How to Take Care of HAIR in Winter Naturally - HAIR Wash at Home

Hair wash and growth tips in winter - During the long winter, our hair is visibly tired and exhausted. Still - the cold and smog of city streets, temperature drops, reduced immunity, lack of sunlight and vitamins, frequent washing and stowing because of hats, central heating batteries ... There is more and more severe dehydration of the scalp, and the hair looks stale. They become more dry and lifeless, or compensatory become more greasy, quickly get dirty and again and again require washing and styling, which further dehydrates and damages the hair. What can we do to escape this vicious circle in the spring? Let's talk about hair restoration at home.

The washing up

To reduce the damage from frequent hair washing, use shampoos without sulphates that dry the skin, and silicones that create an airproof and caring products shiny film on your hair, choose organic or home shampoos.

In organic shampoos, sulphates are replaced by products of special treatment of oils (for example, coconut oil), which do not so richly foam, but they perfectly clean and moisturize hair without damaging, and silicones - with a resin called guar gum that you know from the composition of many foods. Using this shampoo, leave it on your hair for a few minutes and gently massage the scalp so that the active ingredients of the shampoo have time to exert their healing effects.

Try not to wash your hair every day. Hair is injured during washing, as well as with inevitable subsequent drying by a hair dryer and styling. If the hair gets dirty quickly, try a dry shampoo that absorbs excess fat, creates volume and is completely removed by combing. Minimize the use of a hairdryer and ironing.

Winter Hair Care

Use moisturizing conditioners, balms and masks. Try to put them "against the wool", that is, from the tips to the roots, as if rubbing the remedy under the scales of hair, so that the nutrients penetrated deeper. Rinse the hair thoroughly so that there is not a trace of shampoo or balm on them, so the hair will stay fresh for longer.
How to Take Care of HAIR in Winter Naturally - HAIR Wash at Home
An important condition for hair restoration at home is regular masks. Masks can be any, depending on the type of your hair, mask for dandruff or hair loss - it does not matter, the main thing is regularity.

The use of indelible products will give the hair a shine and a well-groomed appearance. However, do not overdo it with the amount - otherwise the hair will be heavy and look stale.

And finally - for the spring is characterized by seasonal hair loss . Regularly massage your scalp with your hands or comb, 30-60 minutes before washing your hair. Enrich the diet with vegetables, herbs, spices, berries, drink herbal teas. Make oil and warming masks (as, for example, masks with mustard, cinnamon, onions). Move more, do sports, avoid stress.