Fashionable Female Hairstyles for an Oval Face on Medium Hair

Tips about medium hairstyles for oval faces female not only for Indian but all around the world. It seems so easy to choose a haircut for yourself. There are many situations when a lady wants to make a fashionable asymmetric quads with tattered ends or Bob on her leg, because she liked the photo on the Internet, and the master starts to dissuade - not the type of person.

That's looking for a woman "her" professional hairdresser, who also takes into account the wishes of the client, and hairdressing to the shape of a person selects skillfully, expertly. How to achieve the effect when the hairstyle for medium hair for an oval face is so perfectly matched that it is not necessary to stack especially, and for several years is visually reduced?

Advantages of oval face shape 

In the world , people with an oval face shape predominate. This is the most common form, and most often on the catwalks and beauty contests we see representatives of the fair sex with these people.

Of particular interest are ladies with an oval face and for hairdressers, stylists. For them, customers with oval faces are the most interesting option for work. Stylists note that for clients with oval faces there are many variants of hairstyles and styling on the average length of hair. Using different ways of packing, women freely choose outfits and accessories.

From this stylists repel, creating a styling or another version of the haircut:
  • asymmetric options
  • bangs of different shapes
  • hairstyles with or without a parting
  • haircuts that cover or fully open the ears.
The secret is that in the choice of hair styling for women with an oval face and medium hair length there are no restrictions, whereas masters stylists see a lot of opportunities to create hairstyles for every day and for a holiday, and at the choice of haircuts - modern and stylish.
Fashionable Female Hairstyles for an Oval Face on Medium Hair
Styling looks interesting, and in the face of a woman there is some mystery.

How to determine that the face is oval Here you can not do without school geometry lessons. For calculations, there are simple and uncomplicated rules.
Stylists and cosmetologists distinguish several common facial forms:
  • oval
  • diamond-shaped
  • triangular
  • elongated
  • square
  • pear-shaped. 
To determine the shape of your face, you can use an independent visual assessment, or make measurements with a sewing tape.
Oval faces are characterized by average measurement
Measurements are made opposite the mirror: 
  • Measure the width of the chin. 
  • Make a measurement on the wider area of ​​the cheekbones. 
  • Measure the width of the forehead strictly in the center. 
  • Measure the height of the face, which is determined from the edge of the chin to the point where the hair begins to grow.
Oval faces are characterized by average measurement data: 
  • forehead width not more than 12 cm
  • on cheekbones no more than 12 cm
  • on the chin no more than 5 cm
  • height of the face averagely 18 cm.
These indicators are purely individual, for each woman they may differ , but not more than 1-2 cm, so that the proportionality of the shape of the oval remains.

Basic Rules for Choosing the Perfect Hairstyles

Undoubtedly, the image of a woman depends on choosing a hairstyle. As practice shows, the oval shape of the face at the will of stylists and image-makers became the most advantageous on this line of fashion trends.
Basic Rules for Choosing the Perfect Haircut
On such heads stylists can create completely different and very interesting haircuts from the existing classical arsenal, or make one that is not repeatable by anyone. 

Despite the rise of the fancy of the stylists, it is necessary to approach the creation of the external image of a woman competently , so that the hair for the oval face on medium hair makes it more attractive and elegant.

When a woman raises her hair at the back of the head, fixing them with a hair clip , and twisting the tips, creating a voluminous wavy shock, the stylish laying will open a beautiful forehead and draw attention to the eyes.
Hair cut for oval face type
Help to make the lips and the eyes more expressive can have an asymmetrical tail. Hairstyle Sesson on medium length hair, supplemented with a classic rounded bangs, can make the face much younger, while the lips will look more plump, even if they just cover with the usual lipstick.

To do this, you need to wind the hair in such a way as to give volume, while keeping the bangs falling easily on the face. Not difficult? And the effect is simply stunning.

Hide the shortcomings

Hairstyle can dramatically change the face of a person. This is actively used by hairdressers, stylists, emphasizing the dignity of the face and at the same time hiding its shortcomings.

A short and full neck opens with a simple trick: create curls, pinch the hair high on the back of the head, and "tail" with a gel for styling. An interesting tail will attract attention, and an open neck will visually appear thinner and longer.

Ideally hide the big ears of the hairstyle for an oval face on medium hair, if at any haircut round the bangs, as in Sesson. Hair must be given volume , using foam, mousse, varnishes, with which curls are wound on large curlers or forceps.
An interesting tail will attract attention
Well-concealed large ears under virtuously torn strands. In this situation, you should exclude short haircuts or high-stapled hair, which can open the ears for everyone to see. The height of the forehead stylists usually offer to hide under the hairstyle with a variety of buns, which are ideal for styling or haircut. A fruity hair of medium length can be many, the choice of haircuts remains with the client, and the master can only advise to wear straight Kare and vary the bang that effectively hides the "crow's feet" around the eyes of ladies of

If a young girl wants to wear curly ringlets, the masters will recommend making a cascade and laying her hair, so that a few strands fall freely on the forehead, visually reducing it. Hair styling for women with an oval face and medium length of hair will help to hide the enlarged chin. Well- suited haircut Cascade with sharp strands, focusing on the cheekbones and cheeks.
Suited Haircut Cascade with sharp strands
If, during the haircut of Garson, to lift a part of the hair high on the crown, to fix a free bun with a barrette, then such a hairdress will certainly distract the eyes from the lower part of the face , make it visually thinner.

But the use of smooth linings will certainly focus on the chin. Excludes Cascade with air curls leading to the line of the chin. Interesting to know! All women notice that with age, the corners of the lips and eyes drop. This deformation of the face shape can easily hide the modern asymmetric square with a geometrically straightened bang when long strands to the chin remain from the temples.

With such a haircut, any person will become visually younger and more purposeful. You can add extra volume by making a light highlight.

A low forehead ideally conceals the profiled bangs , combed as if the wind had lifted it. This will help oblique haircut Cascade. Thanks to her, the face will visually appear stretched, provided that the hair is smooth and straight.

There is one more way to divert attention from the low forehead: to do the haircut of Sesson, extravagant hair and pin the locks high on the back of the head.

Advantages of Haircuts with Medium Length Hair

The creation of hairstyles on an average length of hair for women with an oval face gives room for stylists when selecting haircuts, styling, creating hairstyles.
Advantages of Haircuts with Medium Length Hair
Hair of medium length is very popular these days, and many women choose this style, but it fits most exactly to women who have an oval face shape. It is interesting! Stylists create haircuts that do not require daily styling, while just such an average hair length allows you to quickly and independently create a solemn version of your hair.

What are good Cascades and Kara Hairstyles

Cascades are performed on hair of different thickness . Ideal for medium length hair, perfectly combined with a variety of forms of bangs.

The benefit of the haircut is that if a fun party is to be held after a busy day, you can quickly change, collecting all the hair on top, and decorate them with a delicate beaded net, Chinese sticks - which is most suitable for the party theme.
Cascades and Kara Hair Cut
For the daily Kare, which does not require special styling in the morning, the stylists process the tips of the hair with an internal graduation - then the hairstyle retains a pleasant appearance for a long

Benefits of Bob and Cesson Hairstyles

The modern hairdresser's art is so good that it allows you to create unique hairstyles on the basis of any haircut.

When a solemn event is to be held in the evening, and in the morning on the head the familiar smooth Cesson can easily and quickly be wound on large thermal cubes, sprinkle with varnish and scatter curls in artistic disorder. Haircut Bob is good in itself - her brevity, the fitting of facial features rivet his eyes to the eyes, rosy cheeks and beautiful lips.
Benefits of Bob and Cesson Hairstyles

Are there unsuccessful hairstyles for oval faces?

It is worth mentioning about the limitations in the hairstyles on the average length of the hair and the oval face shape. Yes, they are, but they are few. And yet there is a type of women who, contrary to all fashion trends, choose exactly these, atypical for an oval face hairstyle.

For example, straight hair to the shoulders clearly extend the face , and the bangs will make its shape even more unrecognizable. If you choose large curls and curls, then the face, on the contrary, will look rounder, and the absence of bangs and light waves should be made with a forehead younger and more naive.
Scampered individuals sometimes choose a bang of extremely short length, but on an oval face this looks very unfortunate. One should also be cautious with asymmetry - not all facial features "accept" an asymmetrical haircut, and often such experiments on themselves become very unsuccessful.
It is necessary to cut and update your image on the eve of spring, it is easier for the owners of the oval face to do this, because for them there are almost no restrictions in choosing a new hairstyle. Spring will blossom, and the girls will proudly raise their heads with new haircuts and hairstyles, for the joy of themselves and the spring sun.