Castor Oil for Hair and Eyebrow Growth : Top 10 Popular Recipes

This article is about benefits of castor oil for hair and eyebrow growth. Castor oil is obtained from the seeds of castor-oil ordinary (a plant of the echinaceous family, growing in tropical and subtropical areas). There are several ways to get it: cold and hot pressing, as well as extraction with solvents. But the best quality product is obtained by cold pressing, and it should be used for cosmetic purposes, in particular for hair care.

It is difficult to say, when people first began to use castor oil for hair, but apparently, its useful properties were known for many decades, and, perhaps, centuries ago. Nevertheless, to date, despite the availability and abundance of a variety of means for head of hair, castor oil has almost lost its popularity. However, this should not be surprising, because this product is really able to best affect the condition of the hair, while being absolutely natural and harmless.

Ancient Egyptian "nirvana" - Castor Oil for Hair: Composition & Action

Castor oil known since the time of Queen Cleopatra (as it is sometimes called castor oil) has been used successfully by lovers of home cosmetics for the health and beauty of hair. Frequent change of image, accompanied by coloring curls, chemical wave, discoloration of hair, heating with hair dryer, curling and straightening of hair with a styler, dries keratin fibers, makes them brittle, brittle.

The result of such manipulations are strands resembling a bundle of "straw" from which the rods are constantly poured. Return the beauty, elasticity and strength to lifeless hair usually helps the regular use of castor masks.

As part of the oil extract of castor oil (from which the famous castor oil is obtained), there are beneficial fatty acids that affect hair, follicles and scalp. An excellent addition to them are vitamins that activate metabolic processes in tissues at the cell level, which significantly improves skin and hair.

To mask with castor oil for hair has become for you a real "aibolite", you need to use this remedy courses, periodically taking a break. Permanent nutrition and hydration, hair protection with castor oil can please you as a result of an excellent result - chic, soft, obedient strands.
Castor Oil for Hair and Eyebrow
From the discharge of fatty acids in castor oil contain:-
  • Palmitinovaya - performing transdermal function (transfer inside vital substances) into deeply located tissues and contributing to their intensive nutrition by increasing microcirculation of blood
  • Stearin - a true natural "moisturizer" - cares and protects fragile, thin and dry rods from the aggressive effects of ultraviolet and frost, sea salt in the summer and air drying in apartments in the winter, "thermal shock" with a hair dryer or styler
  • Oleic - "life-giving source" for curls, activating metabolic processes, providing moistening and regeneration of damaged skin and hair cells, strengthening their protective functions
  • Ricinoleic (ricinoleic) - gives the locks softness and docility, strength and elasticity. Stimulates hair growth, preventing their fragility and loss. Has an antiseptic effect (so castor oil is often used in the complex therapy of seborrhea). Its content in castor oil reaches 85 percent, while the rest of the fatty acid set is 15 percent
  • Linoleic - a wonderful natural moisturizer of scalp and hair.
Castor oil is also a source of vitamins
  • Tocopherol (or vitamin E) - the most important natural antioxidant, responsible for the youth and beauty of hair, skin. It stimulates the synthesis of protein fibers in the cells - collagen and elastin - the natural framework of our integuments (skin and hair). The result of saturation of strands with vitamin E is the effect of streaming strong, elastic curls;
  • Retinol (or vitamin A), which restores bruised, brittle hair, damaged by lack of care or poor-quality care. Its effect helps quickly restore the structure of the hair from the inside.
Masks with castor oil for weakened hair, in addition to a tandem of fatty acids and vitamins, contain a whole complex of other useful substances that strengthen hair, give them strength, stimulate their growth, provide adequate nutrition and protection. The regenerating effect of castor oil on the hair plus the saturation of the skin and curls with additional ingredients of masks is a simple way to restore the beauty and health of the strands.

Different Types of Hair and Castor Oil:  Use secrets

Negative reviews, calling castor oil for hair an unacceptable ingredient in masks, are scattered today in many forums and social networks. They can be read that hair after castor oil becomes terribly greasy, and grease from strands is almost impossible to wash off.

An additional disadvantage of the authors of these comments is not a very pleasant smell, which is absorbed into the curls and greatly irritates the sense of smell. These erroneous ideas about castor oil are explained by the inability to correctly apply it. It is known that castor oil is an ingredient that can effectively cure even fatty strands.

However, it is necessary to take into account some peculiarities of using such useful oil of castor oil.
  • The main pitfall for owners of fatty curls is the ignorance of the ban on castor oil in its pure form! It can only be used in a minimal dosage and in combination with other components. The motto "the more castor oil, the more effective" in this case does not work. It is possible, indeed, to encounter strips of large castor strips glued together, which are difficult to clean.
  • The main grateful consumers of castor oil for hair - owners of dry (or prone to dryness) strands, further dried by negative environmental factors or abuses of chemicals and thermal hair styling. Girls who have strands salted after washing their hair very quickly need to, if you do not want to give up castor oil for your hair, mix it with powerful drying ingredients: chicken protein, lemon juice, mustard. Alcohol compounds also perfectly reduce the fat content of castor oil, but they are not always favorable for the skin, since they stimulate the secretion of sebum in the future. Onion or garlic juice is added only by the most desperate girls, since the mixture of anthocyanin odor with these ethereal aromas, despite frequent hair rinsing, lasts up to two weeks!
  • The greatest benefit comes from castor oil for cold-pressed hair, which contains all the components in an unchanged form, unlike the product obtained by heat treatment (hot pressing).
  • Dense texture of castor oil is usually diluted with oils with a lighter consistency: burdock, olive, almond, apricot, peach, coconut and others.
  • A test for possible allergic reactions should be made before applying the mixture with castor oil on the hair. To check up any such mask it is possible, having drunk some its structure on a skin behind an ear or on an internal fold of an elbow.
  • If, preparing the mask for hair, castor oil slightly warmed up on a steam bath, and then create a greenhouse effect on the head by wrapping it with polyethylene and a warm towel, the effectiveness of the procedure will increase many times.
  • Apply the prepared mask to dry, dirty strands. To rub the mixture at the same time in the scalp is not necessary to prevent its infection. But the ends of the hair should be treated with castor oil.
  • The aging time of the mixture on the head depends on its ingredients. If the mask of castor oil for hair contains only soft components, then the procedure time can be increased to several hours. If the mask contains aggressive substances: mustard, pepper, cinnamon, alcohol compounds or dimexide, the duration of the procedure can be from 15-20 to 40 minutes.
  • The main "chip" when flushing castor oil from the hair is considered to be the primary application of the shampoo directly to the hair, treated with a sufficiently greasy mass. With wet fingers, you need to thoroughly foaming the oil composition, and only then pour on the head a copious stream of running water. Neutralize the unpleasant odor of the castor-oil extract by additional rinsing with acidified water, diluted with a concentrate of lemon juice or malic acid (vinegar).
  • The frequency of application of castor oil for hair depends on their type and preferences of the wearer. Dry hair can be treated with such a cosmetic means 1-2 times a week, fatty - not more than 1 time in 10-15 days.
Want a month and a half to have a cascade of healthy, strong, soft, obedient and, in general, chic locks? Competently use a home mask with castor oil, listening to the advice of cosmetologists and experienced users.

Castor Oil for Hair: Top-10 Popular Recipes

To restore the beauty and health of "tired" hair, it is better to choose masks that strictly match your type: for fatty or dry curls. The use of universal agents with castor oil for hair is suitable as a preventive measure.
For oily hair:
  • Slightly heat on the steam bath 100 ml of kefir and add 10 ml (teaspoon) of warm castor oil (for short hair you can drip 6-8 drops of castor oil). Without cooling, apply to the roots of hair and distribute along the entire length of the rods. Wrap the head with polyethylene and a warm towel. Rinse the castor mask in half an hour with non-flammable water!
  • The broth of calendula flowers in a warm form is mixed with warmed castor oil (based on: for 20-25 ml of strong infusions - 10 ml of castor oil). A homogeneous emulsion to cover the scalp and hair.
  • For 10 ml of warm castor oil - 10 grams of chemist's white clay (powder), 20 g of strawberries or cucumber from a vegetable plus 20 ml of chamomile broth. Mix in a blender to a homogeneous consistency and apply to the hair: from the roots to the tips.
  • The broth of the mug is mixed with the whipped egg whites of one egg and 20 ml of warm castor oil. Half an hour or an hour is enough time to strengthen the strands, to give them shine and silkiness.
For dry, weakened hair:-
  • Castor oil warmed "a couple" with honey in equal proportions (1-2 tablespoons), combine with the same amount of sour cream and beaten with 1-2 yolks. For short hair, you can take 1 tbsp. liquid ingredients and 1 yolk, for long ones - in a double size. This "megapitreal" mask can be done no more than once a week, otherwise instead of soft and shiny curls you can get heavy, fatty strands. It can be varied with other popular masks of castor oil.
  • For 20 ml of castor oil - for 10 ml of jojoba oil and olive oil. Warm the oil mixture and combine it with two whipped yolks, turn into a creamy consistency and apply to dry hair.
  • Castor oil together with almond, lavender and peach oil (10 ml each), preheat. Adding a decoction or infusion of fresh nettle (10 ml), get a homogeneous emulsion. Moisten the scalp and hair with this mixture put on a bathing cap or cover the head with polyethylene. Over the film wrap the structure with a towel.
  • Warm up on a steam bath 25 g of honey, 20 ml of castor and olive oil (it can be replaced with almond, burdock, peach or sunflower oil). After 30-40 minutes a means to wash and rinse the head with a decoction of calendula, nettle or chamomile.
Universal masks with castor oil for all types of hair:-
  • Mask with castor oil for dandruff and skin peeling: add 1 whipped egg yolk, to 15 ml of glycerine and apple cider vinegar to 50 ml of the castor oil preheated on the steam bath. Bring to a homogeneous consistency and cover it with slightly damp hair.
  • Clear and refresh the curls can be made with castor oil, egg yolk, black bread and chamomile. 30 g of dried flowers of a medicinal plant pour 100 ml of boiling water and insist under a closed lid for 25-30 minutes. Then it must be filtered and soak in it a small piece of rye bread (crumb). Drip 15-20 drops of castor oil into the mixture and introduce the egg yolk. Stir until homogeneous. Keep this mask for about an hour (50-60 minutes). Wash off with shampoo. To neutralize the smell, you can drop into any of the masks orange or eucalyptus aroma oil. Other pleasant ambitions will suit: ylang-ylang, rosemary, tea tree, chamomile, bergamot, cloves.

Universal Application of Castor Oil

There are various ways of using castor oil for hair, but before I want to say a few words about its compatibility with hair types . It is believed that the product can be used for any type of scalp hair, but if you have fatty curls, or fatty roots in the presence of a mixed type of strands, they can become fatter from oil. No, it will, of course, help to solve the problem of weak, poorly growing, and dropping hair, but still it is oil, and it strengthens the greyness of the hair.

But with dry hair, castor oil is just an excellent means of care.

Finally, let's move on to the practical part of the application:

As in the case of burdock oil, and practically with any other vegetable oil, castor oil can be used on its own, for example, as a mask .

It is necessary to warm up the product slightly, and rub it into the scalp and roots thoroughly. This can be done in 2 ways:
  • By dividing the strands into prothornments, and using a toothbrush, apply the oily liquid completely on all the roots, and then with the tips of your fingers make a light head massage so that the oil is absorbed into the skin.
  • Soak the hair, thoroughly squeeze out excess water from it, first with your hands, and after wrapping it in a towel and leaning headfirst over the bathtub or sink carefully rub the oil with your fingers into the wet roots.
After, in any way, you should spread the oil along the entire length of the curls (you can use a flat comb with rare teeth for this).

Apply this way, castor oil for hair is better when the head is already starting to get dirty. Time keeping it on the hairline from 1 to 3 hours. In this case, it is recommended to wrap the head with polyethylene (in a bag or film), and top with a terry towel. Washed off such an oil mask, mainly with a 2-time use of shampoo. Frequency of application 1-2 times a week.

And, of course, you can make homemade masks with castor oil, mixing it with other natural products.

For Eyebrow Castor Oil is an Excellent Remedy

If you apply a warm mixture of castor oil with vitamins A and E (or Aevit) carefully to the nails of the cilia, applying a half of the cotton discs so that oil does not get on the mucous membranes of the eyes, you can soon see how much thicker and longer the hairpieces became . You can also handle eyebrows.
Castor oil for eyebrow growth
In order that under the eyes do not appear morning swelling, you can process the cilia for a couple of hours in the afternoon, in your spare time.

To assess how effective castor oil for hair, you can only regularly courting your hair. After a month or one and a half home, pleasant spa-procedures, you will become the owner of amazing curls - from the roots to the very tips!