Burdock Hair Mask: Strengthen Damaged Hair with Burdock Oil @Updated@

Burdock Hair Mask, Strengthen Damaged Hair with Burdock Oil - Burdock or burdock is a very common plant in our latitudes. Its roots, leaves and tops have been used by people for medicinal purposes for many centuries. No wonder, because in them, and especially in the roots, contains a large amount of valuable essential oils, tannins and minerals, protein, starch, vitamins A, C, D, E and Group B. Thanks to this rich composition, burdock-based preparations have excellent purifying, anti-inflammatory and wound-healing properties, normalize the metabolism and completely cleanse the body of toxins, improve the functioning of the liver, kidneys and pancreas.

Burdock is also known as an effective natural remedy for hair. Burdock for hair can be used both in pure form by rubbing into their roots juice, broth, or infusion, and as part of various  masks, ointments and creams on it basis. It is difficult to overestimate the use of burdock and its root for hair. It nourishes superbly and in a short time restores damaged ringlets, prevents their premature fall and stimulates growth, strengthens along the entire length, returns the hair of living natural glitter and makes it smooth, elastic and silky, relieves of such problems of a skin of a head, as a dandruff and a seborrhea.

To improve the health of weakened keratin rods, to give beauty to your head of hair can long known to everyone a remedy- hair mask with burdock oil. What does this miracle contain the oil tincture of burdock roots? What type of hair is suitable?

Properties of burdock oil

The effects of burdock oil on the scalp and hair are closely related to its properties.
Indications for therapy with masks based on burdock oil are:
  • Naughty, hard hair, which after 2-4 weeks of treatment with stearic acid - one of the beneficial components of burdock oil - becomes soft, fit into any hairstyle and does not cause trouble;
  • Falling rods. Thanks to palmitic acid, the source of which is burdock oil, hair loss is reduced to a natural minimum;
  • Slow growth of strands. Ricinoleic acid - one of the components of burdock oil - is a powerful natural stimulator of hair growth. It promotes a rapid increase in the length and thickness of the curls;
  • Excessive dryness of the strands. Burdock oil is rich in a miraculous natural moisturizer - oleic acid, which not only nourishes the hair with moisture, but also keeps it for a long time inside their structure;
  • Damaged by thermal shock from electrical appliances and the negative impact of chemical preparations: split ends, brittle rods. All the same healing oleic acid penetrates deep into the structure of the hair, heals microtraumas, restores their cuticle (the core of the rods), makes them strong and elastic;
  • The presence of dandruff. The linoleic acid (Omega-6), which is part of the burdock oil, plays an important role in the metabolism process. Its deficiency is a trigger for dry skin and the appearance of dandruff. Linoleic acid is not synthesized by our body, it enters into it exclusively from food products. Burdock oil in hair masks can become a reliable source of this irreplaceable acid in the complex treatment of dandruff.
Burdock Hair Mask: Strengthen Damaged Hair with Burdock Oil
Unlike other basic cosmetic oils, burdock oil is not an extract of seeds or fruits of plants, but infusion or decoction of burdock roots in olive, sunflower, almond or peach oil. Less commonly, you can find infusions of burdock root on peanut or sesame extract. The oil broth (infusion) of the burdock root is rich in minerals, natural inulin (natural polysaccharide-conditioner - up to 43%), proteins (up to 13%) and vitamins, which contributes to the saturation of the hair and scalp vital substances.
  • Inulin (stimulates the process of insulin production) - strengthens the hair and gives them smoothness, obedience. Cosmetic companies use it to produce the most natural hair conditioners;
  • Proteins - contribute to the restoration of the structure of the hair, eliminate brittleness and openness;
  • Aromamasla (up to 0, 16%), natural bitterness and tannins (up to 25%), vitamins and minerals - enrich the skin, hair roots and vitals, give elasticity, beauty and natural shine to curls.
Pharmacies often offer burdock oil with propolis, nettle or chamomile. Many manufacturers today also specialize in the production of burdock oil with calendula, hops, horsetail, string or tea tree.

Which is best for your hair? It is advisable to consult a trichologist or dermatologist. He not only gives professional advice, but also helps in diagnosing various internal diseases that cause increased fat content or dryness of the curls.

In 85-90 percent of cases, trichologists recommend hair restoration with the help of burdock oil, which in complex treatment perfectly copes with many aesthetic problems: baldness or alopecia, dandruff or seborrhea, uncontrolled loss, dryness and brittleness of the rods, dysfunction of the sebaceous glands, dehydration or dehydration of the skin head and hair.
Burdock Roots Remedy for Hair Loss
The optimal number of procedures for a full course of treatment specialists consider 20-30 sessions, depending on the initial state of keratin fibers. To conduct them preferably 2-3 times a week for a month and a half. Then you need to take a break in 2-4 weeks.

Mask for dry, weakened hair with burdock oil: who better suits?
The main secret of dislike for burdock oil is its fat content, entailing the complexity of washing off the hair. The thick, viscous consistency of a natural hair remedy very often becomes an obstacle when choosing a remedy for home curl therapy. What do you need to know in order to successfully apply burdock oil in hair masks?
It is not necessary to use oil from the roots of burdock in its pure form to the owners of fatty hair. It must be combined with lemon or lime juice, apple cider vinegar, honey, diluted clay or algae, gelatin, mustard (cinnamon or pepper) - substances that help to reduce oil fat and facilitate the process of washing the head.
Juice of onion, garlic, spirits, vodka or cognac - also help make hair cleansing more comfortable. But the essential ingredients of onions and garlic can become long-lasting sources of unpleasant odor (even after repeated rinsing with acidified water). And alcohol compounds can damage the skin, causing a further increase in sebum production, causing the hair to acquire unnatural fat content within a few hours after washing.

But for beauties with dry type of scalp and hair burdock mask can become a real panacea!

How to Prepare Burdock oil Hair Mask

Things to consider when conducting the procedure:
  • When choosing the oil of burdock roots in the pharmacy you need to see the date of its manufacture (the expiration date of the natural remedy is not more than 2 months). Any complex composition of the mask is mixed immediately before application.
  • Burdock oil or a prepared mixture on its basis before the treatment session is better heated on a steam bath. Exceptions are: a chicken egg (including yolk), plant or citrus juices, some types of aromatic oils. They can be added after heating the oil or oil-honey mass.
  • The amount of oil should completely coincide with the one specified in the recipe, otherwise with increasing the dose it can be difficult to wash the mask.
Burdock oil for dry or prone to dry hair: how to properly carry out the procedure?
Negative reviews are often associated with the incorrect use of a hair mask with burdock oil.
This can be avoided if:
  • Before the first procedure, test burdock oil, or a small amount of a mixture on its basis, by applying to the skin behind the ear or the inner bend of the elbow. Cases of allergy to burdock oil are extremely rare, but it is better to protect yourself from the appearance of skin irritation. It is also necessary to make sure that all components of the hair mask with burdock oil are hypoallergenic for you;
  • Home cosmetics with oil infusion from the root of burdock can be applied to any hair: dry or wet, on clean or slightly soiled;
  • With the help of sponge or cotton wool, first you need to rub warm oil (or mixture) into the scalp and the radical part of the hair. This will help strengthen the hair follicles and increase the effectiveness of the remedy from falling out. Only rub the oil carefully, without pulling or twitching the strands, since the roots of the hair are relaxed at this time and can not hold the rods;
  • The tips can be lowered into burdock oil or medicinal mass;
  • Remaining means with a comb with a few teeth or a comb must be spread over the entire length of your strands, combing them evenly;
  • At the next stage you need to wrap your head with polyethylene film or put on a bathing cap, then cover the structure with a terry towel;
  • The procedure time "home cosmetologists" usually vary from one hour to several hours (you can leave it overnight if there are no aggressive ingredients (mustard, pepper, cinnamon, dimexide or alcohol compounds) in the mixture);
  • We rinse the head with the use of herbal or baby shampoo, several times foaming your hair with a little water. At the end of the procedure, the hair can be rinsed with acidified solution (100-150 ml of lime juice or lemon per 1 liter of water).

Classics and original recipes of the Burdock Hair Mask

Applying warm burdock oil in pure form to the scalp and hair, which must be kept at least one and a half to two hours under polyethylene and a towel, is the basic recipe. It is suitable only for hair of dry type, or prone to dryness, damaged by thermal appliances (hair dryer or stylers), and also by chemical wave.
Cosmetic "drug" from burdock oil for hair at home can contain:
For dry curls:
  • 40 ml of burdock oil, 2 chicken yolks and 25 g of honey. In this mass, you can add a few drops of your favorite aroma oil or 10 drops of vitamin A and E (in turn, you can replace it with the drug "Aevit"). In addition to the burdock root oil, you can include olive and jojoba in a mask for dry hair;
  • 40 ml (2 tablespoons) of burdock oil warmed and mixed with a pre-prepared composition: 25 g of cocoa powder diluted with water to a thick sour cream, combine with 1 chicken yolk. All ingredients should be thoroughly shaken;
  • Fatty cottage cheese (100 g) is mixed with 15 ml of warm burdock oil and one egg yolk. This mass must be carefully treated with the roots of the hair. Wash off after 60-70 minutes.
For fatty strands:
  • 40 ml of oily broth or infusion of burdock root warm and combine with 2 egg whites and one yolk. This mass is applied to the rods, excluding the root zone of the hair and the scalp, so as not to stimulate the secretion of sebum with glands;
  • Beat 1 egg yolk, glycerin and apple cider vinegar (15 ml) until smooth and pour 40 ml of warm burdock oil. (Keep this mask for no more than 30-40 minutes);
  • 40 ml of burdock root oil mixed with a couple of spoons of honey and heated on a steam bath. Add 50 ml of lemon juice and a couple of chicken yolks. Bring to a homogeneous consistency.
For any type of Hair Against their Loss.
This mask nourishes and strengthens the hair follicles, strengthens the blood supply to the scalp, causing acceleration of hair growth: 40 ml of burdock oil, 25 g of honey, 1-2 yolks and 25 ml of onion juice, which can be replaced with a solution of vitamins A and E (5 drops each ) or "Aevit" - 10 drops;
In 40 ml of warm burdock oil add 5-6 drops of any aromatic oil or aromatic cocktails from:
  • Mint, grapefruit and tea tree
  • Lavender, basil and rosemary
  • Rosemary, tea tree and ylang-ylang
In this mask you can pour half a spoonful of aloe juice. Such a mask will be a real salvation for weakened and falling strands.
  • Normalize the structure of any hair will help the composition of: 20 ml burdock, 10 - castor oil and 25 ml of birch juice
  • For enhanced hair growth: based on 20 ml of warm burdock oil - 0.5 tsp. hot red pepper. Hold the mask holders of dry hair can be no more than 10-15 minutes, fatty strands - up to 25-30 minutes. Wash off - at the first signs of severe burning with warm, comfortable water. For oily hair it is allowed to dilute the mask with egg white, it will strengthen their structure and give shine, dry ones with yolk, honey or warm cream
  • Mix in half with warm burdock oil and lemon juice (20 ml each), add 50 ml of warm cream. This mask moisturizes, nourishes, rejuvenates the scalp, saturates the vitality of hair rods;
  • 20 ml of warm burdock root oil - 20 ml of "castor oil", 10 capsules (removing the contents) of vitamins A and E, 5-6 drops of aromatic oils and 15 ml of dimethoxide. Keep the mask for hair with burdock oil and a drug (dimexide) from 20-30 minutes to 40-60. Rinse off thoroughly with warm water, avoiding the occurrence of severe burning
  • 25 g of nettle leaves pour 100 ml of boiling water, insist 30-40 minutes, strain and pour 20 ml of burdock oil
  • Mask "Twice two": burdock oil, lemon juice and honey - for a couple of tablespoons - mix and warm, beat to a homogeneous mass with two yolks.
A mask for hair with burdock oil can become for you a true "multi-machine", strengthening hair, stimulating their growth, giving shine and strength. Such an effect can be achieved by its regular application. Beauty does not require sacrifice, but only care for its luxurious curls!