Hair Washing Perfect Tips: How to wash Hair Properly?

Washing your hair is the most important component of home hair care. When girls think about how to wash our hair, the main questions that arise are: "How often can I wash my hair and can I wash my hair every day?" And "What kind of shampoo should I wash my hair?" But in reality there are many more problems. And at once I will make a reservation that in this article the question will not be what to choose a shampoo, for the question of which water to wash your hair is more important.

Water for washing hair

And we use it, without fooling ourselves, with dirty and dangerous tap water. It contains a huge amount of chlorine, used to disinfect water, iron, various oxides, other carcinogenic chemicals that combine with chlorine, and God knows what can get there from our water pipes.

The greatest harm to health in general and hair in particular brings chlorine - skin aging, allergy, dryness and brittle hair, split ends, hair loss, discoloration after staining. By the way, the hair absorbs water very well together with all the impurities.  Praise those girls who think about it, take care of their health and get a habit of using clean water.

So, how can we protect our hair with water? It is best for washing to use boiled or filtered water - household filters for drinking water (but ideal - special filters for the shower) will do. Very good, but more costly to use bottled or mineral water. The same water you take and for preparing broths and Masks.

If you take the habit of using clean water to wash your hair, but from time to time get into a situation where you have to wash your head with ordinary tap water, then do it with cool water close to room temperature, so you exclude the possibility of absorbing harmful substances in the scalp.
Hair Washing Perfect Tips: How to wash Hair Properly?
It is very good to soften hard water for hair care at home. Hard water contains substances such as magnesium, iron, calcium salts, which are far from useful for hair and scalp.

Previously, for washing, ideally soft water was used - rainwater and melted water. But in our environmental conditions, this will have to be forgotten, unfortunately. The simplest and most effective way to soften water is to add baking soda from the consumption of 1 teaspoon per liter of water or ammonia - 1 teaspoon per 2 liters of water.

Rinse your hair with cool, acidified water. The cool temperature of the water helps to smooth out the scales of the hair, making them smooth and shiny. Acidification of water is necessary to maintain the acidic pH necessary for the health of the scalp.

If the shampoo has an alkaline medium and opens all the scales of hair, then this rinse, on the contrary, will smooth the hair, covering all the scales, make the hair shiny and smooth, like after applying the conditioner. Acidify the water can juice the halves of lemon per liter of water (for blondes) or 1 tablespoon. 6% vinegar.

How to wash Hair without injuring Hair

Every hair washing is their traumatization, because the shampoo opens all the scales of the hair and flushes the cement from under them, damaging and thinning. The less often we have our hair, the less we injure them, especially if you have long hair-first, they get confused when washing; secondly, the hair is already dead and it is impossible to restore it, and the longer it is, the more stress it has suffered .

Therefore, if you want to grow long beautiful hair, but often wash your hair, reduce their traumatism to a minimum - use clean water and a quality shampoo. If you wash with a shampoo containing SLS, then first very well moisten hair and scalp and only after a few minutes apply shampoo.

In addition, shampoos with SLS cause hair to get dirty faster and we have to wash them often. So that the hair does not get dirty so quickly, after washing, apply a little bit of mustard powder, diluted with hot water, and massage and rinse. But the recipe for a wonderful home made dry shampoo from mustard powder and herbs.

These measures will be of great help in our efforts to strengthen the hair, grow the length and make them healthy and radiant. In what I wish you success! Let our articles inspire you!