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Coconut Oil for Hair- You can use coconut oil for hair loss directly or making mask because it has many benefits not only for dry hair but also any types of hair. Natural oils will help to find a chic hair. Especially prized in home cosmetology is coconut oil.It is used as a balm, added to shampoo, and masks are prepared. This tool provides curls beautiful shine, accelerates growth, restores and "seals" the damaged ends. Want to achieve the effect of "just out of the salon"? Coconut oil for hair will be a real find. You just need to know how to use it correctly.

Benefit of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is actively used in both home and professional cosmetology in a variety of ways and in this article, we will consider all aspects of the application of coconut oil for the beauty of our hairstyle. It has several useful properties:
  • Moisturizing - like any other oil, this product perfectly moisturizes dry hair, makes them more docile and healthy in appearance. But the owner of fatty curls, do not rush to close the article, this tool is suitable for you.
  • Nutrition - natural oil has in its composition a large number of nutrients, mainly, it is the omega fatty acids and various vitamins that will impart your hair to the components necessary for health and growth.
  • Antiseptic and antibacterial properties - coconut oil can be used even as a means of rapid wound healing, and when applied to the hair and skin of the head it will help to cope with dandruff, seborrhea, irritation and other common problems of scalp health.
  • Hair protection - it envelops every hair protecting them from sunlight and sea water, which is very important in the summer.
The use of coconut oil for hair is beneficial to everyone, because it allows you to immediately solve a set of hair problems - and improve, stimulate growth, make them more docile, and the bonus is skin treatment.
Coconut Oil for Hair

3 ways to use Coconut Oil for Hair

In home cosmetology, an oily substance derived from coconut is used in different ways. What can be done with it? There are three options.
  • A little useful substance is added to the usual waste material. This is done directly when washing hair: just mix in your hand an oily substance and a normal shampoo. This method creates a protective layer on the curls, prevents possible damage when combing, wiping with a towel. You can not mix anything, but use natural remedy instead of balm: apply after shampoo, rinse.
  • It is recommended to oil the strands once a week with a coconut product. The procedure is simple: the natural remedy is applied to dry curls, held for at least an hour, and then washed off. If the hair is severely weakened and looks deplorable, the substance is left overnight. It is necessary to know the nuances of the procedure: with increased greasiness, the hair is covered only with tips.
  • Prepare the cosmetic mixture. The use of coconut oil for hair as a part of masks can be compared to a double blow to the strands of strands. The beneficial substances of the natural remedy interact with the "utility" of the other components of the mask, thereby ensuring truly effective care. Preparing the mask, essential ingredient is added essential oils, dairy products, fruits, honey.
If you drip a couple of drops of melted butter on the comb, the curls will not get tangled and flutter. Such a simple method provides additional wetting of the strands.

How to Choose Coconut Oil

Coconut oil can be found in two forms - refined and unrefined. In this case, it can also differ by the type of pressing, which happens to be cold or hot. In comparison with the usual table vegetable, there is no difference. Initially, the coconut is squeezed or cold, which allows you to store more useful substances in the final product, or preheat it, which increases the yield, but kills some of the components. It is clear that cold-pressed oil is more useful, but it costs more. And then it can be refined - additional cleaning.

There is no consensus on what kind of this product is better to use for cosmetic use, because there is nothing superfluous and harmful in the refined, it is stored longer, but in not refined cold pressing much more useful substances for us. It is more often recommended to buy unrefined, most importantly, to make sure that it does not cause allergic reactions.

It is important that the oil does not contain other excess components, if it is not about some ready-made masks or preparations. All you need, you can buy separately and add yourself, especially for various essential oils and other.

Coconut oil has a low melting point, about twenty-five degrees Celsius. When stored in the refrigerator, it should harden to a thick opaque paste, and with a slight heating, even in the palms of the hands, the oil quickly melts and becomes liquid enough. In the kind of melted little is always transparent, and in the solidified the refined must be white, and the unrefined can have a variety of shades of brown or yellow. The unrefined product has a strong pleasant smell of coconut, and the refined is almost devoid of it, which can become another argument in favor of purchasing the crude product.

Buy coconut oil in most cosmetic shops, but, as already mentioned, the main thing to look at the composition - there should be indicated only the oil and nothing more. If such a product can not be found, then order it on the Internet, it's easy. Alternatively, cook the oil yourself.

How to Make Coconut Oil at Home

You will need an ordinary coconut. The more it saves - the better, the output will be greater. From the coconut you need to drain all the milk, and the flesh scraped off, crushed in a blender or scrolled in a meat grinder. Then it should be poured with boiling water and a spoon to mash well and mix.

Allow the resulting mixture to cool and place overnight in the refrigerator. By the morning on the surface of the vessel, over a layer of water, a large amount of oil will gather (in the pulp of its coconut more than 60%). But do not rush it immediately on the hair, this layer should be collected and strained through a fine sieve or gauze, melted with the help of warm water or after waiting for it to melt, if you do it in the summer. Even homemade coconut oil is stored long enough, not less than two weeks, but, usually, much longer.

How to apply coconut oil

There are three ways to use this oil:
  • In the composition of masks;
  • In the form of an additive in shampoo;
  • Self-applying.
To begin with, try the oil without any additives to put on as a mask-conditioner. Melt several tablespoons of coconut oil, apply them on the entire length of your curls, wrap your head in a cap or a towel and leave it so for 1-2 hours. Then rinse with normal shampoo, if your hair is naturally dry, then just one rinse, and if fatty - wash your head several times to avoid the effect of dirty hair. It is better not to dry your head with a hair dryer, but let dry yourself.

Although coconut oil and hypoallergenic, it can contain additives that are not even indicated on the label. Before full use, put some oil on the back of the palm and wait 10-15 minutes. If the negative effects (redness, itching) do not appear, then you can safely make a mask.

Even one such procedure will be effective, you will notice that curls beautifully shine, fit well and comb. But it's better to repeat the application several times a week for a month.

Recipes of Coconut Masks for Hair

To enhance the benefits or achieve a comprehensive influence, you can use coconut oil in hair masks. If you are already doing any home masks, you can try adding some coconut oil to the composition or replacing one of the components with it. But that was, why push off, we will result some simple recipes:

Mask with coconut for dry and sick hair:- The main idea of ​​such recipes is to make the composition even more greasy, to maximally moisten the dry strands, here are a few options:
  • Mix the egg yolk (1-2 pieces) and a tablespoon of coconut oil;
  • Mix two tablespoons of the described product with a spoonful of homemade fatty sour cream or cream;
  • In equal proportions stir olive and coconut;
  • Oil and glycerol.
All components, especially if you already have the oil itself, are available and perhaps familiar to other recipes of home cosmetology. These masks are applied over the entire length of the hairstyle, hold for several hours, and then washed off with shampoo.

Coconut for hair growth:- Thanks to its absolutely natural origin, coconut oil perfectly stimulates hair growth. But it is better to apply it in combination with other ingredients:
  • In melted butter, pour on a teaspoon (half-ampoules) of vitamins A and E;
  • Combine coconut oil with onion gruel;
  • Add coconut oil to the pepper-based mask;
  • You can also use this tool in masks with cinnamon, mustard powder, ginger;
  • A natural vitamin mask will be obtained by melting in equal proportions of honey and coconut oil, to which you need to add a tablespoon of cognac (important: does not fit blondes).
It should be noted that all these masks are necessarily applied to the roots and scalp, otherwise they can not affect the speed of hair growth. Burning masks, with onions or peppers, do not stay too long to not get burns to the skin and do not burn your hair.

For oily hair:- Coconut oil can also be used on oily hair, but if their appearance after use does not suit you, then there are a number of recipes:
  • Coconut oil can be diluted with lemon juice, one or two teaspoons is enough;
  • Oil in equal proportions can be mixed with yogurt and other fermented milk products;
  • A mask with honey and protein can be diluted with a couple of spoons of coconut oil.
When applying these masks to oily hair, retreat about a centimeter from the roots. Ingredients such as lemon juice, dried hair and used as masks for oily hair. Using them together with coconut oil will not make your hair drier, but will remove the effect of excess fat, allowing you to save all other properties.

Other Uses of the Oil

  • We have already mentioned that you can simply add butter to shampoo. This method is most convenient, just stir as many shampoos as you normally use, with one teaspoon of oil and wash this mixture with hair. The oil is easy to wash off with shampoo, and you will notice that after washing hair is easier to comb, it is better to lie down, become more silky and shiny.
  • You can also use this styling product. A ball of oil the size of a pea roll in your hands and gently stroking movements in a very thin layer spread over the hair. After that, the hair will not look fat, but separate sticking unruly hairs will disappear, creating an ugly areole.
  • But you can lubricate the comb and use it to apply oil. This option is good if your hair is too dry and a small amount of coconut oil will not make them dirty in appearance. At the same curls a little straighten up and become more obedient, they will be easier to lay in the desired form without using a hairdryer and ironing.
  • In summer and, especially, when traveling to the sea, coconut oil can be used as a natural protective agent. On the beach, you can not hesitate to spread your hair, still in a wet form they will not look fat or wet. But the oil will protect them from salt water, and from ultraviolet, so after the holiday you will not have to deal with the treatment of the strands visited.
  • But if you are not lucky and your hair is already crossed, then coconut oil can be gently applied to the painful tips. It not only glues parts of the damaged hair, removing the visual effect, but will also have a strengthening and healing effect.
In most cases, if you do not have very dry hair and do not make a hair growth mask, apply coconut oil over the entire length of the hair, but slightly away from the roots. Otherwise, you can get the effect of hanging and dirty hair, because from there the oil is more difficult to wash.

Often there is a question, how correctly to put coconut oil on hair. You can do this by hand, taking a little thick oil and waiting for it to melt, or you can use a comb that will distribute it more evenly.

Keep coconut oil on your hair can be long enough, many leave it even at night, but then in the morning, it's harder to wash your hair and they can stay fat. It is standard to keep oil for 1.5-2 hours.

To wash off coconut oil from hair is very simple, for this purpose use the usual shampoo, all of them possess properties to wash off fat, after all for this purpose we use them. In this case, you can wash your hair several times in a row, if they seem too greasy to you.

It is believed that coconut oil can not harm neither the hair nor the skin. In the worst case, you will have to go through the day with oily hair, and then the oil will simply be washed. To damage hair with the help of such a drug is impossible.

Note: Coconut oil mask may give you extra benefits to prevent your hair loss