Gelatin Mask for Hair Thickness: Recipes Uses and Benefits - Updated Tips 2018

Gelatin Mask for Hair Thickness. The Recipes, uses, benefits and best home application for better hair thickening and growth. Loved by many women home gelatinous Hair Mask - a real find for owners of thin keratin rods. Are there special rules for its application? Why reviews about the gelatin mask for hair can be found very different?

The Benefits of Home Bio lamination

Gelatin masks for hair can improve the health of your curls and give them a natural sheen. A gelatin film envelops each hair, which helps to strengthen weakened scales of keratin rods, as well as saturate hair with moisture and the necessary natural microelements.

The basis of gelatin is natural collagen - a protein responsible for a healthy structure of hair and tissues. After 2-3 treatments, you can notice that the hair becomes smooth, strong, shiny, the volume of each hair increases and their electrification decreases.

Gelatin film reliably protects curls from thermal exposure by electrical appliances (hair dryers, ironing, nippers, stylers), from harmful chemical components of hygienic and cosmetic products, from negative atmospheric factors (ultraviolet rays and dry frost air).

Unlike the means, which contain vegetable oil, gelatinous hair mask not only moistens the rods, but also lets air inside the keratin structure.
Gelatin Mask for Hair Thickness: Recipes Uses and Benefits
In addition, trichologists recommend to improve the inside of the state of hair, nails and skin. To do this, it is necessary to include in your diet foods that are rich in gelatin.

What Gelatin is most Useful for Hair?

Natural gelatin is a product obtained by hydrolysis (evaporation) of a concentrate from the connective tissue of animals and fish: bone and cartilaginous. As a result of further purification, food gelatin is obtained.

It contains: natural collagen, amino acids, dietary fiber, macro and microelements - iron and sodium, phosphorus and potassium.

Collagen protein creates a gel-like film around the cuticle of the hair, absorbs into its structure, glues the ends of the hair, preventing their fragility. Microelements are absorbed by follicles and rods, which gives them strength.

In addition, hair receives niacin - the very vitamin that promotes active growth, strengthening and improving the appearance of curls.

How to choose the right product? In order to benefit your hair, gelatin should be chosen:-
  • Only white (without yellowish or cream shade)
  • Eliminate the instant "animal glue" (as gelatin is often called)
  • To give preference to plates. Although their price exceeds the cost for the usual packaged gelatin, but the quality of the plate noticeably exceed the powder.

Who is Shown home "bio lamination" of Hair with Gelatin?

Gelatin mask for curls helps to solve most aesthetic problems:
  • Secant tips of long hair;
  • Thin strands of nature, devoid of volume;
  • Mixed hair type: fatty - at the roots and dry, brittle - at the ends of the rods;
  • Naughty hair that does not lend itself to styling and combing;
  • Shevelura, devoid of natural shine, with dim, faded locks;
  • Hair damaged by frequent image changes: staining or chemical wave, excessive use of styler or hair dryer.

Who should not laminate hair with Gelatin?

Pessimistic reviews of the gelatin mask for hair are often associated with overestimated expectations from the procedure with a natural component or its illiterate application. So, for example, gelatinous hair mask will be ineffective when:

  • Thick hair, heavy by nature. The additional increase in volume and the thickening of the rods will not be a pleasant surprise for the lucky ones, who already possess the natural beauty of the locks;
  • Long-term use of aggressive chemicals for curling or dyeing hair, which destroyed the structure of keratin fibers. Their revitalization with the help of natural gelatin will not give a bright result, although it will be useful for roots and rods;
  • Also, you should not expect the stunning effect of getting playful ringlets from the first procedure if the deterioration of the appearance of the hair was long or it is associated with internal causes: stresses, diseases, hard diets, bad habits and others.

Gelatin Mask - salvation to the Hair. What effect?

In most positive reviews about the benefits of the gelatin mask for hair, every girl observes one of the advantages:
  • Hair became softer, lively. There was elasticity, silky curls. In general, the hair on the touch after the procedure is much more pleasant
  • Obedient are straight hair and curls. They are easier to comb and fit. From smooth strands you can make any hair;
  • Noticeably increases the volume of hair
  • Pleases additional natural shine of ringlets
  • The mask perfectly nourishes and moisturizes the hair, due to which they come to life
  • The fragility and dryness of hair disappears, the tips strengthen
  • Hair ceases to fall out actively, grow better.

How often it is possible to resort to Home bio lamination of Hair with Gelatin?

Gelatin mask for hair - a procedure that instantly improves the condition of the hair. However, the visual effect of healing curls lasts until you regularly use this tool. Systematic use of gelatinous trays for hair can lead to weighting and "clogging" of thin weakened rods, which entails their loss. In this regard, hairdressers recommend a gelatinous hair mask to make the procedure a day off and perform it only before going out into the light, when you need to look "one hundred percent".

How to conduct homemade hair gelatin?

Before you treat hair with a gelatin mask, you need to wash your hair. This mask, like many others, is applied to damp strands. What else is necessary to know for the correct procedure of home "bio lamination"?
  • The gelatin mass must be freshly prepared. It is best done immediately before the procedure;
  • When mixing the ingredients, do not allow gelatin to remain in the form of undissolved lumps at any stage. They must be carefully grinded or removed by straining the solution. Otherwise, the soaked crystals of "animal glue" will adhere to the hair and it will be incredibly difficult to wash or comb out.
  • To dissolve gelatin at the initial stage it is better cool boiled, or warm, but not above 40-50 degrees, water. The lower the water temperature at this stage, the lower the chance of collagen lumps;
  • Fill the gelatin (powder or shredded plates) with water in the proportion: 1 part of "dry collagen" to 3 parts of water. Stir and leave for swelling for 10-15 minutes. Longer keep the gelatinous mass does not make sense, since it will later acquire a jelly-like consistency;
  • Then heat this solution on a steam bath, stirring. From the effect of temperature, gelatin should completely dissolve. At this stage you can not allow the solution to boil, otherwise it will have to be poured out, as it will lose all its properties. Gelatin mask for hair, in this case, will have to be prepared from new ingredients;
  • Homogeneous gelatinous mass without lumps should be cooled further. Collagen concentrate is ready for use!
To get a basic gelatin mask for hair, you can pour into a cooled collagen solution of 20 ml of shampoo or conditioner (inventive girls sometimes mix it with professional or herbal masks from the store). We get the ratio: 1 tbsp. gelatin - 75 ml of water and 20 ml of factory cosmetics.

How to Apply Gelatinous Mask for Hair Correctly?

To process hair by gelatinous mass it is possible on all length, deviating from roots on 1-1,5 see If in your collagenic mix:
  • There is no presence of aggressive chemical components (shampoo or conditioner);
  • To keep the mask you will not be long (instead of the prescribed 40-60 minutes - leave the mixture on the head for 15-20), then you can cover and the radical zone of the hair. Then it is necessary to cover the head with polyethylene and, if desired, warm it a little with a hair dryer to raise the temperature of the hair (but without fanaticism!). Next is to wrap your head with a warm hat or towel. When heated, collagen penetrates more actively into the structure of the hair, nourishes and strengthens them, gluing their scales. If you are planning a short cosmetic procedure, it is not necessary to cover the head with a compress (but the effect will be weaker).
Rinse the mixture of "animal glue" from the hair better than the coolest (but not icy!) Water. Hot liquid and shampoo dissolve the gelatin film and eliminate the effect of laminating hair, nullifying any effort. More effective experienced beauties consider the method, when we lower the head into a container of cool water, keep it to the full razmokaniya gelatin, and then wash out the collagen with running water.

Beauty Recipes: Gelatin Mask for any type of Hair

Recipes gelatin mask depends on the type of hair, and additional ingredients enrich the makeup of the mask and improve its effect. If dry hair is excellent for dairy products (cream and milk), egg yolk and base cosmetic oils, then for fatty you can prefer: apple cider vinegar, lemon juice , egg white, clay, henna, kefir and decoctions of herbs (burdock root, green or black tea (depending on hair color), nettle, sage, St. John's wort, calendula, linden, chamomile). Good and universal gelatin masks, especially for mixed hair type.

For oily hair:
  • On a bag of gelatin (which is diluted with water, as in the classic recipe): 15 ml of apple cider vinegar and 5 drops of any aroma oil: geranium, lavender, sage or rosemary.
  • Gelatin (1 packet): mustard powder (0,5 tsp), sugar (5-7 g) and yolk.
  • Gelatin (1 sachet) - juice of half a lemon and 20 ml of shampoo, 3-5 drops of your favorite aroma mist.
  • A bag of gelatin to dilute in water to add blue clay and colorless henna equally.
  • Gelatin - 1 packet: chopped parsley greens, 25 g honey and 20 ml of olive oil. You can add juice of half a lemon or 15 ml of aloe juice.
For dry hair:
  • Gelatin (1 sachet) - yolk of chicken egg and 20 ml of balm (shampoo herbal).
  • Gelatin (1-2 tsp) - henna (for blondes - only colorless, for brunettes - any) - 1 tsp, mustard - on the tip of the knife.
  • Gelatin (1 sachet) - 25-75 g (depending on the length of the ringlets) plus chamomile or nettle infusion, calendula or linden - 100 ml. Dilute with the usual shampoo.
  • Gelatin (sachet) - vitamins E and A (or Aevit) - 50 drops (25 each), tincture of red hot pepper - 5-6 drops and 50 g of your favorite nutritional mask for dry hair.
  • For one part of gelatin - 3 parts of milk or cream and 10 drops of vitamin A.

Universal Masks for any type of Hair

  • Gelatin - 1 packet: 100 ml of kefir or yogurt and 25 g of cocoa. First, prepare a thick chocolate broth: cocoa brew in 100 ml of water, dilute after cooling them gelatin, and then mix with yogurt.
  • Gelatin (1 sachet) - 75 ml of water, 25 g of cinnamon, 20 ml of coconut oil and the same amount of conditioner balm plus 1 yolk of chicken eggs.
  • Gelatine - 50 g dilute 150 ml of mineral water and add 9 ml of burdock or almond oil. You can enrich the mask with 5 drops of your favorite aroma oil: rosemary, citrus, pine or lavender.
Gelatine mask for hair can become a "wand-zaschalochkoy" for weakened, brittle rods. But it must be remembered that it can be applied no more often than once in 7-10 days. It is good for a fast approaching celebration, but as a treatment procedure it is not recommended to use it.