How to Care Normal Oily Dry and Mixed type Hair

In this article we reflect how to care of normal, oily, dry and mixed type hair. Hair Care is of exceptional importance. It is not right to think that care requires only weakened hair, healthy hair needs it no less. Our hair is constantly exposed to various effects: atmospheric phenomena, dust, dirt, all kinds of dyes and chemical perm products, etc.

Hair Hygiene is of exceptional importance, since the hairstyle is the dominant factor of our external appearance and through it we try to convey to the people around a certain emotional message, we will always try to give the hairstyle the best look. And so, today the health of the hair and the proper care of them come to the fore.

For competent and effective hair care, it is important to correctly determine your hair type, because otherwise there is a risk of worsening their condition. Hair is divided into normal hair, dry hair, fatty hair and mixed hair.

Normal Hair reflects well the light, poured into the sun. If your hair is elastic, almost do not split, it's easy to fit and comb, have a lively appearance and retain these qualities for a few days after washing your head, which means that you competently and correctly look after them with suitable means and your hair is healthy. Unfortunately, hair is rarely found without problems.

Oily Hair has a characteristic dull sheen, after a short time after washing stick together and begin to seem dirty, untidy. The fat content of the hair depends on the activity of the sebaceous glands of the scalp, which, in turn, is highly individual and genetically incorporated. To some extent, the amount of sebum produced depends on the type of food and the amount of carbohydrates consumed (primarily) and fats.
How to Care Normal Oily Dry and Mixed type Hair
Dry Hair does not reflect light very well, so they look dull, without gloss. They are easily torn, confused, difficult to comb, split at the ends. Often, dry hair is the result of improper care, and not a consequence of reduced activity of the sebaceous glands.

Hairs of mixed type are, as a rule, long hair - fat at the roots and dry at the ends due to the fact that they are not sufficiently greased over the entire length. The ends of hair of this type, without getting the necessary lubrication, are often split. They need a combined care with various special means and an adjusted diet.

It should be noted that regular physical activity also contributes to the formation of healthy hair, as it ensures the flow of blood into the capillaries of the scalp, transports nutrients to the roots of the hair.

Hair care , for all types of hair, involves three critical stages: combing hair , washing hair and eating vitamins for hair .