Hair LOSS Treatment at Home Tips for Women and Men

Hair Loss Treatment at Home - The problem of treating hair loss is very difficult, since there are a lot of causes that cause baldness. As a result of prolonged exposure to various adverse factors, both external and internal, first of all, the scalp suffers - it breaks microcirculation and water-fat balance, which leads to a deterioration in nutrition and growth of hair follicles, and ultimately to hair loss.

Cosmetology has made great progress in solving the problem of hair loss. So, the surgical decision of alopecia can be hair transplantation . But now we will not talk about cosmetology and operations. And about domestic, natural home remedies for hair loss . Modern means of treatment of hair loss include the intake of special preparations and supplements, normalization of nutrition, scalp massage of the scalp and physiotherapy procedures, special therapeutic masks and mesotherapy. Are selected for the treatment of hair loss and home remedies, such as herbal medicine.

Nowadays people start to lose hair early - many men already at 25 can not boast of a thick head of hair. That is why the treatment of alopecia (alopecia) has now become a popular service. Medical and cosmetology centers in vain offer consultations of experienced trichologists, hair loss prevention procedures, vitamins to strengthen hair follicles. However, many men and women are not in a hurry to give big money to doctors and cosmetologists, but prefer to fight their own hair loss at home. And often this is quite successful.

Types of Alopecia

There are several types of baldness. They can be classified according to the form, for reasons, according to the clinical picture.
  • Focal (nested) alopecia is the most frequent problem with which people come to trichologists. Focal alopecia suggests a partial loss of hair - they fall out in clumps in certain places. Treatment of focal alopecia is best entrusted to a specialist.
  • Total alopecia - it implies a complete hair loss on the head.
  • Universal baldness is a rare disease in which a man loses not only his hair, but also hair throughout the body.
Alopecia can be represented in one of three forms.
  • Congenital (hereditary) alopecia - with her hair falling out either in connection with heredity, or because of the lack of hair follicles.
  • Natural alopecia - loss of hair is associated with age-related changes.
  • Hormonal alopecia - baldness occurs due to hormonal failure.
Hair LOSS Treatment at Home Tips for Women and Men
For reasons of the appearance of the disease, alopecia can also be divided into several groups.
  • Toxic - it happens due to poisoning of the body with potent substances. They often suffer from "harmful" workers and people taking antibiotics.
  • Seborrheic - occurs due to a malfunction in the work of the sebaceous glands on the scalp.
  • Symptomatic (subspecies - cicatricial) - its cause is a serious infectious or other disease (smallpox, syphilis, etc.), as well as negative impact from the outside (burn, head injury).
Almost all types of alopecia are amenable to treatment. Often it is quite difficult, but possible. Before starting treatment, it is necessary to find out the reasons why the hair began to leave the head.

Causes of Hair Loss

  • Strong substances and drugs
  • Hormonal disbalance
  • Consequence of serious diseases
  • Wounds and scalp burns
  • Diseases of the digestive system
  • Lack of vitamins
  • Improper diet
  • Bad habits
  • Stressful situations
  • Wrong hair care
These are just a few reasons why even young men and women lose most of their hair. If the fallout occurs due to the events described in points 1-5, then you should immediately visit a doctor and consult with him not only regarding baldness, but also regarding the treatment of illness-cause. If hair loss is caused by points 6-10, then you can get rid of the problem at home.

Treatment of Alopecia in the Home

To treat baldness in men and women, many means have been invented. Medicine suggests using special shampoos and ointments, healers advise infusions and decoctions. Often it is enough just to drink a course of vitamins and adjust the food so that the hair stops falling out.Consider all methods of treating baldness in women and men at home.

Strengthening of hair. Head massage

Head massage helps with easy hair loss, it very well improves blood circulation and, thus, promotes active nutrition of hair roots. The simplest massage can be done with a massage brush. It is important that the teeth of the brush have rounded ends and do not scratch the scalp. Two or three times a week you can do massage with a special hair mask.

Even more effectively helps to strengthen hair massage hands - rub the edge growth line ear with crosswise movements with both hands. Fingers seem to draw a cross, up, down, left to right and right to left. Then do a circular motion with your fingers 3 times around the edge line of hair growth. Similar movements are done 3 times from the periphery to the center. Prover can be taken arbitrary. The same movements are done 3 times from the center to the periphery. Two brushes make spiral movements from the center to the periphery, then from the periphery to the center. Wavy movements behind the auricle. This massage is done for 7-10 minutes 2 times a week, preferably together with a medical mask. Addition of complex treatment of hair loss with physiotherapy procedures darsonvalization of the scalp and, less often, electrostimulation,

Anti-Alopecia Shampoos

Many people have a question: how can a shampoo get rid of alopecia? This is really impossible if the fallout is associated with internal problems (illness, chemical poisoning) or with scalp injuries. But if the cause of baldness is improper care or lack of useful substances, shampoo is a fairly effective remedy.

It is important to remember that when choosing cosmetics from hair loss you can not save. Such funds are recommended to be purchased only in pharmacies or specialized stores. It is better if the company that produces shampoo will specialize in the production of medical cosmetics. But the mass-market tools that you can find ordinary stores, you should not buy - baldness such shampoos are unlikely to stop.

Very good, if the shampoo contains:
  • thymus extract;
  • extract of burdock;
  • nettle extract;
  • essential oils;
  • wheat proteins;
  • vitamins B, E.
But what in shampoo from baldness should not be, so it's SLS and other aggressive surfactants. They have a negative effect on the structure of the hair, and on its bulb.

Vitamins for Alopecia

Quite a common cause of alopecia is banal avitaminosis. It can be noticed that most often hair loss begins in the spring, when the body, tired during the winter, can not send enough vitamins to the bulbs.

In this case, the treatment of alopecia is reduced to taking vitamin complexes and adjusting the daily diet. In the menu it is recommended to include more vegetable oils, nuts, fatty fish and green vegetables.

The most desirable vitamins for hair are:
  • vitamins of group B
  • vitamin E
  • vitamin A
  • vitamin C
If food can not be obtained from them, then BAD and vitamin complexes from the pharmacy will come to the rescue.

Best Home Remedies

The most popular in natural home medicine for the treatment of alopecia are products such as:
  • bow
  • garlic
  • vodka
  • burdock
  • pepper
  • mustard
  • Castor oil
It is believed that these drugs stimulate the growth of new hair and "wake up" the sleeping bulbs, making the head of hear much thicker.

Your attention is offered five popular and very effective recipes for stopping hair loss at home.

Prescription number 1. Onion porridge:- This is one of the simplest methods to combat alopecia. Take a large bulb and scroll it through the meat grinder. It should be a homogeneous thick slurry with juice. This mass is applied to the scalp and hair roots, wrap and leave for an hour and a half. After rinse with plenty of water. This mask irritates the scalp and improves blood flow. As a result, more nutrients enter the bulb.

Recipe No. 2. Garlic-pepper treatment:- This method is based on the alternation of two powerful remedies for alopecia: garlic and pepper. Within one week, rub the pepper tincture into your scalp (alcohol and pepper are the best helpers in the fight against alopecia), apply the garlic clove to the roots for the next week. Treatment is recommended for 2-3 months. If the causes of baldness are not a disease or injury, this remedy will very quickly save your head of hearing.

Recipe number 3. Tincture from falling out:-
You will need:
  • vodka or alcohol - 1 cup;
  • nettle - 1 package;
  • burdock root - 1 pack;
  • tincture of mint - 1 vial;
  • tincture of propolis - 1 vial.
Put a nettle and a burdock in a jar with a wide neck. Pour the herbs with alcohol and add one tincture of tinctures of mint and propolis. If desired, you can supplement the prescription tincture of ginseng.

Tincture is recommended to insist in a dark place for a week, then drain into a bottle and use every evening before going to bed - rub in the roots of hair and do not rinse. The remedy will cope with alopecia if its causes are improper care and lack of useful substances.

Recipe № 4. Indian powders:- Few people know Indian herbs to stop hair loss. You can buy them in Ayurvedic shops and online stores of natural cosmetics. They are very convenient for use at home.

From baldness the following remedies are recommended:
  • bromine;
  • herbal shampoo "Tali Podi";
  • amla;
  • Indian henna.
Powders can be used either individually or in a complex. Apply them as a mask. For its preparation, mix one spoonful of Bram powder, Tali Podi, Amla and Henna and mix the mixture with water or warmed vegetable oil (you can use Indian Bringaraj oil). Mass it on the roots of hair, wrap it with a film and a towel and leave for an hour.
Ayurvedic powders can dry hair, so do not put a mask on them for the entire length of the hair. For the time, rinse with a vegetable oil - coconut, avocado or linseed.
Recipe number 5. Hop for baldness:- Prepare a hop-like broth - for this, in boiling water, you need to put one spoonful of dry hops and boil for about half an hour. The resulting decoction is recommended to rinse hair after each wash. You can also rub it into the scalp.

Rules of Treatment at Home

If the causes of hair loss are external factors, rather than diseases or injuries, compliance with simple rules will help to get rid of this trouble.
  • Change the diet.
  • Drink vitamins.
  • Observe drinking regimen.
  • Get plenty of rest.
  • Avoid stress.
  • Often walk in the open air.
  • Get rid of bad habits.
  • Change hair care.
  • Consult with trichologist.
  • Use traditional medicine.
Treating alopecia with home and natural methods at home can be quite effective. It is better to resort to complex measures: taking vitamins, using special shampoos and masks, changing the diet and regime of the day. But in any case, before engaging in self-medication, it is necessary to consult with an experienced trichologist and find out the true causes of hair loss.