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Today we will know about the oily hair home remedies, greasy hair shampoo and how to keep hair from getting greasy overnight. Owners of fatty hair do not envy. The main and only indicator by which you can classify your hair as a fatty type is the need to wash your head almost daily or every other day. Oily hair is given to us by nature, the fatty hair is caused by the increased activity of the sebaceous glands of the skin and it is not in our power to change it.

But this has its pluses - oily skin stays young and radiant longer, and greasy hair is often healthier and more beautiful than dry ones - they are better supplied with nutrients and are better protected from aggressive environmental influences, and therefore less split.

In addition, they allow you to safely use many masks and care products. In our own power to provide them with the appropriate gentle care.

Why do Hair Become Fat?

Probably, most happy owners of fatty hair will confirm that the hair has become fat during adolescence, during puberty. After all, during this difficult period of hormonal changes in the body, the level of testosterone and sensitivity to it increases, which causes such phenomena as oily skin with acne and greasy hair.

Hair can become more fat and as a result of other causes leading to hormonal failures in the body - pregnancy and menopause, stress and nervous overload, diseases of the endocrine and digestive systems, unbalanced nutrition. Well, do not forget about the genetic predisposition to increased fat content of hair, which is passed on to us by inheritance.
How to Keep Hair from Getting Greasy Overnight
But for a start - why do you need sebum? The sebaceous glands are next to the hair follicles. The fat that separates them firstly cleans the hair follicles, secondly, spreads all over the hair, enveloping it with a protective film, giving the hair elasticity, shine, moisturizing and nourishing substances.

In the case of hypersecretion, the activity of the sebaceous glands is so great that the hair becomes dirty after a few hours after washing, causing fatty dandruff , severe itching and scratching, thinning and hair loss.

If you have Oily Hair, What Should I do?

  • The activity of the sebaceous glands has a direct effect on nutrition, namely, the consumption of a large number of fatty glands. sweet, sharp, fried and flour dishes. By minimizing their number in your diet, you will not only improve the appearance of your hair, but also strengthen your health in general, feel better health, and of course, build it.
  • Let your food be rational, full, balanced, rich in vitamins and minerals. Choose vitamin-mineral complexes and dietary supplements.
  • For the health of hair, it is important not only food, but the use of a sufficient amount of liquid. If you are serious about fighting for the beauty of your hair and health in general, drink at least 2 liters of clean water a day.
  • The emphasis should be on gentle, gentle care, should be minimized irritation of the scalp, provoking salivation. For example, increased sebum secretion causes scalp massage or strengthened combing of hair. In the same way, hot water acts, so the hair needs to be washed with warm or cool water.
  • Irritating to the scalp and drying hair with a hair dryer, especially with styling products. If you need to dry your hair with a hairdryer, try not to direct a jet of hot air to your scalp, or use a cold blow. Styling products can be prepared at home , read also how to curl hair at home without the use of styling.
  • When using the balm, do not apply it to the roots of the hair, retreat 10 cm from the roots and spread throughout the rest of the hair. Read the articles in the Hair Masks Page >>>
  • As a "method" of combating fatty hair, sometimes it is recommended to do chemical perm. This, of course, is a completely barbarous way, which does not heal, but cripples the hair.

Masks for Oily Hair

To care for oily hair are good oil masks. Most suitable for this purpose are light base oils such as grape seed oil, macadamia, jojoba oil, almond oil, sesame oil. Of the essential oils, tea tree oil, eucalyptus, mint, lemon, cedar, sage, lemon balm, pine, cypress will suit.

Also, the scalp drains henna, which you can dye your hair, and colorless henna is used in the form of masks and for washing your head. Dry hair and green clay . It is good to wipe fatty skin with alcohol-containing products and tinctures on vodka, for example, tincture of marigold or parsley.

Of the decoctions of herbs for rinsing fatty hair, St. John's wort, nettle, mother-and-stepmother, plantain, linden, bark of oak will suit.

For the treatment of very oily scalp and dandruff, Sulsen paste 2% is used successfully , alone or in combination with shampoo.

Choice of Shampoo

Serious consideration should be given to choosing a shampoo. Most likely, ordinary shampoos from the mass market, even for oily hair, will not work. Such shampoos for oily hair are rather aggressive and can not be used daily, and shampoos with SLS cause hair to get dirty quickly.

Choose a shampoo from a professional series or from organic cosmetics, and best of all do the shampoo yourself, for example, dry shampoo from mustard powder and herbs will give a stunning result even without balm. If you use shampoo regularly, pick up a mild shampoo for greasy hair or shampoo for normal hair.

With a successful selection of suitable shampoo for you, its effect can really be noticeable and hair washing can be reduced to once in three days, but as a rule, these are expensive shampoos not the most advertised brands. If your hair is long, and the tips are normal or dry, then with daily washing, try to apply shampoo only to the roots of the hair. Do not use shampoos with silicones!

Once in 1-2 weeks, you can use shampoo for deep cleansing of the scalp, or do scalp peeling.

Some people manage to achieve a reduction in the fatness of the scalp due to as little as possible a wash that "accustoms" the skin to secrete less sebum. Of course, not everyone can walk for a few days with dirty hair, but this method has a place to be.

I hope this article was useful for you, and if you have oily hair, what you do now is understandable. It is necessary to get rid of many habits - to eat incorrectly, to do packing with the help of a hair dryer and styling means, to wash your hair than it is necessary. But these measures will not only help to reduce excessive fatty hair, because in addition you can be proud of long, beautiful, shiny hair!