How to Stop HAIR LOSS Men and Women =>Updated<=

Article about the real cause of hair loss and how to stop hair loss for both men and women. Seven out of ten men and one in five women have problems with thinning the scalp. The good news is that this process can be stopped. Have you noticed that your hair is becoming less frequent? There are many reasons, from hormonal imbalance to illness. Nevertheless, in almost all cases, effective counteraction can be found.

Hair Loss in Women

Hair loss in women corresponds to the process of baldness in men. "This usually happens after puberty," says surgeon transplant from Sydney, Dr. Russell Knudsen. "In most cases, this is the thinning of the scalp's upper skull, but the process can also spread to lower areas.

This is an absent-minded loss of hair: the skin does not become completely naked, it's just that its hair is gradually thinning. "

The most common cause is a genetic predisposition, triggering the process of overproduction of testosterone, says Knudsen.

Primary treatment begins with a medical prescription that blocks androgen receptors and prevents the binding of testosterone to them.

"Then we prescribe the use of minoxidil, which stimulates the growth of new hair," says Knudsen. "For women, transplantation is possible if the hair of the lower part of the skull is healthy enough."
How to Stop HAIR LOSS Men and Women
Thyroid Status:- A low level of thyroid activity can cause thinning of the hair throughout the entire skull, Knudsen says. "The process becomes reversible with appropriate treatment of the thyroid gland. In this case, you can also use minoxidil, which compresses the scalp throughout the body. When the hair grows larger, women need to wax depilation, but many believe that this is the normal price of salvage from hair loss on the head. "

Lack of Iron:- "Lack of iron (anemia) is the common cause of hair thinning in women, because their menstrual cycle compromises the supply of this substance in the body. Once again, everything can be settled by treating the insufficiency itself" - says Knudsen.

Vegetarians should closely monitor the level of iron in the body, ensuring a reliable supply of it from green leafy vegetables, such as broccoli and Peking cabbage. Consumption of vitamin C together with iron increases the level of absorption of the latter.

Scarring:-  Hair loss due to scarring occurs when the inflammatory process kills the hair follicles. "It is inflammation that is responsible for the destruction of the scalp. After the process is deactivated, we can perform a surgical intervention."

Alopecia Areata:- Doctors consider it an autoimmune condition in which the body "turns off" (tearing away) the hair follicles. "Ultimately, a person loses all his hair. There are three levels of this state. At the first level, small areas of the hair cover disappear, on the second one there is hair loss of the head, and on the third one there is a whole body," - says Knudsen.

You can apply the treatment with steroids, but it does not always work, and the side effects can be quite serious. Fortunately, on average only one percent of the population suffers from alopecia.

Hormones:- Women who have just given birth to a child can lose their hair.

"During pregnancy, a high level of estrogen increases the phase of hair growth. By the end of the pregnancy period, the hair is in excellent condition, but as soon as the baby is born, hormonal activity changes, which causes hair loss," -says Knudsen.

Especially worry about this is not worth it, as the growth cycle is restored in the interval from three months to 2 years.

Physical influence:- "High-temperature appliances such as hair dryers, straighteners and curling irons can burn and damage hair if they are abused or misused," says Australian stylist David Keogh.

"Chemical processes like bleaching also often cause damage to the hair."

It is necessary to shorten the time of procedures for thermal and chemical effects. It is also recommended to take a course of moisturizing and firming hair therapy.

Aging:- "The older you get, the less healthy hair remains on your head," says Knudsen. "Everything starts at the age of 25 years. Very rarely it happens that a man in 25 years has the same hair as in 25. There's nothing to be done, so the human body works. "

He says that hair thinning can be treated with medication and laser therapy.

Hair Loss in Men

Among men this is a very common phenomenon- says Knudsen.
"The cause of the phenomenon that begins to manifest after reaching puberty, lies in genetics. The best treatment is the timely determination of the process and the taking of appropriate medications. Sometimes hair transplantation may be necessary. "

Laser Therapy:- Low-power laser therapy in the form of a hood can start the process of hair growth, says Knudsen. "It stimulates the production of energy by mitochondria (the cellular level), making the hair follicles more productive." The laser cap can be used at home (wearing for 60 minutes every second day).