Early Baldness in Men and How to Stop and Cure this

Today we are going to discuss about the reasons for hair loss in men under 25early baldness in men and how to stop this. Premature loss of hair at the age of 25-30 years or earlier is considered to be premature. Talk about alopecia (alopecia) can be when the hair is abundantly dropped out and not replaced by new ones. The most noticeable is premature alopecia in men, and in women it is usually limited to significant hair thinning.

Early Baldness in Men

We have become accustomed to the fact that with the age of the hair of most men considerably thinning, many have bald patches and bald spots. According to statistics, only a third of male representatives manage to keep their hair in more or less full form to a pension. But it's one thing to lose hair by the age of 50, and it's quite another to make a bald head already at the age of 20.

Alopecia can begin at any age, but usually not before the adolescent period. Often the loss of hair begins with the temples and the crown. The hair growth line gradually rises, exposing the forehead and whiskey and forming large bald patches. Sometimes the hair becomes thinner and thinner all over the surface of the head.

Early Baldness in Men: Causes

Early baldness in men can be caused by a number of reasons, conditionally they can be divided into internal and external. Internal causes include hormonal, genetic and autoimmune, and to external - stress, infection and trauma to the scalp.

Heredity:- If among your blood relatives there are people who have lost hair early, this problem can affect you. Often, only this cause is sufficient for the development of early baldness, but other factors, for example, hormonal failures and autoimmune diseases, can also be inherited.
Early Baldness in Men and How to Stop and Cure this
Hormonal Disbalance:- The most common type of alopecia in men is androgenic alopecia, it accounts for almost 95% of all cases. Hair loss in this case is caused by the fact that male sex hormones negatively affect the hair follicles and cause their destruction.

This type of baldness is more common in men, but it affects women, especially those who have elevated levels of the male hormone.

Autoimmune Diseases:- With the development of autoimmune baldness, the body begins to perceive its own hair follicles as foreign bodies and enters into battle with them. The reasons for this behavior are not fully understood, but it is assumed that this cause of baldness is inherited and is one of the main causes of hair loss at an early age .
Stress:- The process of hair loss can be caused by constant stress or severe shock. Reacting to unrest, the body produces more testosterone and norepinephrine and burns B group vitamins, which adversely affects the hair follicles.

Infections and Diseases:- Early baldness can cause some diseases. Due to prolonged skin diseases, scar alopecia can develop, in which the hair follicle is destroyed and replaced with a fibrous tissue. The main symptom of such baldness is a smooth and shiny skin on the head. Often, the loss of hair at a young age leads seborrhea - a painful skin condition caused by increased fat loss due to disruption of the sebaceous glands.

Temporary alopecia can be provoked by localized eczema, psoriasis, parasitic diseases, erysipelas, typhus, rash, overdose of narcotic drugs, as well as diabetes and leprosy.

Injuries:- Sometimes baldness develops as a reaction to a trauma to the scalp, as well as in places of constant pressure or hair tension. For example, women encounter Greenland baldness, which is named after the residents of Greenland, who constantly wear a national ponytail style.

How to Cope with Early Hair Loss

  • If you know that you are genetically predisposed to early baldness, it is better to take preventive measures in advance: regularly massage your head to stimulate the blood supply to the skin follicles, stick to a balanced diet.
  • To prevent early baldness, use also nourishing and firming hair products, for example, ALERANA ® shampoo "Growth Activator" for men . Its unique formula is designed specifically to strengthen the weakened and prone to hair loss.
  • If you notice signs of early baldness, contact a trichologist and an endocrinologist to find out the cause.
  • If hair loss has increased, use a more radical method - spray ALERANA ® for external use . It is designed specifically for the treatment of androgenetic alopecia, stabilizes the process of hair loss and contributes to the restoration of the hairline. Its active ingredient, minoxidil, acts directly on the hair follicles and provokes the growth of new hair.
  • Hair transplantation is the most cardinal and costly method of treatment. It can be avoided if the therapeutic treatment is started on time.
Treatment of premature baldness is better to start at an early stage, when you just noticed the increased loss of hair. In this case, the probability of a successful and complete cure is much higher.