How to Make a Stylish Tail for Long Medium or Short Hair

Here are the best hairstyles for women who have long, short or medium hair, to change their appearance every day! These hair sizes may seem constricting and not well suited to different hairstyles , but it does not. It all depends on the cut, because if it is well executed there are many short hairstyles that can be made.

How to make a nice tail for hair of different lengths? Surely this question was asked by every fashionista. The tail is a hairstyle that has already become classic. It has many variations. We tried to choose the best. Uncomplicated hairstyles for every day that can be performed in 5-10 minutes is an excellent option for those who do not want to waste precious time before leaving home for complex laying.
How to Make a Stylish Tail for Long Medium Short Hair

Stylish Tails for long Hair

Long hair is best suited to the pony tail. It has several styling options. To make a beautiful high tail for curly hair, straighten them beforehand with a special iron, and then comb with a natural nap brush. Such a hairbrush will fix the action of the ironing and give the strands a shine.

Classic ponytail:- To create a hairstyle you need straight straight hair, which in assembled form will emphasize the face oval and neck grace.

How to do:-
  • Prepare a brush, elastic, three hairpins in advance
  • Sweep your hair and collect on the top of their top, then pick the bottom and side strands
  • Holding them with your hand, fasten the hairpin to the tail and tie it not too tight. The second invisibility is fixed in the middle of the opposite first
  • Hold the locks behind the place of their attachment, gently comb them
  • Separating the thin strand, wrap it around the elastic band, fixing it with invisibility.
Voluminous ponytail:-How to: 
  • Divide the hair on the head with a horizontal parting
  • The upper part is arbitrarily tied with an elastic band, the lower part is disbanded
  • Comb with small teeth make a small front of the front. 
  • If necessary, re-bandage your hair
If the ponytail seems too boring or inappropriate for a particular occasion, try the following hairstyle options with a tail.
Stylish Tails for long Hair
Tail on the side:-
  • Prepare three transparent gums and a brush; 
  • Comb the hair and horizontal lines divide it into three equal parts; Tie a non-tailed tail from the upper strands and turn it out; 
  • Repeat the same with the middle and lower strands, each time grabbing the hair that has remained from the previous tails; 
  • At the end, twist them with a curling plate and sprinkle the entire unit with varnish
Tail with a bow:-
  • Collect the hair in the usual tail;
  • Hide the place of collection of locks with a thin strand and fasten its tip with invisibility;
  • Separate a fourth of the strands, twist them in a loop and fasten with a thin band;
  • Try to divide this loop into 2 equal parts to make a heart; Using the pins, attach both parts to the elastic band. Now the bow must appear;
  • Separate the thin string and, passing it under the elastic, wind the bottom of the bow.

Variants of Tails on Medium Hair

Hairdressers offer several options for styling, designed specifically for medium hair
Volumetric high tail:- How to:
  • Separate the strands from the overhead part of the head and give them a small comb;
  • Lateral curls fasten invisible on the back of the head;
  • A little wet hair and comb it with a combed hair - this will give her tidiness;
  • Collect the entire shovel into the high tail and tie it; 
  • Treat it with varnish to fix the volume
Careless tail with cocks:- Such a hairstyle is performed only on clean hair with even color. Otherwise, the tail will look untidy and open the unpainted roots
How to do:-
  • Carefully comb the washed strands with a brush with natural bristles
  • Holding one hand all the head of hear, the second a little poddente a few locks - this will be your "roosters".They should be over the entire head and not close to the crown
  • To make the strands natural, lightly flip them with your fingers
  • The height of fixing the head of hear you choose; Knotting or stamping strands, make sure that the "roosters" do not stretch with the bulk of the hair
  • Carefully comb the resulting hair; Lightly work on the lacquer
Stylish Tails for Medium Hair
Tail without gum:- Stacking technique
  • Carefully comb hair
  • Separate the upper strands with a horizontal parting and divide in the middle in half
  • Then put them on top of each other and secure with two invisible ones - the hairpins should be placed side by side and vertically
  • Do the same with the lower strands
  • Throw the remaining locks on one side, separate a thin strand from the bottom and tightly wrap them around it. Secure the result with several invisible objects
  • Correct hair and give it light carelessness. For reliability, treat your hairdo with a varnish
Tail "criss-cross":- Technique of execution: 
  • Comb your hair
  • Before you tie the tail, separate two side strands on each side
  • Cross the upper strands and kill with invisibility. Repeat the same with the bottom
  • Everything, the original hairstyle is ready

How to make a Tail on Short Hair

A short haircut is not yet an excuse to give up the beloved styling. Stylists offer several options for creating a hairstyle.
  • Comb the strands back and divide them in half
  • Tie the hair with a knot. To make it bulky, pull the upper strand a little
  • Now make a second knot on the head of hair and fasten it with a transparent rubber band
Stylish Tails for Short Hair
Tail with a scythe:- Such a styling will help to securely fasten the short locks
  • Divide the curls with the side parting from the temple to the temple
  • The long part of the braid is not too tight oblique
  • Collect the hair and tie it

 Stylish Tails with Fleece

Do not need to be a professional hairdresser to make a stylish styling with a fleece.
Classic tail with fleece:-
  • Strands can wind or leave even
  • Separate the upper strand in the middle of the head and scratch it at the roots
  • Tie the strands of elastic band
Low tail with fleece:-
From the vertex, separate a part of the curls, brush them with a comb and carefully place them
  • Collect the hair on the back of your head with a tight elastic band
  • With a hand, lift the hair slightly and carefully brush it with a brush
  • Separate the thin strand and wrap it with the place of joining the curls
  • The ends can be twisted
 Stylish Tails with Fleece
Tail with fleece on the side:-
  • Slightly brush the upper strands on the head and sprinkle them with varnish
  • From the right temple, separate some hair and braid them in a braid. It should go horizontally to the left temple. The braid should be free and have a slightly shabby appearance
  • The remaining strands comb and gather from the side into the low tail
  • Screw the ends of the fuse and fix the lacquer
Strict tail with fleece:-
  • Treat hair with mousse or foam for styling
  • Divide them side by side into 2 parts; On the vertex, separate one wide strand and comb it
  • At the back of your head, you collect hair in a tight tail
  • Brush smooth all the irregularities
  • You band the elastic band with a thin prick and fix it with invisibility
Helpful Tips:-
  • To remove all the irregularities and knocking out strands, wet the hairbrush and pass it through the hair from the roots to the gum. It is better to use brushes with natural bristles; 
  • If you do your hair yourself, tilt your head forward - so it is easier and faster to collect all the strands; 
  • Use fixing hairdressing aids for styling
Hope today's article will help you to to make a stylish tail for long,  medium or short Hair.