Lunar Calendar for HAIR CLIP - Haircut on days of the week

Haircut hair from ancient times was a real ritual, magical and full of meaning. Favorable or unfavorable day for a hairstyle influences not so much on health of hair, how many on state of health, a condition of a bio-field and well-being of the person. No wonder many people notice how sometimes, after a haircut, it makes it easier for the soul, and life gets better. And sometimes the haircut is unsuccessful, and the mood is at zero.

Approach the very haircut, and to choose the day for this you need very carefully. Orientation should be as the calendar of hair cutting, the lunar cycle, and on the days of the week. It is very important to choose the right hairdresser.

Hair cutting, affecting the biofield, is considered any shortening of hair more than 5 mm. Therefore, with the decline of power or the black strip in life, you can pick the right day and even the tips evenly symbolically to make things go smoothly.

Lunar calendar for Hair Clip

Knowing in what phase - growth or decrease - the moon is, you can affect the speed of hair growth. If you are growing your hair, you should always get a haircut on the growing moon. And if it is important for you to keep the look of your complex haircut longer, then choose days during the waning moon - then the growth of hair will slow down. Science has not yet found an explanation for this phenomenon, but this belief holds the minds to this day and does not lose its relevance.
Lunar Calendar for HAIR CLIP - Haircut on days of the week
However, note that every month the unfavorable days in the calendar of hair cutting are 9, 15, 23 and 29 lunar day. Shrinking on this day, you will lose a lot of energy, diseases and other troubles are possible. But to improve the financial situation you will help haircut on the 5th, 13th and 14th lunar day.

But irrespective of the phase of the moon, the days when the moon is in the signs of the Earth are always favorable for hair cutting: Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus. A haircut these days will strengthen hair, will make them dense and strong. It is not recommended to cut hair. when the moon is in Cancer or in Pisces.

Haircut on days of the week

Having decided on the phase of the lunar cycle, pay attention to the day of the week before recording to the barber.
  • On Monday, not only are any procedures for hair care favorable. On this day, you can most affect your life and destiny with a haircut. Haircut on Monday will help start a new stage of life, dropping all unnecessary and leaving problems behind.
  • Having tonsured on Tuesday, expect changes in life, pleasant variety and right decisions.
  • Grooming on Wednesday will bring you new friends, adventures and travel.
  • On Thursday, the haircut will help you strengthen your status, move up the career ladder, attract good luck.
  • On Friday, a new haircut will give you a special charm and attractiveness.
  • Saturday takes a special place in the calendar of hair cutting. On this day, with the help of a haircut, you strengthen your health, clear your biofield. Hair becomes healthier and more beautiful.
  • But on Sunday you should give up hairdressing services, otherwise you risk incurring trouble.
Believe or not believe in the hair clipping calendar - choose you. But maybe it will help you to improve your hair and affect your destiny.