Masks for Hair Growth: 10 Steps on the way to Luxurious Curls

Why is it so important to use masks for hair growth from familiar home remedies? Natural products and inexpensive pharmacy products - the components of such masks - give maximum benefit to our curls, not burdening the family or personal budget. Improvement of the follicles (hair roots) and nutrition occurs due to abundant blood supply to the scalp. Massaging it during the application of a home cosmetic for hair growth, we additionally stimulate the flow of blood. It contains nutrients for hair growth, vitamins and oxygen, so necessary for hair follicles.

What kinds of Masks for Hair Growth Exist?

Conditionally these hair care products can be divided into two types:
  • Stimulating micro circulation of blood in the skin of the scalp. Ingredients of these masks, as a rule, have a warming, irritating effect, which leads to increased nutrition of the follicles, which in turn leads to an acceleration in the growth of keratin rods;
  • Nourishing hair along the entire length and scalp. The ingredients of these masks make the hair healthier, stronger and stronger. The ends of the hair after using these masks do not split, and the hair itself becomes elastic, strong and shiny.
Several "chips" that help increase the effectiveness of home masks that enhance hair growth:
  • The use of warm ingredients (for example, base oils) and a warm towel enhances the effectiveness of nourishing masks (but not stimulating, and without that heating, the skin);
  • The longer the ingredients of the masks are on the surface of the skin and hair, the more nutrients their follicles will receive and the higher the effect of such masks;
  • When applying the mask, during combing, and also in the shower, under water, washing off the remnants of a natural hair growth agent, it is necessary to massage for at least 3-4 minutes. This speeds up local blood circulation and enhances the effect of the procedure;
  • To cleanse the scalp and hair from the remnants of the mask, it is better to use shampoo and balm, designed for hair growth. You can also use soft baby or vegetable shampoos;
  • To cleanse the scalp from various harmful components of modern care products (surfactants, silicones and others), clogging the pores of the skin, it is necessary to use a mask-scrub from fine iodized or sea salt once every 7-15 days. Microgranules of this substance (50-70 g) are combined with 10 ml of almond and with the same amount of olive oil. Instead of almond, you can include in the mask mask wheat germ oil, burdock oil, stimulating hair growth. Apply a uniform salt mass to the scalp, dividing the hair along the perforations. Cover your head with a cellophane cap and a warm towel. Keep the oil-salt mixture should not more than 10-20 minutes, and as soon as itching and thermal effect, it is necessary to wash off the scrub mask. The salt has a wonderful cleansing, warming and antiseptic effect. Such cleaning of the scalp leads to the improvement of the dermis and the growth of strong and strong hair. People with dry and sensitive skin can in this recipe, instead of half the amount of salt, use the thick of coffee drunk the day before;
  • Stimulating masks for strengthening and growth of hair to girls with a fat type of a skin it is possible to do or make no more often, than 1 time in 7 days, with a dry type - 1 time in 14-15 days. Increase the effectiveness of hair care can be, alternating stimulating and nourishing masks, the latter of which can be used much more often, 1 time in 3-7 days.

What can be used to prepare activators for hair growth?

To restore the density of your curls you can use:
  • Food products - mustard, cinnamon, red hot pepper, ginger (crushed fresh root or powder), onion juice. Cognac, vodka or pharmacy tinctures (pepper, aloe and others) are undesirable ingredients in masks for hair growth, despite their long-standing popularity. Cosmetologists warn that they can cause skin burns.
  • Base cosmetic oils - olive, peach, coconut, castor, burdock, almond, apricot, jojoba and argan.
  • Aromamasel- rosemary, cinnamon, ylang-ylang, clove, lavender, sage, bergamot, citrus (lemon, grapefruit, mandarin extract);
  • Herbs are calendula, nettle, chamomile, coltsfoot, birch leaves, hop cones, burdock root and green tea.
Thanks to one or two ingredients that activate the growth of hair that are found in every mask, scalp care and keratin rods become especially effective, increasing the density and improving the condition of the hair.
Masks for Hair Growth: 10 Steps on the way to Luxurious Curls

Recipes of Stimulating Masks to accelerate Hair Growth

Mustard mask:-
The use of a mustard means not only gives an excellent effect of activating hair growth, but also requires extreme caution in use. Mustard can cause severe drying and even skin burn.
For safety, especially if you have a dry type of hair and a hypersensitive skin, the mask should:
  • Add a minimum amount of powder (1-2 teaspoonfuls, not table spoons);
  • Reduce the amount of sugar to 5 g (1 tsp without a "roller coaster");
  • It is mandatory to include a little base cosmetic oil in the mixture;
  • At occurrence of the minimal discomfort it is necessary to stop the procedure;
  • The ends of hair should be treated with clean oil and do not put mustard paste on them.
Mustard mixture consists of 50 g of mustard powder, diluted 2 tbsp. hot (but not boiling!) water. These ingredients are mixed with 40 ml of olive (peach, coconut, burdock) oil, 5-10 g of sugar (carefully, since it causes severe burning) and add whipping egg yolk. Homogeneous mixture should be applied to the scalp, massaging it for 2-4 minutes. This mask can be left, wrapped head compress, until the appearance of light tingling and warmth. The duration of the procedure can be from 10-15 minutes to an hour. At the slightest discomfort, the mask is washed off, and for the next procedure - we reduce the amount of mustard and sugar in the recipe.

Cinnamon mask:- Masks from cinnamon, stimulating hair growth, can be prepared with both powder and aromatic oil, favorite by many spices. Cinnamon can cause burning sensation in the skin and the influx of blood to the hair follicles. Its use in home cosmetics requires caution, so at first its amount should be limited to 5-7 g of powder and 5 drops of aroma oil, not more. In the future, if there is not much burning, you can gradually move to increase the dose.

Variants of Masks with Cinnamon for Hair Growth

Cinnamon Powder:- - 5 grams, honey - 25 grams, coconut oil (olive, burdock, almond, macadamia or wheat germ) -20 ml and 5 drops of cinnamon aroma oil. Base cosmetic oils and honey melt on a steam bath and mix with the rest of the mask. Apply a homogeneous mixture on the scalp and clean hair, cover them with a cellophane cap and a towel. After 15-40 minutes (depending on the sensitivity of the skin), wash off the remains of the mixture with hair shampoo. Course - 8 procedures, each of which is conducted once in 5-7 days.

For Oily Skin:- You can use a mask with clay, cinnamon and a small amount of red pepper. Blue or green clay (60 g) diluted with water to a creamy state. Add 8-16 grams of cinnamon powder and a small pinch of red pepper (at the tip of the knife). You can also enrich the mask composition with your favorite essential oils (2-3 drops each). The duration of the procedure depends on the degree of skin sensitivity (15-30 minutes). Then you need to wash your head with shampoo.

For Dry Hair:- A mixture of 100 ml of natural yogurt, egg yolk and 8 g (1 tsp) of cinnamon. This mask is washed off after 15-30 minutes without using shampoo, an abundant amount of warm comfortable water.

Mask-Balm from Ginger for Hair Growth

The ginger root not only improves blood microcirculation in the scalp. He also feeds it with vitally important vitamins and trace elements. After exposure to ginger masks, the hair becomes shiny, elastic and docile for combing.

Grated ginger root (can be used together with peel) is mixed with fruit vinegar (apple or grape). In this mixture, add 5-7 drops of almond oil and peach (burdock or wheat germ). This concentrate should be insisted for 5 minutes. Next, the prepared mixture is filtered and stored in a sealed container of dark glass.

In order to get the ginger mask-balm, you need to prepare a solution: at the rate of 15 ml of concentrated elixiran 1 liter of water. We treat this product with damp hair so that it drips freely from the tips. Then you need to wrap your head with a compress made of polyethylene film and a warm towel for 15 minutes. It is not necessary to wash off this elixir from the hair. A pleasant aroma can be given to him by any aromatic oil that can be added while preparing the balm.

Masks for hair growth with beer, onion and garlic masks are not popular among our contemporaries due to their specific "ambre", which is difficult to remove even with the help of rinses with lemon juice or apple cider vinegar.

Masks with dimexide for accelerating Hair Growth

Those who for the first time decided to use this kind of masks to grow dense and long hair, it is necessary to use dilute dimexide in the ratio - 1 part of the remedy for 5 parts of water. In the same concentration, it can be used for people with dry hair and sensitive skin. Medical workers do not recommend using more saturated solutions. However, in online recipes you can find undiluted remedy. Be careful!
  • In equal proportions mix: dilute dimexide, oily solutions of "beauty vitamins" - A and E, as well as lime or lemon juice;
  • In equal quantities - dimime in diluted form, vitamins E and A (oil solutions) - 1 tsp, burdock plus castor oil - 10 ml each, enrich the mixture with 3-5 drops of one or in the composition with the favorite aromatic oils.
Apply the dimexidum to the roots of the hair, then wrap the head with a compress of polyethylene and a warm terry towel. These masks can be kept for no more than an hour, but when discomfort occurs, it is necessary to wash off the medicine immediately.

Mask-peeling with Nicotinic acid for Hair Growth

Peeling with nicotinic acid - a penny from the nearest pharmacy - can not only clean the scalp from the remnants of chemical caregivers, but also make hair grow faster and thicker. Apply one to three ampoules of the drug to the scalp. For girls with dry and sensitive skin, this remedy can be applied by diluting it with infusion of medicinal herbs, aloe juice or green tea. Leave the remedy on the scalp for 60-120 minutes (if there is a slight heat) and at the end of the procedure - wash it off. If you do not rinse your head with water (as recommended by "experts"), then after 48 hours there may appear a kind of dandruff - the result of acid exposure, or a skin burn.

Nourishing masks for hair growth

  • Castor oil - 40 ml mixed with 20 ml of warm glycerin and the same amount of apple cider vinegar. Blend the mixture with one chicken egg until smooth. The smell of castor oil ("castor oil") can be eliminated with the help of your favorite shampoo and abundant rinses with lemon juice.
  • Dry yeast (10 g - 2 tsp "with a slide") pour warm water and insist for 60 minutes. When yeast begins to ferment actively, pour 100 ml of natural yoghurt (kefir) into the mixture and add 50 g of honey.
  • Mix 20 ml of honey (if you do not have allergies to beekeeping products), pumpkin and almond oil - 10 ml each.
  • In equal proportions, combine: lemon juice, honey and juice of the century (aloe).
  • Flesh of a banana mixed with 1 egg yolk, 25 g of honey and 100 ml of milk (or beer).
Alternating stimulating and nourishing masks for hair growth, you can create all conditions for your hair to radiate beauty, health and strength!