Benefits and Uses of Vitamin B3 Nicotinic acid (Niacin) Supplement for Hair

Nicotinic acid (vitamin B3, vitamin PP,  nicotinamide, niacinamide, Niacin) is often present in the composition of waste products intended for hair growth and strengthening. It has no relation to nicotine, but it perfectly moisturizes the hair, strengthens the roots, stops the loss, improves blood circulation, eliminates dandruff, strengthens hair growth. Consider in this article how to use nicotinic acid in ampoules for hair in the form of rubbing and masks. What is remarkable about this magic vitamin? It expands the blood vessels and accelerates the metabolism, and this is why it is used in the form of injections for a variety of diseases, even the most serious ones.

But the local use of nicotinic acid for hair growth, that is, simply rubbing it into the scalp (this is in fact the famous hair mask with nicotine) is an affordable and incredibly effective way to enhance hair growth. The effect is caused by vasodilation and increased nutrition of hair bulbs, and not by the substance itself as a vitamin.

Buy nicotinic acid for hair in ampoules can be in any pharmacy is very inexpensive. The only contraindication to use is individual intolerance.

The Use of Nicotinic Acid for Hair Growth

For one course, we need at least 30 ampoules. We open the first ampoule and transfer the contents to a small container with a syringe. Nicotinamide is rapidly destroyed in the air, so do not delay the process or store open ampoules.

Apply nicotinic acid to clean hair . If you have oily hair, then they should be washed before the procedure so that the plaque of fat and dust does not stand in the way of penetration of the nipkin into the skin.
Benefits and Uses of Vitamin B3 Nicotinic acid (Niacin) Supplement for Hair
But do not use shampoo with silicones in any way, as they will not allow nicotinic acid to be absorbed properly. Apply a solution of nicotinamide more conveniently on slightly damp hair - so it is better distributed.

Spread the solution throughout the scalp, dipping your fingers into the solution or using a syringe (of course, without a needle), first on the temples and along the hair growth line, then along the pro-parts. In one ampoule contains only 1 ml of nicotinic acid solution - this, of course, microscopic amount, which is very difficult to distribute throughout the scalp, but we must try.

If you do not have one ampoule, open the second one. But I would not advise any more, especially since it is not so critical to distribute the solution very evenly - the vasodilation will go over the entire scalp's head in a reflex way.

Many do not like the smell of nicotinic acid and hair after it, but personally I used the nicotine of two different manufacturers and none of them smelled at all. When applied, you will feel something like burning, scorching, running chills, the skin will turn red - this is normal, the process has started.
In case you have itching, rash, urticaria on the body, headache - this indicates that you have an individual drug intolerance or an allergy, wash your head and you do not need to use it anymore.
This completes the whole procedure, to wash off the mask for hair with nicotine is not necessary, it does not leave any contaminants. Repeat the procedure should be every day for a month. After this, a break is also made for a month. Most girls note hair growth up to 3 cm per month.

If, as a result of using nicotinic acid for hair, you notice dryness of the scalp or dandruff - this is a consequence of the fact that you have sensitive skin, and nicotine dries and irritates it. If you wish to continue using, you can dilute nicotinic acid with water in equal proportions.

There is another option, how to use nicotinic acid in ampoules for hair - you can mix it with aloe juice, this mixture is also great for strengthening hair. In my opinion, it makes no sense to add nicotine to oil masks . How often is recommended. More benefit in this case will be if you first apply nicotinic acid, and then the oil mask on top.

How to choose Nicotinic Acid?

You can find it in pharmacies in the form of a solution for injections in glass ampoules, but in this case there are inconveniences associated with opening the ampoule, applying a solution and a small volume.

Fortunately, in 2017 a new product appeared - Nicotinic acid for hair from the company Renewal.

This drug is specially adapted for use as a cosmetic product, unlike nicotinic acid in ampoules for injection:
  • a safe package is used in the form of polymer ampoules with a convenient opening system
  • a large volume of active substance at a bargain price
  • instructions for use as a means of strengthening hair
One pack is enough for a month of application. 

The use of nicotinic acid for hair growth is a popular and proven method, cheap and safe (not including allergies), and most importantly - extremely effective!

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In case you do not like or did not approach such a method, then there are other ways to speed up hair growth with the help of masks, based on the same effect of local irritation and increased blood circulation - about this in the article How to accelerate hair growth in the Hair care category page, where A complex approach to the acceleration of hair growth is described.