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Minoxidil for Hair Loss. The medicine against androgenic alopecia is Minoxidil (Rogaine). Today we discuss about the basic characteristics it, useful properties and composition, side effects, contraindications to the application, instruction for men and women with real testimonials. Minoxidil is a medical product with an interesting history. Initially, It was credited with the ability to treat a stomach ulcer. Subsequently, it was resolved as a medicament at increased arterial pressure.

However, currently Minoxidil is actively used to treat androgenic alopecia in both men and women. And the ability to stimulate hair growth was originally identified as a side effect, which quickly began to be used for good purposes.

Description and function of Minoxidil

Minoxidil is a highly active vasodilator used to slow the loss of existing hair and stimulate the growth of new hair. 

The main purpose of the described drug is the fight against androgenic alopecia, caused by a genetic predisposition and a change in the hormonal background. As you know, such pathologies can occur in both genders. 

The form of release is different: a spray, an aerosol, foam, a solution. The drug is also produced in the form of tablets, but is used internally as a means of increased pressure. 
Minoxidil for Hair Loss Men and Women: Uses, Side Effects & Reviews
In general, minoxidil for hair in any given case can bring different results. It depends on the duration of the disease, the sex of the patient, the individual characteristics of the organism, the frequency of application. 

The result of application can be as follows:-
  • Minimal results - reduction in the intensity of hair loss in the absence of growth of new
  • Average indices are the recovery of fallen hairs
  • The best result is the restoration of lost hair, the growth of new hairs, the increase of the hair in volume.
Increase the effectiveness of the drug can be provided when combined with anti-androgenic drugs therapy through double action - stimulating growth and neutralizing the harmful effects of hormones on the hair follicles. 

At the moment, not only medicines, but also cosmetic products have a lot of hair growth products, which include minoxidil. The price of the drug depends on the form of release, the concentration of the active substance, additional components, the manufacturer and the supplier. 

The following preparations containing the described substance are the most purchased:
  • Minoxidil Kirkland 5% for 6 months for men - 4000 rubles;
  • Minoxidil 15% (60 ml) - 2900 rubles;
  • Spray Generolon 2% (60 ml) - 470-650 rubles;
  • Spray Generolon 5% (60 ml) - 690-740 rubles;
  • Aerosol Regeyn 5% (60 ml) - 1400-1540 rubles;
  • Spray Aleran 2% (60 ml) - 660-760 rubles;
  • Spray Aleran 5% (60 ml) - 840-960 rubles;
  • Foam Rogaine for women 5% for 4 months - 5800 rubles;
  • Foam or lotion Rogaine for men 5% for 1 month - 2100 rubles.
You can buy Minoxidil in various ways: at pharmacies, at some cosmetic shops, at online pharmacies or through the manufacturer's website.

Useful properties of Minoxidil for Hair

At the moment there is no full picture of the mechanism of Minoxidil's influence, but some aspects of it are still described. 
For external use, the drug acts approximately in the following sequence:
  • After application to problem areas, the substance actively penetrates the skin. The first is the vasodilator effect, which improves blood microcirculation.
  • In turn, this leads to an improvement in the inflow of nutrients and the removal of processed foods in an accelerated mode. In this sense, they talk about improving trophic hair follicles.
  • In this way, the hair follicles are stimulated, which previously were in a resting phase. So begins their transition into the growth phase. There is also an increase in the response of nitric oxide receptors, which has a beneficial effect on hair.
  • Gradually, the effect of androgens on hair follicles is modeled, which leads to a significant slowdown in the rate of alopecia.
  • Indirect effects are manifested in a decrease in the synthesis of the 5-alpha-dehydrosterone compound, which to some extent forms alopecia.
In general, the beneficial properties of Minoxidil are as follows: vasodilating, stimulating processes of hair growth, improving blood supply.

Contraindications to the use of Minoxidil

There is one important rule of admission for all medicines without exception - application by appointment. It is known that hair loss can be due to several reasons. It is important to remember that you can not use Minoxidil without any type of baldness. It is indicated only in diagnosed androgenic alopecia. In other cases, the drug is contraindicated. There are other contraindications. These include:
  • The presence of an allergic reaction to any component. This is also called individual intolerance. For safety reasons, allergic tests should be performed before the start of treatment.
  • There are limitations related to age: the drug is contraindicated in patients under the age of 18 years.
  • It is not advisable to use the substance during pregnancy and during breastfeeding.
  • In the presence of skin lesions, the use is prohibited in order to avoid the ingress of a large amount of active substance into the bloodstream and the development of an allergy.
  • Simultaneous use of the drug with the means leading to changes in the protective functions of the skin is not recommended because of the increased absorption of Minoxidil, which is fraught with an overdose that causes side effects. These drugs include Tretinoin and Antralin / Dithranol.

Side Effects of Minoxidil

Side effects are rare. In exceptional cases with external application, such reactions can occur:
  • Burning and irritation of the eyes:- It is possible if the visual organs accidentally hit the mucosa. Therefore, the drug requires careful use.
  • Undesirable increase in hair growth in some areas of the skin . Also occurs due to inaccurate application of the drug or because of increased absorption of the drug, which through the blood migrates into the body.
  • Local reaction:- It appears in the appearance of itching, redness and irritation, dandruff, contact dermatitis in the treatment areas.
  • Development of severe allergies:- It manifests itself in the appearance of hives, rashes, shortness of breath, pain in the heart and lungs, rapid heart rate, swelling of the face, tongue, lips, extremities. Also, there may be dizziness, loss of consciousness and a sharp increase in body weight.
  • Initial increase in hair loss:-  It is associated with the action of the drug, manifested temporarily at the initial stage of treatment. This process is explained by the transition of follicles from the resting stage to the growth stage, accompanied by additional loss of weakened hair.
It is worth mentioning separately that the occurrence of side effects can be associated with the concentration of the active substance. If a negative reaction occurred when using a 5% solution, then you should not immediately refuse treatment, in most cases it is sufficient to switch to a solution of 2%.

As for side effects, some users note that at the very beginning of using minoxidil reddening of the scalp, itching, dandruff and peeling may appear. This is often associated with the content of alcohol in the preparation. Typically, these side effects occur within the first month of use. In addition to local manifestations of side effects on the scalp from minoxidil, red spots or small pimples can sometimes appear on the face - all this takes place during the first weeks of using the drug.

We recommend getting professional advice from a trichologist before applying minoxidil to avoid allergic reactions to the drug components. They can be manifested by the appearance of urticaria, edema of the face or rhinitis.

When using minoxidil care must be taken to avoid getting lotion or foam on the mucous membranes. If you experience discomfort after taking minoxidil or if side effects disturb you for a long time, always consult a specialist. 

Remember that Minoxidil is intended to treat people and does not fit some animals. For example, accidentally getting the drug on the cat's fur can lead to her death.

Minoxidil Composition and Components

As it was said before, Minoxidil is produced by many firms in different forms of release. In this regard, and the composition in each specific case may significantly differ. 

The simplest preparation contains:
  • Minoxidil is an active substance added at different concentrations (2, 5, 15%).
  • Water is a solvent, a mixture filler.
  • Propylene glycol is a solvent with a low toxicity. Strengthens the absorption of the skin with skin.
  • Ethyl alcohol is a solvent, antiseptic, preservative. Its high content can lead to faster drying of the product, but at the same time, the absorbency, and hence the efficiency, also decreases.
The last two ingredients in some patients can cause unwanted reactions, so often the producers replace them with lipid nanosomes. Separately, propylene glycol can be replaced with glycerol. 

In addition to the substances described above, the products with the main active ingredient Minoxidil may contain additional ingredients that help in combating the source of hair growth problems - the hormonal background. These include finasteride - a hormonal drug. Needless to say, such integrated means should be prescribed by medical specialists, and self-medication is not recommended.

Instructions for use Minoxidil

There are no complications in the use of Minoxidil, but there are certain simple rules that will help to get the best possible result. It is worth paying attention to the peculiarities of using the drug by representatives of both genders.

Use of Minoxidil for Men

The instructions for use may vary slightly depending on the composition and form of the Minoxidil release. However, the main recommendations are the same.
Use of Minoxidil for Men
Principles of treatment are as follows:
  • The beginning of treatment . To begin therapy follows at occurrence of the first signs. Otherwise, with a long course of pathology, the potential effectiveness is reduced.
  • Frequency of application . 1-2 times a day. Depends on the concentration of the active substance.
  • Dose for a single dose . Determined by the manufacturer, based on the area of ​​the surface being treated and the area of ​​application. If 1 ml is indicated in the instruction for the use of Minoxidil, do not exceed the volume; this will not lead to an improvement or acceleration in obtaining the result, but is fraught with the development of negative reactions.
  • Application rules . It is applied directly to a clean surface in problem areas with small pads of rubbing fingers. Do not apply to hair. Avoid contact with other skin and mucous membranes. After application, do not rinse for several hours.
  • Duration of therapy . Treatment is carried out constantly. It is known that the drug has no prolonged action. He works on the principle of "here and now." He does not eliminate the root cause of alopecia, but only acts as a stimulant. Therefore, after stopping the reception fairly quickly the result is lost, the hair again thinning, there are bald patches.
  • Waiting for the first results . Takes about 4-5 months from the beginning of admission.
It is noteworthy that some men are unhappy with the density of vegetation on the face, so Minoxidil is used for the beard. The beard is appreciated by male representatives from an aesthetic point of view or for religious reasons in certain countries and communities. Therefore, many ignore the absence of such indications in the instructions to the drug and apply it to the skin of the face. Such an application is not targeted, but nevertheless, it is carried out and leads to positive results, as evidenced by numerous reviews on the network.

It is worth remembering that at the moment there are no clinical trials confirming the efficacy and safety of using the drug for growing a beard. It is known for certain that there are more blood vessels on the face, so the risk of developing side reactions increases significantly.

The use of Minoxidil for Women

Women are less susceptible to androgenetic alopecia. However, for the female in the aesthetic sense, the beauty of the head of hear plays a greater role than for men. 
The use of Minoxidil for Women
The characteristics of the use of Minoxidil by women are as follows:
  • Concentration of active substance:- The most suitable is 2%. However, in special cases, a 5% solution is allowed. The female body responds much better to the effect of the drug.
  • Application:- It requires more thoroughness and accuracy, in order to avoid the increase in hair growth on the face, their coarsening and darkening. After distribution, you should thoroughly wash your hands.
  • Precautions:- After application in the evening, the product should be absorbed so that during the night rest do not migrate to the pillow and skin. In some cases, you can use special caps, preferably from breathable material.
Otherwise, the principles and recommendations of the application for men and women coincide.

Real feedback on the use of Minoxidil

The network is discussing the effectiveness of anti-hair loss drugs. The most discussed is Minoxidil. This is due to its high effectiveness in combating androgenic alopecia. To find out what the people who used the drug say, we offer to read a few real opinions. 

Nancy, 30 years old:- During my first pregnancy, I noticed that my hair began to fall out. At first, I hoped that this was all due to the lack of useful substances in connection with the carrying of the child. But after birth, the situation has deteriorated significantly. After contacting the doctor, I was diagnosed with "alopecia" against the background of changes in the hormonal background. Have registered Minoxidil. I bought in the form of mousse. By the second month I noticed that the fallout had become even more pronounced. I was frightened, but after reading the reviews, I calmed down and waited. After another 3-4 months I noticed that the hair became thicker. While I accept, I'm not going to throw, because I know that his action will be reduced to "no" after the cessation of treatment. 

Laura, 25 years old:- A couple of years ago I began to notice that on the head there is the same bald patch as my father's. I understand that you can not argue with heredity. But I really did not want to become bald. Therefore, I read the information on Minoxidil on the Internet, bought it and started accepting it. The medicine helped to cope with the problem. Side effects have not touched me. Therefore, I - an example of the ideal effect of the drug, although he read that not everyone is so lucky. I think that the big role was played by the fact that I did not wait for the expressed bald patch, but I began to take action. 

Bogdan, 35 years old:- I do not suffer from baldness, but the vegetation on my face is so rare, but I really want to grow a beautiful beard. I could not decide for a long time, but I bought a 2% solution of Minoxidil for the sample. I liked the result. Literally in 3-4 months the beard became thicker, the hair began to grow a little faster. It is a pity that I can not add my pictures here before the reception and after. Then it would be clearer. I am very pleased that such an effective medicine is freely available. I recommend! 

Karina, 35 years old:- At me AHA, hair from time to time drop out. The tail has considerably thinned out. So sorry for my once thick hair. A friend advised Minoxidil. I bought without hesitation. For a long time it was not visible, and at some point I noticed that it falls even more. And then the result appeared - new hairs appeared. Yes, they will grow long, but hope has already appeared. Although there is a side effect: on the face, too, the hair is slightly lengthened, the fluff became more noticeable. While I suffer, I try even more accurately to apply a remedy. I think about reducing the concentration of the active substance.

As experience of patients with androgenic alopecia shows, Minoxidil is a highly demanded drug with a high degree of effectiveness. However, he has one significant drawback - the need for constant reception. Everyone has the right to decide for themselves - to use the remedy constantly and to save the result or to refuse the reception and to reduce all efforts to "no".
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