Harmful Elements of Hairspray and How to reduce the Risk

Do you use daily styling? Without varnish it is impossible to create any elegant styling or hairstyle. But, unfortunately, many of us use it every day, not just to go out.  The composition of the hairspray is dangerous not only for the hair, but even more - when inhaled its fumes. In this article we will reveal some interesting, but sad and little-known facts.

Is Hairspray Harmful?

It's no secret that the varnishes dry their hair. Usually this happens due to alcohol, but not only. With daily use, the lacquer clogs the pores on the scalp, which can cause dryness and dandruff, itching and irritation . But compensatory scalp may, on the contrary, become more oily in response to the aggressive effects of lacquer.

The hair itself eventually becomes dry and brittle, dull, ends are split. By enveloping the hair "protective", according to the producers, with a shiny film, the varnish makes the hair more fragile, especially at low temperatures on the street.
Harmful Elements of Hairspray and How to reduce the Risk
Harm to health:- It has long been said that there is harm to hair cosmetics, and especially this applies to lacquer. Few people like the smell of hairspray. With the daily inhalation of caustic components that are part of the hair spray (freon, alcohol, phthalates, diethylene glycol), we are damaging our health, as well as the health of others.

In people prone to allergies, it causes symptoms such as perspiration in the throat, coughing, lacrimation, conjunctivitis. Lacquer can also trigger the onset of allergies and asthma attacks.

Imagine - everything that we breathe and put on the skin, penetrates into the blood, including lacquer. Diethylen glycol, for example, causes conjunctivitis, dermatitis, affects the health of the liver, kidneys and brain.

Japanese scientists have identified a microorganism that lives exactly in hair varnish -  Microbacterium hatanonis and its variety of  oxydans . It is impossible to stop its growth in a flacon with this remedy. The connection of this microorganism with the occurrence of leukemia was revealed.

Harmful to the environment:- The hairspray contains chlorofluorocarbon for aerosol packaging, which accumulates in the atmosphere and decomposes to form toxic chlorine. This is directly related to the thinning of the ozone layer of the atmosphere.

Recommendations for reducing the harm of Hairspray

  • It should be used only in exceptional cases.
  • Do not apply it to the roots of hair and scalp. Even if you have an expensive high-quality varnish on a water basis.
  • It should be used, avoiding inhalation and eye contact. Ventilate the room during and / or after use until the odor of the hair spray has completely eroded.
  • Wash your hair before going to bed.
  • Do not use lacquer during pregnancy. In addition to the general poisoning of the body, the phthalates contained in the lacquer can cause hypospadias - a disease of the reproductive organs of the fetus.