How to Get Rid of Severe Dandruff with the Best Natural Treatment at Home

Severe dandruff treatment is not a very easy task to all. Treatment of dandruff requires a serious and responsible approach. After all, this is a sign of a violation of the health of the whole body, metabolism, immunity. If dandruff in your case is a symptom of some serious illness, then you should contact a specialist who will prescribe the appropriate treatment. This article will discuss how to get rid of dandruff yourself at home.

How to Choose a Shampoo Against Dandruff?

Shampoos against dandruff are both curative, sold only in the pharmacy, and conventional cosmetic. It is desirable that the therapeutic shampoo against dandruff is picked up for you by your doctor. Shampoo should match your type of hair, since dandruff can be dry or oily and appear in any type of hair.

The therapeutic shampoo should have an antifungal, anti-inflammatory and keratoregulating action, as well as the ability to accumulate in the upper layers of the epidermis, which affects the yeast-like fungus  Pityrosporum oval e .

Note the active ingredients that must be present in the shampoo (one or two components): cyclopyrox / cyclopirox, clotrimazole, selenium disulfide / selenium disylphide, ketoconazole / ketokonozole, ichthyol, salicylic acid / salicylic acid, tar / coal tar, sulfur / sulphur .
How to Get Rid of Dandruff with the Best Natural Treatment at Home
Often, dandruff shampoos use zinc pyrithione / zink pyrithione - this substance brings temporary relief, but it causes habituation of the scalp and increased dandruff formation. The most popular therapeutic shampoos "Nizoral" and "Sebozol" contain ketoconazole in their composition, and "Keto plus" - zinc pyrithione and climbazol.

Look at a small video on how to choose a shampoo for dandruff - which is better, normal shampoo, pharmacy or folk remedies?

Use shampoo follows strictly following the instructions. Thoroughly wash the scalp, soap it twice. After applying the therapeutic shampoo for 3-6 weeks, you can switch to conventional shampoos against dandruff from the mass market. How to properly wash your head, read here .

If the condition of your hair does not force you to see a doctor - dandruff does not manifest itself strongly or appears periodically, then perhaps you will have enough effect from an organic or professional shampoo against dandruff or natural masks from dandruff.

Excellent reviews have shampoos with tar content - you will find them in any pharmacy. Particularly brave girls try to wash their hair ... with tar soap, not being frightened of a characteristic smell. And many are very satisfied!

Judging by the numerous reviews, not all shampoos are suitable or do not give the desired effect. Especially popular shampoos from mass-markets of type Head and Shoulders cause censures that from their use or after their cancellation dandruff only increases. But we will not argue about this - everyone has their own experience in this matter.

And better consider the recipes of home shampoos against dandruff .
  • Take a teaspoon of vodka, add 1 drop of essential oil of tea tree, three drops of rosemary and eucalyptus. Add two whipped yolks to the mixture. Apply to damp hair, massage, leave for a few minutes.
  • 3 tablespoons of white clay dilute warm boiled water to a thick consistency, stir with one or two egg yolks and add 3-4 drops of your favorite essential oil (to leave no smell on your hair). Apply over the entire length of the hair, carefully massaging the scalp. After a few minutes you can wash off with warm water, without using shampoo.

Masks for Hair and Protect from Dandruff

Make home-made masks regularly. For their preparation use dairy products, oils, eggs, herbs. Article The best home masks from dandruff from the Hair Mask Page>>>

Restorative and soothing effect on the scalp has the application of Panthenol >>>

Decoctions of medicinal herbs are effective against dandruff: nettle, chamomile, calendula, sage, cones of hops, bark of oak, aloe. Two tablespoons of chopped herbs pour a glass of boiling water, let it brew for 1 hour, strain and rinse clean dried after washing your hair.

Essential oils when added to hair care products contribute to the cure of dandruff, especially in the composition of masks. Use for this tea tree oil, eucalyptus, rosemary, cypress, lavender, orange, cedar or juniper. As base oils, it is better to use burdock, olive or castor oil.

Diet and Lifestyle

And most importantly, if you really care about your health, you will have to adjust your lifestyle and diet.
  • Full nutrition (especially the restriction of sweet, fatty, fried, flour), intestinal cleaning
  • Healthy sleep and rest
  • Refusal from smoking and alcohol
  • Refusal to dye and perm hair
  • Compliance with the rules of personal hygiene (this applies primarily to hair combs and hats).
Share your stories and your own experience in using anti-dandruff remedies!