Best Organic and Natural Shampoos for Hair Loss

Best Organic and  Natural Shampoos for Hair Loss. Hair washing is a very traumatic procedure for the hair. With each washing, the structure of the hair is damaged, during drying with a hair dryer and combing wet hair, we cause an even more serious injury. Modern shampoos from the mass market accustomed us to an abundant and well-washed hair foam, thanks to the SLS, and shiny and well combed at the expense of silicone hair.

All this has become customary and saves time - soaped, washed away and ready. That's just the impact of SLS, parabens and silicones will not take long to wait - hair loss, itching and dandruff, quickly getting dirty hair.

People began to think and look for organic for hair - organic shampoos, balms and masks. Our article is devoted to organic shampoos for hair.

Composition of organic shampoo

Organic shampoos can disappoint those who expect from them a fabulous effect and are used to abundant foam and silicones. Its composition differs in that it does not contain:
  • sulphate lauryl sodium, and therefore gives less foam
  • thickeners, and therefore has a more liquid consistency
  • aggressive fragrance perfume, and therefore often only a slight smell of herbs
  • silicones, so it does not envelop the hair with a thin shiny film, which subsequently leads to a lot of problems.
The main thing is that they give us organic shampoos - it's safe leaving. They do not contain SLS, parabens and silicones, without causing dryness, dandruff, itching and hair loss. They contain a mild soap base, which does not so aggressively launder dirt, and completely natural ecological ingredients.
Best Organic and Natural Shampoos for Hair Loss
Cultivation of plants that will be part of organic shampoo, occurs in ecologically clean areas or on special organic farms, which excludes the possibility of using pesticides, GMOs, chemical fertilizers and exposure to radiation. What plus is not only for your hair, but also for ecology (chemistry does not get out of your bathroom into the world ocean), and farm workers.

The abundance of chemistry in ordinary shampoos causes the body to fight and protect, including by increasing the formation of sebum - that's what makes the hair more dirty. To cleanse the skin from the effects of chemistry, the forces that would have to go to maintain health and beauty go away.

Organic hair for the account of natural and environmentally friendly components provides not only care, but also does not burden the body with foreign elements, as a result of which the whole use of natural components manifests itself in full force and the organism gratefully accepts it. And shine hair will not be silicones, but health.

Despite the unusual texture, smell and low foaming - which is not typical for all shampoos - the constant use of natural cosmetics will help you solve many problems and get moral satisfaction from the ecological compatibility of organic products.

Like any cosmetic product, organic shampoo needs to be selected individually, not everyone can approach you. The most affordable brand in the Russian market is Natura Siberica. Reviews about it are different, I personally like. Good and affordable shampoos from the German company Logona and the American brand Organix, as well as Mirra, Green Mama, Organic Hairjuice, Madre Labs, Giovanni, Avalon Organics, Desert Essence.

Home Shampoo for Hair

But do not forget and home shampoos, the most that neither is organic - hair can be washed perfectly with mustard   or  dry shampoo on rye flour and herbs , and do not be afraid - it's easy and simple. More often I use these recipes for washing hair, and organic shampoo only occasionally, when you need to quickly wash your hair, for example.

Minimize the amount of chemistry in your life - this is the setting that will help not only to grow long hair, but also to restore health and strength of the body!