Loss of Iron Causes HAIR LOSS

Today we discuss about the Iron Deficiency and Hair Loss. "Iron deficiency in humans is widespread, and it can lead to hair loss. The lack of this metal, leading to a weakening of the hair on the head, provokes certain problems. For example, the development of iron deficiency anemia. And this is also a bad concentration of attention, weakness and a sense of constant fatigue. This condition is usually associated with other diseases.

To avoid hair loss, in any case, you need to check the products for the presence of mineral constituents and the amount of iron. If your hair problems are only the result of an iron deficiency, the problem can be solved fairly quickly and hair growth will resume in the near future. "

Lose your hair just because the lack of iron? Is not it - is it stupid?

Full-fledged healthy hair people are used to consider, as an external sign of beauty and health.
What should I do first if my hair falls out?
First of all, it is important to find the cause of the problem and find out the nature of the disease.
One of these possible factors may be a lack of iron in the body. By conducting studies on which it would be possible to establish a correlation between iron deficiency and hair loss, you even before establishing typical symptoms such as fatigue and exhaustion, begin to eradicate the causes of pathology.

Think about the diet of iron in advance

Women should consume about 15 mg of iron per day and men 10 mg per day. Still it is necessary to take into account the daily loss of this element in the amount of 2 mg during the metabolic process of substances in the body. Therefore, iron should be in the amount of at least 12 mg should be included in the daily diet.
Iron Deficiency and Hair Loss
What do you need to eat?
A balanced diet of fresh, dark green salads and leafy vegetables is needed.
Unfortunately, not everyone likes green vegetables. Iron in the body supply nuts, seeds of oilseeds, meat.

People often avoid products rich in iron, or use it a little because of problems with digestion, which subsequently leads to the development of characteristic symptoms.

In menstrual periods or during pregnancy, the risk of iron deficiency in women is significantly increased.

Since iron deficiency is currently not so rare, and at the same time it is a possible cause of hair loss, laboratory tests of blood on the amount of iron at the first sign is an important preventive measure, both hair loss and the development of many diseases.

Levels of Iron Tests in Hair Loss

The normal level of iron in men is from 50 to 160 micrograms per deciliter of blood. In healthy women, the value varies between 50 and 150 micrograms per deciliter of blood. If the indicator is lower, we can talk about iron deficiency.

Nevertheless, the level of iron changes all the time depending on the time of day, so to obtain reliable results it is necessary to perform measurements of the highest level of ferritin per day.

Ferritin is a form of iron storage. Only this value can reveal the hidden "iron" deficit, while other metal values ​​are often still normal.
 Even the most insignificant lack of iron can cause hair loss.

Study of the problem of Iron Deficiency as a factor of Hair Loss

Dermatologists at the Cleveland Clinic (Ohio, USA) decided to find out how much iron deficiency and hair loss are related. Dr. Wilma Bergfeld was the scientific supervisor of the tests, which she told the public in the May issue of the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, published in 2006.

The scientific group has analyzed all the research publications of the last four decades on the matter of saturation of the body with iron. Conclusions published in the journal indicate that the tendency of problems with hair and iron deficiency persists. Just like it was before.

Researchers have reported that hair growth can be stimulated again if the necessary balance of iron elements is restored through diets or by using appropriate medications.

If iron Deficiency leads to Hair Loss

An analysis of ferritin can not only detect early forms of iron deficiency, including the risk of hair loss, but also determine the direction of their therapeutic recovery.

"If doctors immediately checked patients for iron deficiency, this would save many difficulties. Treatment would be more effective. Affected patients can be much faster to help direct hair growth in the right direction. We believe that iron deficiency is undoubtedly associated with many forms of hair loss. We also came to the conclusion that for the restoration of hair growth, much more iron reserves are needed than previously thought, "explained the head of research, Dr. Bergfeld.

To restore the Correct Balance of Iron - Remedies to Stop Hair Loss

Researchers came to an unambiguous conclusion that it is necessary to engage in the matter of balance of elements without fail. Immediate loss of hair of any kind can be stopped by adding iron to the daily diet.

The lack of iron necessary for the body can also have other fatal consequences. It is necessary to take into account the height, body weight, age of a person. Otherwise, the lack of elements creates a risk of developing cardiac disorders.

Therefore, if you suspect a lack of iron in connection with hair loss, consult your doctor. Let him determine your individual rate and examine the blood to determine the treatment algorithm. Only after the entire diagnostic complex of preliminary measures it makes sense to prescribe one or another appropriate preparation.

Think, first of all, about such types of iron that can be easily absorbed through the intestinal mucosa. Consult a doctor about each drug, how it will affect your digestive process.

In any case, changes in taste preferences, in the form and content of food should necessarily become an obligatory measure, if you plan to include in the daily diet enough iron to harmonize the processes in the gastrointestinal tract. That is, to restore in this way the general system of metabolism in the body due to the proper absorption of iron through the intestine.

Iron deficiency

Especially a lot of iron is in the meat, but not only. Dark green greens, salads and vegetables are also saturated with this element.

Eat every day green spinach, lettuce, lettuce, cabbage, Chinese cabbage, broccoli, rukola. Use vegetables in all variety, changing them depending on the season.

150 grams of spinach, for example, contains 5 mg of iron, which is about 50 percent of the daily needs of an adult. If you drink a glass of orange juice before consuming spinach, iron will digest better. The fact is that vitamin C promotes the assimilation of iron from plant products.

Avoid excessive consumption of coffee, black tea, cocoa and dairy products. They interfere with the normal absorption of iron through the intestinal mucosa.

Following our recommendations, you will see that not only your hair will become healthy, shiny and begin to grow rapidly, but also feel a new surge of energy for active physical and mental activity.

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