How to Choose and Buy the Best Quality Essential Oils for Hair 2018

Choose the best and high quality essential oil for your hair growth and thickness. Essential oils are used for hair with a variety of purposes - from the aromatization of cosmetics to the treatment of hair loss.It is not just a pleasantly smelling good for hair care at home, it is something more and more mysterious, precious - this is the very soul of plants, flowers, leaves, roots ... They give us their strength and beauty, their own lives! To produce a couple of milliliters of essential oil, several kilograms of flowers can go away.

Understanding the value of this unique product determines the importance of the right choice of essential oil. The best essential oils for hair are only 100% oils, not diluted, not synthetic, without additives. How to choose essential oils of good quality?

Miracle ethers of medicinal plants can restore beauty to our hair, health to ourselves and our family. They affect our mood and the quality of our life, interfering with the subtle mechanisms of hormonal regulation.

Where to Buy High Quality Essential Oils?

But let's return to more mundane problems with a considerable share of pragmatism and decide where to buy aired and how much it will cost?

Since the process of obtaining essential oil is very laborious and requires a large amount of raw materials, its price by definition can not be low - such as in our pharmacies, 60 - 100 rubles per 10 ml. The share of high-quality natural oils sinks in liters of counterfeit. But, buying high-quality expensive oil, remember that it will last for a long time - after all, in the mask for the hair, for example, you will add only a few drops.
How to Choose and Buy the Best Quality Essential Oils for Hair
The production of essential oils in all around the world is doubtful, because most of the plants that are valuable for cosmetology do not grow here. Sometimes so-called essential oils of domestic production, even the smell have a weak, and the cosmetic effect of them will soon be zero, at best.

Such oils are more correctly called aromatic. They can be used to aromatize the room with aromatic lamps or for the production of perfumes.

It is impossible to buy essential oils of good quality in dubious places - this is a waste of money and disappointment from the lack of expected effect.

Perhaps the only reliable place to buy essential oils in the end are online stores that cooperate with reputable manufacturers  or their official representative in your city.

How to Choose High Quality Essential Oils

In any case, in whatever store you are not - real or virtual, pay attention to the following points:
  • Prices. Real essential oils can not be cheap. The difference in the prices of various oils should be significant, rather than 20-30 rubles, because each oil has its own price category and value. Citrus oils are not expensive, but melissa, rose, verbena, chamomile, neroli are sold for 1-2-5 ml and at a high price.
  • Bottles should be made of dark glass.
  • The labels should indicate the name of the plant in Latin and clearly written "essential oil".
  • There are no essential oils of strawberries, lilacs, raspberries, aloe - it's perfumery. Also there are no essential oils of jojoba, avocado, apricot - only basic vegetable oils.
  • On the quality of essential oil, you can conduct a simple test: you need to drip a drop of oil on paper. A good oil will evaporate without leaving a greasy trace, only slightly color the paper. If the composition contains mineral oil (refinery product), there will be a fatty trace on the paper.

The Best Quality Essential Oils for Hair

And now a minimal set of ethers, which is useful not only for home hair care, but for every occasion in life.
  • Tea tree oil - anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antiviral, effective for caring for oily hair and against dandruff.
  • Oils of citrus - lemon, orange, grapefruit. Low price, pleasant aroma, a wide range of functions. Suitable for care of any type of hair, eliminate dandruff, give shine, make hair silky and elastic.
  • Lavender oil heals, is suitable for sensitive skin, soothes the nervous system. When used as a part of masks, it regulates the fatness of hair, reduces brittleness and hair loss, makes them shiny and elastic, ideal for damaged and split hair.
  • Rosemary oil is effective in solving many problems and will enhance the action of any mask.
You should also know the proper uses of essential oil for your Hair care. I hope these tips will help you decide where to buy the best essential oils for hair and make the right choice!