How to Strengthen HAIR: Masks, Shampoos, Vitamins, Home Remedies

Today I am going to give answer of some questions about how to strengthen hair. This article is decorated as a question answer pattern for the benefit of our users.Q : The first question is what is hair strengthening and what is it aimed at?Ans: It's not a secret for anyone that the hair (the visible part of it that we comb, mine and weave) is a derivative of the hair follicle. The condition of the hair, its structure and appearance in general, depend on the health of the hair follicle.

Healthy follicles produce full, sturdy hair. If the follicle is not healthy for some reason, naturally the hair will be faded, brittle, and bruised.

Strengthening of hair, first of all is directed to work with hair follicles, on their improvement, since only healthy follicles are able to produce full, strong and healthy hair.

Q : Probably, with the brittleness of the hair, women are more likely to encounter women and, judging by the comments in various forums, in most cases this occurs during pregnancy or after the birth. Therefore, such a question - how to strengthen the hair after childbirth?

Ans: Certainly, pregnancy and childbirth affect many aspects of a woman's life and hair in particular. To give advice on strengthening hair, you first need to understand - which provoked their fragility or even loss.
How to Strengthen HAIR
If, apart from the fragility of the hair, fragility of the nails is observed, the problems with the teeth are, most likely, a metabolic disorder and, as a consequence, a poor production of trace elements (calcium in particular). In this case, for the purpose of strengthening the hair, preparations containing vitamin complexes are prescribed + parallel treatment is performed with the gastroenterologist for the normalization of metabolism (as the root cause of the problem).

Another factor that affects the weakness and thinning of the hair after pregnancy is hormonal imbalance. After childbirth, hormonal changes take place in the body, this process negatively affects the hair follicles. In this case, drugs are used to normalize the life cycle of the hair (so that the hair grows fully without falling out ahead of time), and also the means that reduce the sensitivity of the hair follicle to hormones.

But, in order to give concrete recommendations, a survey should be carried out initially.

Q : And why do hair become brittle, speaking more broadly - spoil people after irradiation and chemotherapy? Is it also associated with damage to the hair follicle? And how in this case it is possible to strengthen hair?

Ans :- Irradiation and chemotherapy - in general, quite an aggressive effect on the entire body, one way or another all cells of the body and hair follicles are damaged here is no exception. Under the influence of chemistry and irradiation, the hair follicles are destroyed, as a result - the hair becomes thinner, spoiled and fractured. In severe cases, they can completely disappear.

Any action to improve the follicle in this case can be carried out only after the end of the course of irradiation, as long as this pathogenic effect on the body turns out, all attempts to resuscitate the hair will be futile.

Q : Among the people there is such an opinion that to strengthen the hair and get rid of their fragility they need to cut. Is it so?

Ans:- No, of course, the haircut does not solve the problem of brittleness and hair loss. Hair, as I said - the derivative of the hair follicle, therefore - what you will do with the hair - shave, cut, color, the condition of the hair follicle will not be affected in any way. It's like drinking an anesthetic in the hope that the tooth, having ceased to hurt, will become healthier.

If the hair is brittle during pregnancy or breastfeeding (when full treatment can not yet be performed), or during the period when a person undergoes irradiation and chemotherapy courses, in this case - yes, hair is better cut off, thus temporarily veiling the problem until there is no way to start a full-fledged treatment.

Q : On forums on the Internet quite often discuss natural remedies for strengthening hair? In particular, hair strengthening with henna, onion, mustard, nettle, burdock and even chicken eggs is discussed. Are there any effective and safe natural recipes that a person can use at home?

Ans:- All these natural methods are designed, at best, to "bring the marathon", i.e. improve the condition of the hair, but do not solve the problem at the root. If a person, for example, hair deteriorated due to metabolic disorders or because of hormonal failure, how in this case will help decoction of burdock root, nettle or chicken egg? From the application of natural methods, hormones or metabolism (the original cause as such) will not be resolved, and until the root cause of the problem with hair is resolved, one way or another will manifest itself.

Therefore, to apply natural methods, I as a doctor, strongly do not recommend. Since this is just a waste of time, and as time passes, the follicles are further destroyed, their further restoration may be already problematic, and sometimes even impossible! Therefore, if you plan to keep your hair, you should consult a doctor and as soon as possible!

Q : Still write a lot of reviews about shampoos to strengthen hair. What can you say - are there any effective shampoos that can help solve the problem?

Ans:- The basis and only function of any shampoo is cleaning the scalp and hair from sebum (fat). Yes, there are therapeutic shampoos on which it is written that they strengthen the hair, in part this is so. Shampoo can eliminate the fragility and cross-section of the hair at the level of the hair (rod) itself, but not solve the problem, i.e. not to eliminate the cause of their fragility and attendance.

As I said, answering the last question - if a person has hormonal failure, no shampoo hormone level will not lead to him. Yes, while a person uses any means for external strengthening of hair, the problem seems to "disappear". But this is an imaginary calmness, becausewhile a person heals himself with temporary cosmetic results, the disease progresses, which provoked damage to the hair, and this can be quite a serious disease

Q : And at the end of our conversation - are there any preventive measures that a person can use at home, for example - taking vitamins to strengthen hair?

Ans: Try to consume fruits and vegetables at the maximum during the season, "overdose" is not possible here. This will be an excellent preventive measure of problems with the hair. Hair is very "fond" of vitamins A (found in cottage cheese, garlic, in kalina), vitamins B6 and B12 (found in beans, nuts, fish, in chicken eggs) and, of course, vitamin E (found in spinach, peanuts, in sorrel, in a walnut). All these vitamins well strengthen the hair follicles, as a result, the structure of the hair will be strengthened.

Vitamins should be considered as prevention, and not as a way to solve an already existing problem. If the hair has already become brittle, if you notice a significant loss of hair, or in cases where the visible deterioration has already begun to appear, I can only advise - without wasting time,
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