Is it Possible to Cut and DYE Hair during Pregnancy?

If a pregnant woman cuts your hair does it grow faster? and is it possible to cut and dye hair during pregnancy? are some common question from pregnant women. We already wrote about how anxiously our ancestors treated their hair. They were sheared only in exceptional cases. In the hair according to the legend lies our life force and protection from all evil. This is especially important for pregnant women. No wonder this superstition came to our times.

According to Ancient Indian science Ayurveda, female hair must also be necessarily long. The tradition of Indian women to carefully care for them is sacredly kept until now. The minimum length of hair should cover the heart chakra, that is, be shorter than the blades.

A pregnant woman is in a special position, can she cut her hair during pregnancy? And whether to dye hair during pregnancy? A review of historical facts, beliefs and rituals associated with hair read in the article The  mystical power of long hair in history  >>>

Should I cut my Hair During Pregnancy?

Many ladies in our time do not go on maternity leave and work until the last. And sometimes it is very important to maintain the appearance at a high level, including haircut, and hair color. A woman who believes in signs, then the situation may be unsolvable.
Is it Possible to Cut and DYE Hair during Pregnancy?
Cutting hair, pregnant women become not only more vulnerable themselves, but also harm their baby. However, if it is only about trimming the tips, then in this case you can cut hair during pregnancy. But there is still something to consider, especially if you are superstitious.

It also has the meaning:
  • who does a haircut - God forbid it will be a man with not very good energy, and even more envious or unkind.
  • when to go to the hairdresser  - moon day and day of the week (see Calendar hair cutting ).
  • what to do with stripped locks  - everyone knows that magic material is done for such biological material as hair.
It is very important to remain calm and have a good mood during pregnancy. If you need a haircut - whether it's work, a holiday, a photo session or just for a good mood - then go to the hairdresser, but act cautiously, at least do not change the haircut radically.

Whether to DYE Hair During Pregnancy?

On our site there is already an article that deals in detail with the harm of the chemical composition of paints ( Read here in Hair Facts Page). Despite all the statements about their safety, the studies nevertheless prove that they still enter the bloodstream through the skin and the respiratory tract.

Talk about the folk signs, too, do not have to, because the women were painted not so long ago. One need only mention that, according to esoteric teachings, a certain color of human hair gives it certain qualities and reflects its essence.

A cardinal change in the color of hair during a decree can change the set of subtle energies inherent in a woman, and in this sense affect a little man who completely and completely depends on the mother. If you still need to dye your hair during pregnancy, then observe a number of recommendations:
  • Use unstable, bezammiachnye paint. If possible, use henna and other natural dyes . But keep in mind that, due to changes in the hormonal background and metabolism, staining can give an unusual result.
  • Try replacing the dyeing procedure by highlighting, coloring or other more gentle procedure.
  • Try to still rarely paint your hair, it is advisable to avoid it in the early stages (the entire first trimester).
  • At the time of the procedure, wear a gauze dressing over your face to reduce the inhalation of fumes.
Observing all these tips, you can more easily color your hair during pregnancy. Read how to take care of hair during pregnancy >>>