Egg Mask for HAIR Growth and Thickness : Recipes and Description

Egg mask for hair growth and thickness with benefits - A truly magical hair mask with an egg is not just a familiar cosmetic for the care of scalp and curls. Chicken or quail yolks and proteins added to any mixture help restore weakened hair, protect it from the damaging effects of the environment, give them shine, beauty and perfection. Masks for hair, enriched with egg or just yolk, have not only healing, restoring, but also preventive action, protect hair from falling out, protect strands and skin from damage, prevent the appearance of dandruff.

A well, useful and nutritious elements is an Egg

In home cosmetology, eggs are an indispensable product. In their composition there is a rich set of nutritious nutrients, vitamins, micro- and macro elements. Mega-content of vitamin A, group B, D, amino acids, mineral salts, lecithin (fat-like nutrient) and cholesterol makes eggs a useful cosmetic material for skin and hair. High protein (protein) content serves as an excellent building framework for restoring the structure of weakened keratin rods, to stimulate their growth, to strengthen fibers.
As is known:-
  • Retinol - vitamin A - heals microdamages of hair due to regenerating properties
  • Calciferol - vitamin D - strengthens strands, makes them strong and resistant, preventing their loss
  • Tocopherol - vitamin E - increases the elasticity of the curls, activating the synthesis of proteins (collagen and elastin) at the cellular level
  • Vitamins of the numerous group B - riboflavin, pyridoxine, pantothenes and others - are real "multi-stations". They eliminate dandruff and accelerate the growth of keratin fibers, prevent weakening and loss of rods, strengthen bulbs and hair tips
  • Minerals normalize metabolic processes in the body and tissues
  • Iron stimulates the acceleration of blood microcirculation, and also provides hair roots with rich nutrition and precious oxygen
  • Potassium - promotes sufficient moisturizing of the scalp and hair, saving them from dehydration
  • Phosphorus - strengthens the rods and ends of the strands, restoring any damage
  • Calcium is a material for the construction of hair
  • Sodium - has a drying and strengthening effect on hair follicles in the scalp
  • Amino acids - perform a protective function, increasing the resistance of keratin fibers to external negative factors
  • Lecithin - richly moisturizes every hair, nourishes it and retains the youthfulness of the skin
Egg Mask for HAIR Growth and Thickness

Eggs increase the Hair elasticity, silkiness and natural shine

The main "keys" to the successful use of eggs or yolks in cosmetics from your kitchen
In egg masks for any type of hair and skin, you can use chicken or quail yolks, as well as whole eggs. They contribute to the maintenance of hair structure, their strengthening, enrichment with useful substances, normalization of fatness (both fatty and dry) strands.
  • At the same time, the protein in its pure form is a product that dries the hair. He, as a component, is suitable exclusively for funds intended for oily hair. Especially, if in the mask for hair with egg there are alcohol compounds, salt, mustard, cinnamon, pepper and other absorbing (absorbing fat) or neutralizing ingredients
  • After the procedure for treating hair with a homemade egg mask, especially if egg protein is present, the use of thermal appliances is strictly prohibited. The stylers and hot hair dryer in this case can turn a head of hair into a "straw coat". Drying hair after such manipulations is better in a natural way
  • If the yolk was present in the mask, it is permissible, if absolutely necessary, to accelerate the drying of hair with a hairdryer with a cool jet of air
  • A mask for any hair with an egg (which should be room temperature) has a beneficial effect not only on the scalp, but also on the rods, to the very tips. Therefore, this agent can be applied over the entire surface, helping it to be actively absorbed into the skin under the hairline and treating the keratinous fibers as a whole, together with the split ends
  • Egg masks are rubbed with the help of finger pads into the clean, moist (or dry) scalp with circular, massaging movements. It must be ensured that the mass does not drain from the strands
  • After applying a mask for hair with a yolk or egg, the head is covered with polyethylene (or a bag of cellophane). If you cover the film with a warm towel and then periodically change it to the next, ironed, the efficiency of the procedure will increase many times. But you do not want to warm up the hair, processed egg-mustard, egg-cinnamon or egg-pepper mixture. Also cosmetologists do not recommend warm wraps for masks, in which dimexide is applied
  • The time of the procedure varies according to the ingredients used. If the egg-honey or egg-oil nutrient mask can be easily kept from 1-3 hours before bedtime, leaving it for the night, then aggressive stimulating masks - no more than 15-40 minutes! In the composition of such home remedies, often with egg yolk, you can find mustard, pepper, cinnamon or a drug - dimexide;
  • Rinse the egg mask best with cool filtered water, in which you need to add citrus juice: lemon or lime (for 500ml of liquid squeeze a couple of fruit or pour 50 ml of the finished extract). To remove the remnants of the egg mask and its smell, a solution of apple cider vinegar (per 1 l of water - 100 ml of the remedy) will also suit. Perfectly neutralized is not always a pleasant aroma of eggs essential oils. They can be added directly to the liquid for rinsing the head for 3-6 drops of your favorite amber
  • Wet hair before combing it is necessary to dry. After the use of egg masks, the ordering of the hairstyle usually does not cause difficulties
  • If it is necessary to restore hair after a chemical wave, frequent staining or leave in the south, then the mask for hair with egg can be done by repeating the procedure twice a week for one and a half months. The second course is usually done after 4 weeks. Experienced argue: for prevention is enough once in 7 days to hair grew thick, supple and silky.

LAZY Hair Mask with Egg and other Proven Recipes

  • The simplest or "lazy" hair mask is a remedy for three eggs: one whole and a pair of yolks. These foods in any recipe should only be at room temperature. Quail eggs should be taken twice as much, since most of the recommendations are for a chicken product. We carefully apply the whipped egg mass to the hair and scalp. After a quarter or a third of an hour - abundantly wash off with cool water, repeating several sessions and adding a balm rinse aid for your hair type, so that the head of the hair does not end up hard by touch.
  • Castor oil in a mask for oily hair and egg has long been considered a curative product for problematic strands. Mix 40 ml of castor oil on a steam bath with 25 g of honey, add egg yolk and juice of half a lemon, carefully beat the mass and apply to the scalp and dry rods.
  • For oily hair, a whipped egg wholly mixed with 100 ml of natural yogurt or kefir is also suitable. This mixture is enough to hold for 25-35 minutes, and then carefully rinse with acidified cool water. For dry hair in the same mixture, it is better to add 40 ml of olive or burdock oil. It is only necessary to take into account that yogurt has brightening properties, so brunettes who changed their image with hair coloring, it is better to use brewed black tea instead of kefir mixed with honey in equal proportions.
  • Mix on a tablespoon of ingredients: burdock or almond oil, honey, aloe juice and apple cider vinegar. Then, combine this homogeneous mass with whipped egg yolk and apply to prepared dry strands.
  • Seabuckthorn leaves (1 tablespoon) brew in a glass of boiling water, drain. In the hair mask, prepare 75 ml of this broth, cool and mix it with the beaten egg yolk. Drip 5 drops of lemon juice and glycerin into the mixture. Rinse the product off the scalp after 20 minutes with a honey elixir (for 1 liter of water - 20-25 g of honey), then, after 15-20 minutes, wash the hair thoroughly with clean running water.
  • Fruit mask for hair with egg consists of: juice of a pair of oranges, pulp of apple halves and banana, and also beaten raw yolk. All ingredients of a delicious product are crushed in a blender and applied to washed and towel-dried strands. The action time is 20 minutes.
  • Yeast mask for hair weakened by coloring and curling: on the steam bath, heat, stirring, 40 ml of castor oil, 25 ml of cream (20%), and 0.5 tsp. dry yeast (about 5 g). At the end of the preparation, pour the beaten yolk into the mixture and rub the mask into the roots of the hair. At the end of the procedure, after half an hour, the hair is left to rinse with a mild shampoo and rinse with herbal infusion. Blondes will suit a decoction of chamomile, brunettes - from calendula. The nettle infusion can be used by girls with any shades of hair.
  • Dense strands will give a cinnamon mask. Pair the yolks and mix with 1 tablespoon. powder of cinnamon, pouring 25 g of warm honey (heated in a microwave or on a steam bath). Apply the mixture to the roots of the hair, and finish the tips of the rods with olive or almond oil. After 15-40 minutes, the home remedy for strengthening and hair growth should be washed off. Hair will acquire a lively, natural volume and shine.
  • Heat 50 ml of olive oil with 20 ml of castor oil on a steam bath, mix with 1 tbsp. colorless henna and one chicken yolk, pre-whipped. Apply to hair, wrap it with a compress made of polyethylene and a terry towel. At the end of the procedure, after half an hour, rinse the mask with comfortable water.
  • Liquid, warmed on a steam bath, honey (25 g) stir with 50 ml of lemon or lime juice, 30 g of ginger powder and one beaten yolk. Apply the mask to the roots and the entire surface of the hair, hold the remedy up to 40-50 minutes (if there is no discomfort) and wash it off with water at room temperature. This stimulating and hair firming mask can further lighten the strands.
Cosmetic care, which uses a hair mask with an egg, always guarantees an excellent result. The natural strength of natural products nourishes our hair, turning "strands" of various chemical agents into striking, living locks! Density and silky hair, their natural shine can become faithful companions of fine hair, if you surround it with care and attention.