Hair Extensions Making with own Hands with Latest Techniques

How to make your own hand tied hair extension? this is a question. Many are interested in how to increase hair at home. It is understandable, because hair extension procedure is popular, not cheap, it requires costs for materials and for periodic adjustment. And want to have a thick long hair like everyone! However, both cold and hot hair extensions with their own hands are difficult - you will need the help of another person. The process is labor-intensive and unsafe, requires carefulness.

Techniques for Hair Extensions

In the conditions of the salon, various techniques of hair extension are used, using professional tools and devices. At home, most of the ways can not be reproduced, most often the easiest way is to use tape.

He is also considered the most sparing. Since the strands are attached not to their own hair, but to special bands. The adhesive composition, as the manufacturers assure, is absolutely safe.

Contraindications:- And here, as elsewhere, there are contraindications. First of all, this is a strong hair loss. After all, under the weight of artificial strands vpadyanie will only increase.

There should be no problems with the scalp - seborrhea, skin diseases and allergy. Be sure to conduct an allergic test. Contraindicated hair extensions during the reception of antibiotics and the course of chemotherapy.

Training and materials:- In addition, you need to correctly choose the color of the build-up strands, so that they do not catch your eye. Buy strands should be in specialized salons, making sure of their quality and reliable origin.

You need to prepare your own hair. Their length should be at least 10 centimeters. Pre-refresh your hair and cut off the split ends. Hair needs to be washed, but do not use balms or masks.
Hair Extensions Making with own Hands
Procedure:- After dividing the hair into strands, glue the adhesive tape at a distance of 10 mm from the roots. Artificial strands are attached to it. Here, just do not interfere with the help of another person, who will help to do everything smoothly and accurately, so that later no noticeable interference.

Life after building up:- And cold and hot hair extensions entail the need to carefully care for the hair. Gently wash and comb, use a mild shampoo and balm, reduce the use of hair dryers and forceps. Also, exclude alcohol-containing products for leaving and styling hair. Do not go to bed with wet hair.

After a while (on average, two months), the hair grows and the embroidered strands become visible, especially if you were doing hair extensions with your own hands. It is necessary to make a correction.

The alcohol-containing solution allows dissolving the adhesive and removing the tapes. Depending on the type of strands, new tapes are required or the same ones are repeatedly used. They are glued again closer to the roots of their own hair.