can take nettles or St. John's wort, reddish - calendula (marigolds).

02. Mask with yeast to increase the volume of hair:-  We take 25 g of pressed or 2 tsp. dry yeast "with a slide", pour 50 ml of nettle or chamomile infusion, add whipped yolk. Leave the mixture in a warm place to revive the yeast. After 20 minutes, when the process of fermentation becomes obvious, mix this composition with slightly warmed olive, burdock or almond oil. We distribute a homogeneous mass over the scalp, at the same time massaging it, after finishing the hair shafts. Then we wrap the head with cellophane and a hat (or towel) for 35-40 minutes. Instead of herbal infusion, you can use milk or cream.

03. Mask with gelatin:- In addition to increasing the volume of hair, gelatin, which is part of this mask and consisting of hydrolyzed collagen, gives the hair an obedience and natural shine. Gelatin - 50 g (2 tablespoons) pour 100 ml of cold water. Leave it for 20 minutes, then melt over low heat, stirring constantly. In this mixture, you can pour 25 ml of the usual conditioner and add 20 ml of glycerin. Apply to scalp and hair, cover with polyethylene and towel. After 35-40 minutes, rinse the remnants of the mixture with cool water (in this case, do not use hot water, as it will dissolve the gelatin and neutralize the effect of the procedure)

04. Vegetable mask:- Grated carrots (medium-sized root vegetables) should be mixed with 25 g of sour cream (or fatty cream), 5 drops of castor oil and diluted to a mushy state with strong brewing (green tea for blonde, black for dark-haired girls). The mixture on the head under a compress made of polyethylene and terry towels can be kept for about an hour (from 40 minutes or more).

05. Another variant of vegetable cosmetic mixture for hair density:- Two medium-sized root vegetables of boiled potatoes, in the form of mashed potatoes or fresh, ground on a fine grater, mixed with a fine grinding salt, honey and any cosmetic oil (1 tsp component), as well as one whipped egg yolk. Mix thoroughly, rub it into the skin between the strands, apply to the hair. After a 30-40-minute procedure, rinse the head with acidified water (for 1 liter of "base" - 25 ml of lime juice or lemon, fruit vinegar).

06. Nut Mask:- Cedar or almonds (about a handful) to crush a wooden pestle. Top up with water, milk or herbal decoction until a thick creamy mass is obtained. Put in a glass (heat-resistant) or ceramic bowl in a preheated oven (150 degrees), for about 30 minutes. The resulting nut milk must be rubbed into the skin on the entire surface of the scalp daily so that the follicles receive maximum nutrition. After a two-week course - a break for two months.

07. Mask with honey and cosmetic oils:- Heat a mixture of olive oil and avocado oil in a water bath (in equal proportions, 20 ml each), pour in 50 g of liquid honey. Beat a chicken egg or yolk and mix thoroughly with the basic composition of the mask. Density of hair with such abundant nutrition of follicles and scalp will be provided. In addition to olive oil and avocado oil, you can mix any plant extracts: peach, almond, burdock, apricot and others.

08. Fruit mask:- A piece of melon, avocado or banana chopped in a blender, mixed with whipped egg yolk and 20 ml of any of the cosmetic oils.

09. Mask with dimexid:- In slightly warmed burdock oil (50 ml), insert the contents of 5 capsules of vitamin A and the same amount of vitamin E. Then mix the mixture with lemon juice (1 tsp) and dilute dimexide - 1 tsp. (in the ratio 1: 3). Blend the mixture on slightly damp hair, massage the scalp and wrap it with a compress. The procedure should be carried out until the first appearance of discomfort (from 15 minutes to 60). Then rinse off the remains of the mask with a copious amount of water.

10. Cocoa mask:- This mixture is considered royal for its truly beneficial effect on the roots and rods of hair. In a classic mask for hair density, consisting of 100 ml of yogurt or yogurt, one yolk and 9 g of cocoa powder, you can add: vitamins A and E in capsules, or Aevit, honey or base oils, almond or walnut crumbs . Apply this mask layer by layer, in 3 doses, after the thickening of the previous layer. (The mask should not spread!) At the end of the procedure, when it takes 25-30 minutes after the third layer dries, you can rinse the mask thoroughly with running water.

On a note:-
  • It is easy to turn hair care into a relaxing spa procedure, adding to any masks for the thickness of hair aroma oils: jasmine or rosemary, cinnamon, ylang-ylang, mint, lavender or any other;
  • Do not forget that during the treatment of hair, it is necessary to limit the use of thermal appliances (hair dryers, ironing, styling);
  • To wash off the leftovers of mixtures from a head and hair it is necessary exclusively cool water as hot - weakens follicles that conducts to dropout of cores;
  • You can not comb wet hair and go to bed with a wet head. After washing your head an hour before bedtime, you can dry your hair naturally without resorting to using a hairdryer.
Home masks for the density of hair with their regular application can restore even weakened hair. The main thing is not to carry out procedures from time to time, but to do curly hair therapy. After all, at the end it will be possible, without any photoshop, to rejoice at the magnificent shock of obedient and beautiful hair!