Hair Care after Childbirth: Causes of Postpartum HAIR Loss

Contrary to popular belief, the hair after the birth of a child is not shed because of breastfeeding and lack of vitamins. After birth, the concentration of the female hormone estrogen begins to decline, which inevitably causes hair loss. If during pregnancy the hair dropped out much less, then now the hair that has become obsolete during this time, falls out all at once.

We have already talked about how the fluctuations of the hormonal background during pregnancy (See Hair Loss Women Page>>>) affect the hair condition - the hair always reflects the body's condition and reacts sensitively to changes in the blood composition.

Such a strong loss and fragility of hair in some women causes just panic - because the hair remains in the hands or bathtub with whole strands.

Sometimes they are even ready to wean the baby, as everyone knows that hair often falls out during breastfeeding. What to do in this case - to feed or not to feed?

With this phenomenon it is necessary to reconcile and try to strengthen the hair with all the strength. Let's consider other reasons why after hair delivery hair falls out, what to do and how to look after, whether it is possible to dye hair during breastfeeding.

Hormones after Childbirth 

The condition of the hair after childbirth depends not only on the hormone of estrogen, but also on another hormone, prolactin.

Prolactin in this situation on our side, it stimulates hair growth, and the increase in its level occurs during lactation, that is, breast-feeding. It is noticed, that at early excommunication of the kid from a breast hair drop out more strongly.
Hair Care after Childbirth: Causes of Postpartum HAIR Loss
Therefore, if you have hair falling out during breastfeeding, then do not blame your child for it, look for other reasons.

Surprisingly, the condition of the hair is also affected by feeding! Breastfeeding is a natural condition for the female body, and it is with this condition that the hormonal background comes back to normal in the most natural way.

Therefore - breastfeed longer, it is very important for your child, and the effect on the hair is a pleasant bonus.

Vitamins and trace elements

After childbirth and during feeding, we suffer from a deficiency of vitamins and trace elements, a significant number of them are given to the baby along with breast milk. But this is not a reason to curtail breastfeeding ahead of time - this is the most valuable thing that your mother can give her baby.

In addition to this, many young mothers restrict themselves in many products or tend to regain harmony and sit on a diet. Hair and nails become brittle and dull. Therefore - eat properly and take vitamins for nursing moms.

Stress and lack of sleep

With the birth of a child, life changes completely, some mothers literally lose sleep and rest and are in a state of chronic stress. And stress always causes hair loss, this is its main reason. Take care of yourself, delegate some of the worries to your relatives, look for a way out of this situation.

Haircut will help!

If during the pregnancy you did not get a haircut, then the hair grew significantly and accordingly became heavier. Under the influence of estrogen, hair follicles withstood such a load, but now the weight of the hair enhances the loss. Therefore, a haircut, even a small one, will do good.

Even emotionally, during postpartum depression and chronic stress, going to the hairdresser and changing hair styles will serve as a psychotherapy.

Hair care should be especially careful

  • gentle combing with a light massage
  • use of secure accessories
  • use of a safe (preferably, organic) shampoo and balm
  • application of folk recipes and masks, rinsing with herbs
  • natural hair drying, without a hair dryer and ironing
  • protection of the head from the sun and cold
  • the refusal of chemical wave and coloring of hair with chemical paints.

Can I dye my hair with breastfeeding

Many masters will tell you what can be done, only carefully. So it can even be written on packages with dyes. But who will give a guarantee? Visible harm may not be, but in general, poisoning the body can be unnoticed.

It is interesting that the hair after the birth as a whole may seem worse than before, because during pregnancy they became thicker and thicker and this has already become a familiar sensation. When, after giving birth, hair gradually returns to its original state, as before pregnancy, it seems that they have become completely bad, although in fact they have always been this way.

The main thing is to treat hair loss without panic, otherwise stress will only exacerbate hair loss. Take action, and hair will gradually recover!