How to keep HAIR Healthy and Strong ? The Secret !!

Today we are going to discuss How to keep Hair Healthy and Strong? Hair health in many ways depends on the general health of the body. If you want to maintain healthy hair for a long time, some other factors should be taken into consideration, such as choosing a headdress, etc. As for the  headgear, then listen to the following tips. Part with hats. Headgear worn only on cold winter and windy days. The best headwear for such days is a light woolen (knitted) cap. Develop a reflex: entering any closed room - transport, shops, - instantly remove it. Caps and hats in the summer and heavy winter hats, undermine the health of the hair.

Hair health is directly related to the health of the scalp. The scalp should breathe freely and have a normal heat exchange. Gradually harden it, do not hide it from rain and snow (unless there is a strong frost or piercing wind).

If you feel unaccustomed to the head freezing (spasm of cutaneous vessels), massage intensively, rub your fingers harder - the vessels of the head expand, this procedure positively affects the health of the hair.

If you move intensively in the cold, your uncovered head will not freeze; but see by experience, in any case, it is not worth overcooling your head.

A positive effect on the health of the hair is a hot morning sun. In the possibility of substituting hair under the rays, but carefully, without overheating!
How to keep HAIR Healthy and Strong
Nevertheless, you need to be very attentive to the advice to walk with your head uncovered. Overdo it is very easy, and the consequences can affect not only the health of the hair. Therefore, with unaccustomed use in cold weather, it is better to periodically remove the headdress, giving the opportunity to breathe the scalp, and just feel that it freezes - put on the hat again.

In the hot season it is not worthwhile to set your head on an unnecessarily long time for the scorching rays of the sun. A short irradiation of the head with sun rays and no more.

It is believed that a positive effect on the health of the hair has a warm rain and fog. They get silky and elastic from this. Therefore, on such days you can put your head to their beneficial effects.

How to keep Hair Healthy and Strong

How to keep hair healthy ? To give an unambiguous and exhaustive answer to this question will not be able to any doctor-trichologist . Choosing "clothes" for the head, try to ensure that it is not too tight. Especially it concerns winter hats.

A tight or very heavy hat like a steel hoop compresses blood vessels or presses on the head, thus reducing the flow of blood to the scalp, which leads to weakening and further inhibition of the hair follicles .

The negative influence is rendered by linings, hairpieces and wigs, which seal the skin and hair, thus hampering their ventilation and heat transfer.

To keep your hair healthy, do not always wear headgear, a wig or a hairpiece. This leads to lack of air access and overheating, which in turn causes a "greenhouse effect" and increased sweating and secretion of the secretion of the sebaceous gland . And this helps to worsen the nutrition of the scalp and can lead to increased greasiness of the hair.

For this reason, do not wear a wig every day and wear it for more than 3-8 hours.

After removing the wig, the hair needs to be carefully combed, preferably with a brush, and leave it loose. This will facilitate air access to the scalp.

Can have an adverse effect on hair perm, frequent coloration or discoloration, if they are produced without taking into account the condition of the hair. The use of cosmetic products intended for "hair servicing" - their coloring, discoloration, straightening, etc., is not always beneficial for the health of hair.

Probably, only people who are excessively preoccupied with their image and its creation can afford to get involved, for example, with preparations designed to discolor hair. And, as a rule, with sad consequences for themselves. It can not be said that with the use of such drugs, hair growth is inevitably worsened, although often it happens, but that the quality of their rods is falling is, undoubtedly. Hair rods look faded, twisted, hair does not lie well, etc.

When forming a hairdo, hair tension should be avoided, which worsens the blood supply and can lead to partial baldness (for example, there called "Greenland baldness"). Similarly, baldness, even in young girls, is facilitated by hair pulling with hairpins and hairpins, winding on curlers, combing into the ponytail or tight locks.

To avoid such consequences, long hair should be worn as much as possible, especially at home. This will contribute to good ventilation of the scalp, which in turn will preserve the health of the hair.

The state of health of hair is closely connected with the general health of the whole organism. Therefore, adherence to the hygienic regime in its broadest sense has a very great significance for the prevention of hair diseases. A reasonable combination of labor and rest with the use of natural factors plays a role, regular and regular nutrition, the intake of Vitamins for the hair , and the occupation of physical culture.