How to Make Hair Soft Shiny Silky at Home with Super Mask

How to make hair soft, shiny, silky at home? Yes, you can do it using homemade hair mask. Do you have lifeless hair of an indistinct, faded color that does not fit well in your hair and hard to the touch?Do not worry, it's easy to help such a disaster with the help of natural remedies, many of which are found in every home. You just need to prepare a special mask. In this situation, it will work like a real miracle, a tool that can quickly resuscitate your curls.

What do you need for a Mask?

The ingredients are few, and they are all available, this is:
  • Gelatin.
  • Natural honey.
  • Herbs (chamomile, mint, nettle).
  • Vegetable oil (olive, linseed, sea-buckthorn).
  • Essential oil of lavender.

How to make a mask?

First you need to make a herbal decoction. Consider that the daisy makes the hair a little lighter, gives them a slightly golden hue, so for dark strands it is better to take nettles or mint. To prepare the broth, boil 2 cups of liquid, throw a few pinch of grass, hold it on the fire for a few minutes and cool. If there are no herbs, simple water can be used to make this mask.

Then take 2 tablespoons of regular or instant gelatin and dissolve them in the cooled decoction of herbs. To speed up the process, you can preheat gelatin in a water bath. When the mixture becomes homogeneous, it must be cooled.
How to Make Hair Soft, Shiny, Silky at Home with Super Mask
The next ingredient is honey. The amount depends on how soft your hair will become. Therefore, add at least two spoons. Then you can pour a spoonful of vegetable oil into the total mass. To give a rusty hint, the sea buckthorn is a good choice. This component is not necessary, but for fatty hair it can generally be skipped. If your hair is prone to be quickly greased, then dry the scalp will help a couple of drops of essential oil of lavender, which you need to add to the mask being prepared.

How to apply?

When the mass cools down, it will become thicker, and it can be applied to the hair. Strand the strand neatly cover them with gelatinous composition. Leave the mask for half an hour, and even better hold it on your hair for 2 hours. You can do sports with her, do cleaning, rest. A jar with the remains of a mask can be placed in the refrigerator and used 1-2 times more. In the cooled form, the mass will become thick, so before it is applied it is a bit mild.

Wash off the mask with warm water, after which the hair should be washed with organic shampoo (or the one that you have).

Stunning effect!

After using this mask three times a day, you will see how much better your hair has become. Their appearance will be transformed: the dryness of the tips, the faint color and the fragility of the strands will disappear.

Gelatin-honey mask is very useful for hair after visiting summer resorts, where the salty sea and the bright sun just mercilessly spoil our curls. Try it, and you will be convinced of it.