How to Take Care of Natural HAIR in the Summer

How to take care of natural hair in the summer - This season is the long-awaited time of the sun, summer dresses and hairstyles, holidays at sea. Hair in the summer as in the zone of increased attention - we often disband them and make styling and hairstyles, and require special attention, because they are exposed to such traumatic factors as sun, heat, ultraviolet, sea salt, frequent washing, chlorinated pool water. Therefore, we all notice that after the leave, the hair looks dull and sad and requires a haircut. What to do?

Let your hair look very impressive this summer with our simple and fast hairstyles , but let them  be protected and healthy at the same time!

First of all, do not forget to protect your hair from direct sunlight! Ultraviolet has a negative impact on both appearance and health of hair. The sun leads to dryness and brittleness of hair, fading, exhaustion - in this case you will be helped by means with protection from ultraviolet - shampoos, balms, sprays.

But they will not save you from heat stroke if you are in the sun for a long time, and also will not protect the skin in the parting area - it also burns, can peel off after that, and a severe burn can lead to local hair loss, which is very, very unpleasant .

Therefore, pick up your hat for the summer, which you will wear with pleasure, and protect your head from heat stroke, face skin - from premature aging, and hair - from the above problems.
How to Take Care of Natural HAIR in the Summer
If you stay in the sun for a long time without a headdress, then use products with SPF protection - shampoos, balms, hair varnishes. Let masks and balms contain chitosan, vitamins A, F and E, wheat proteins, almond proteins, flax seed extract.

There are also special sprays-oils that moisturize the hair and protect against ultraviolet radiation. Especially they are relevant for colored hair - use them before each exit to the street.

In summer, the hair can burn strongly, especially light. Infrared and ultraviolet curing destroys the structure of the hair, making them porous and loose, dry as a straw, ends are split, the natural protective coating of hairs is destroyed, due to this, the pigment contained in the hair is lost.

Interestingly, the darker the hair, the more pigment they contain and less burn. For the same reasons, it is not recommended to dye your hair in the summer and do chemical perm, otherwise you will have to take care of your hair very carefully.

When you are on vacation by the sea, the number of hair-traumatizing factors reaches its climax: the sun and ultraviolet do their work, the heat makes you wash your hair more often, washing away their natural protection, sea salt and chlorine from the pool, combined with the sun, turn the hair into straw. And entertainment and a pleasant pastime makes you forget about everything, including hair care.

Recommendations for hair care in summer

  • Protect hair from the sun with the help of a headdress.
  • Use cosmetics marked Sun and SPF - shampoo, balm, mask. sprays, hairspray.
  • Since hair has to be washed often, choose a mild shampoo. Applying a balm or mask after each wash is a must! Before entering the sun and after leaving the sea, use a protective hair spray. Every evening, wash off the sea salt from your hair when you are on vacation.
  • All hair care should prevent their dryness: moisturizing mask twice a week, rejection of hair dryer and ironing, plentiful drink. No hair coloring and perming!
  • Do not brush wet hair after washing or bathing, but long combing of dry hair will help distribute the protective grease along the entire length.
  • Twist your hair into braids or make other hairstyles when most of the hair is hidden from the sun's rays.
Take Pantenol on vacation with you - it not only helps with burns, but also is great for hair care and protection in the summer!