How to Prevent HAIR LOSS for Men =>Updated<=

How to Prevent Hair Loss for Men - The following instructions are effective not only for men but also for women.There are thousands of methods and tools for the treatment and strengthening of hair. But you know that it is easier to prevent any disease than after a long time and not always successfully treated. The leading role in the prevention of hair loss is proper and regular care for them.

Purity of Hair

The main factor in preventing baldness is purity. After all, if the infection gets inside the hair follicles, it will only increase the risk of developing the disease. Therefore, the head should always be kept clean, and it should be washed with quality shampoos that match your hair type.

Types of Hair

Hair is divided into fatty, normal and dry. It is best if you have normal hair. With them, the least trouble, and no special care for them is not required.

Dry hair is too fragile, they split, sensitive to weather changes. People who have a dry type of hair often suffer from dandruff. It is advisable to use special means for this type of hair.

Oily hair can be recognized by a dim gloss, which appears very soon after washing. With them, the most problems: they stick together, always seem dirty. People with this type of hair need to pay special attention to head hygiene and caring for their hair.

But there is also a mixed type - it can be a hair of any length, which at the base of fat, and at the tips of dry. This imbalance is due to the fact that sebaceous glands are hyperactive, and the hair itself is dried up by frequent hot styling, spoiled by staining, chemical wave or poor-quality cosmetics.

Than wash hair?

Regardless of your type of hair, wash them with only good shampoos, and in no case soap. The hair has a special protective film, and soap destroys it with its aggressive composition, and this affects not only the health of the hair, but also their appearance. Now there are a lot of shampoos, so you should choose the kind of product that suits your hair type.
How to Prevent HAIR LOSS for Men
If the shampoo bought delivers some discomfort, then it needs to be changed. But if he completely suits you, then do not take risks, stop on him. Frequent experiments with shampoos can badly affect the hair. In case of dryness, brittleness, split ends, propensity to puff and accumulation of static electricity, it is recommended after washing the hair to use conditioner, balm-conditioner or spray to facilitate combing.

Frequency of washing hair

One can not say for sure how often hair should be washed, since for each person this question is individual. But one thing is for certain: you should wash your head as often as necessary. If you use hair styling products every day, it is advisable to wash them daily. And if you do not load your hair with makeup, and it looks neat for 2-5 days after washing, then hygienic procedures should not be avoided, because the more often you wash your hair, the faster your hair will get dirty. And this is due not so much to the specifics of the chemical composition of shampoos as to the natural reaction of the sebaceous glands to degreasing - they will seek to compensate for the lack of sebum.

Temperature of water for Washing Hair

To wash a head follows warm, but not hot water. The optimum temperature is 36-42 degrees. If you have oily hair, then wash them with as much cool water as possible, because the heat causes the sebaceous glands to secrete even more fat. Owners of any type of hair can be advised to reduce the temperature of water at the end of washing, as cool rinsing gives shine and reduces the effect of puffing.

Drying Hair

Most people dry their hair with a hairdryer, as this is fast and convenient. But experts say that it is extremely undesirable to constantly subject your hair to such stress. It is best to simply wipe your hair and wait until they dry. But if your hair-dress requires a hairdryer, then it is recommended that at the end of the drying process, the hair be chilled with cold air for cooling and final fixation.

Hair Combing

Proper combing of hair is quite important for their beauty and health. It improves blood circulation, promotes a uniform distribution of sebum from the roots to the tips.

Use a wooden or plastic comb or a massage brush made of natural bristles. But never use metal combs, as they can easily damage your hair and scalp. Also, when choosing a comb, pay attention to how the teeth are located. At a qualitative comb they are planted not too close and are not inclined at an angle.

If you brush your hair after bathing, you first need to gently divide them into strands of comb with wide teeth, and then brush with a brush. If you follow this sequence, you will damage your hair and prevent them from getting tangled.


A beautiful hairstyle is one of the foundations of beauty. But, unfortunately, often modern methods of creating beautiful stylings have a bad effect on hair health. Regular staining, curling and the use of chemical agents for hair styling leads to a deterioration in their condition. Therefore, if you often use mousses, gels and varnishes, then do not forget about prevention. For example, if you constantly dye or mellow your hair, then apply a special shampoo for colored hair. This will prevent rapid color washout.

Hair Care

Every time spring comes, and it's time to shoot these awkward, cumbersome caps, many people have a new problem - dandruff. Do you begin to wonder why it took in the winter? Dandruff appears in the cold season due to the fact that we wear hats and do not let our heads breathe, plus all the winter heating works in the houses, and the humidity is very low. Affects also the lack of vitamins, overwork, colds, stress and much more.

To diseases of the scalp - dandruff, seborrhea, alopecia - must be treated very seriously. In this case, there is no way to help us with waste, even the most expensive ones. It is necessary to treat hair care as a complex, and not as a wash of the head once a day with shampoo against dandruff. If after winter you have lost a lot of nutrients, and your hair has become completely lifeless, just help them - review the diet, check with a doctor and if necessary, drink a course of multivitamins.