How to Grow Hair faster and Thicker at Home

How to Grow Hair faster and Thicker at Home - Long, beautiful, healthy hair! This is not only an occasion for pride and envy, it is an invaluable, luxurious decoration for a real woman, a symbol of Femininity. Long hair gives a woman special magnetism, attractiveness, and, according to ancient teachings, protect women and her family from all evil - for this, their length should be at least below the middle of the chest to cover the heart. But it is not enough that the hair was just long. Long, but dry, dull, broken hair, thin pigtail - this is a miserable sight.

Therefore, of course, long beautiful hair is the result of painstaking work. How to grow long hair at home is the topic of our article.
  • If you suffer from hair loss, you need to pay close attention to this problem, strengthening your hair and stimulating the growth of new hairs.
  • First and foremost, you need to cure your hair and limit it from all possible damaging procedures.
  • Secondly, to prevent the cross-section of the ends of the hair, they spoil the look of the hair, and the constant trimming of the tips will bring to zero all efforts to grow hair.
  • And finally, to accelerate the growth of hair.

How to create favorable Conditions for Hair Growth 

Saturate the body with micronutrients and vitamins useful for hair, enriching the diet with products such as vegetables, fruits, greens, cottage cheese, eggs, seafood, nuts and seeds (for more details see the article "Hair Products, Healthy Eating"). Add dietary supplements and vitamin-mineral complexes. Drink at least 2 liters of clean water a day.
How to Grow Hair faster and Thicker at Home
Stop destroying your hair with coloring and chemical curling, hair dryer and ironing - if you set out to grow long hair, learn how to do without them, it is quite possible. Choose the treatment that suits your hair type, refuse aggressive shampoos with silicones and SLS and styling products (varnishes and sticks for styling).

Prevention of Hair

How to grow long hair, preserving their health and beauty?
Choose safe hair accessories and combs made of natural materials.
Wash your hair very carefully, clean, not hot water, choose soft and safe organic or home shampoos and balms.
Never comb wet hair, do not rub with a towel, but do not touch them at all.
Protect hair from hot sun and cold. If the tips are cut, cut them with hot scissors. Masks for split hair - oil, kefir and others by reference.

Strengthen your Hair and fight with Loss

Elongation of hair and increase in their weight leads to increased pressure on the roots of the hair, so it is very important to strengthen hair, otherwise massive hair loss may begin.

Hair loss is often associated with stress, accumulated fatigue from the rabid rhythm of life. Relaxing, meditating and enjoying life will solve many of your problems, not just hair loss, and turn you to your femininity and harmony.

Also to strengthen hair is good Scalp Massage with the help of fingers. Do a head massage daily, carefully, you can with basic (burdock, castor) and essential oils, with sea salt.

From hair loss regular masks with colorless henna, aloe, tincture of red pepper, with onions will help (recipes of masks are presented in the article - Home Masks Against Hair Loss.

Acceleration of Hair Growth

When you have solved the problems of your hair and created favorable conditions for their growth, you can accelerate hair growth to 2-2.5 cm per month due to increased blood supply to the scalp. Inflow of blood to the scalp strengthens the nutrition of the hair follicles and stimulates the growth of new hairs.

The blood circulation in the scalp is strengthened by the massage, mentioned above, and the masks are mustard, with a tincture of red pepper, cinnamon, onion, ginger, nicotinic acid. Rinse hair with a decoction of nettle, chamomile or burdock root, but preferably not immediately after washing, but when the hair dries.

With such a comprehensive and large-scale hair care, you can achieve the maximum given to you by nature - the fastest hair growth, maximum length and thickness. However, this requires certain efforts and systemativeness - at least for a fairly long period of time, until you approach the desired length.

To share your ideas, how to grow long hair - welcome to the comments!