Most Secret Causes of Women HAIR LOSS Chronic or Temporary

Hair Loss in Women can be caused by various diseases, hormonal imbalance, head trauma or head skin damage, stress or the administration of certain drugs. Often the hair starts to grow again when eliminating the cause of the fallout. Nodular (focal) baldness (alopecia) is a disease in which smooth round spots remain on the spot of the dropped hair.. On this page, including in the comments, we will try to understand the root causes of hair loss, find a way out, help each other. So, Please do not forget to drop your experience in the comment box.

Hair loss in women can be both pathological and physiological. In the pathological process of hair loss, uniform uniformity or complete absence of hair (baldness) in a certain area of ​​the head is possible. Common causes of hair loss in women are:
  • Infectious diseases 
  • Improper hair care
  • Dack of microelements and vitamins 
  • Diet for weight loss
  • Hormonal disorders 
  • Hereditary factor 
  • Taking certain medicines 
  • Stress
ROOT CAUSES are complex and sometimes unexpected. 
Elimination of some of these factors helps normalize growth and restore lost hair. Therefore, it is very important for the effectiveness of the treatment of baldness to correctly identify the provoking factors that caused hair loss, this allows us to make a number of modern methods of examining a woman - a trichogram of hair, spectral analysis of the hair, the study of the hormonal background, a blood test. As a result of the diagnosis, the trichologist will determine the type of the disease and prescribe an individual course of therapy. A person every day there is a natural loss of an average of 60 to 100 hairs. And the balance of newly growing and dropping hair is about the same. However, when there are provoking factors, hair loss is intense, leading to alopecia. When there is a significant thinning of hair, the cause should be looked for 3 months earlier. Why? The natural life cycle of the hair is on average 2-7 years, after which the hair is prepared for removal within 2-3 weeks, and within 3-4 months the phase of loss occurs.
Most Secret Causes of Women HAIR LOSS Chronic or Temporary
In general, every day we lose from a few tens to hundreds of hair, sometimes a little more, so when we find the next fallen hair on the pillow or clothes, we do not always attach great importance to this. "We need to drink vitamins," get enough sleep, lead a healthy lifestyle, make a good hair mask more often, and everything will go away, "we reassure ourselves ...

But, unfortunately, for many women the problem of hair loss is imperceptibly transformed into a real catastrophe, when only fragrant strands remain of the luxurious head of hair. It's not for nothing that women's forums discuss the painful problem of balding so popular now. Let's try at least a little to understand this difficult topic, without advertising lies and myths.

Hidden Health Problems

Problems with the hair - evidence that something is wrong in the body. It's not for nothing that the beautiful actress Catherine Zeta-Jones says beautiful hair is unthinkable without good health: "If your hair is dull and brittle, then thank them for warning you of the danger." What can we say about the abundant fallout! So do not rush to run to the cosmetics store and buy all sorts of remedies from hair loss and to improve hair growth, etc. - First of all, it is necessary to deal with common health problems.

Of course, looking for a needle in a haystack will not be easy. But for a start, it's a good idea to consult a therapist and take all the basic tests. Among the main causes of hair loss - problems with the stomach and intestines , including dysbiosis . More serious abnormalities may be waiting for you at the level of the endocrine system . It is mandatory to check the thyroid gland and sex hormones . A hidden enemy can also be found in the field of gynecology - any infection in the body is ready to reflect on the density of your hair.

However, the cause of hair loss can be quite different, so read this article thoroughly, carefully and thoughtfully.

Chronic or Temporary Hair Loss

The causes of severe hair loss can be very high. And you need to consider whether the disease is temporary or has become chronic. The most common cause of hair loss in women is hormonal disorders . This can be both a disease and the result of taking hormonal drugs , for example, contraceptives . Antibiotics, chemotherapy can also lead to hair loss. But in this case, as well as after pregnancy, the hair is usually restored on its own.

Even abuse of salty taste in food can cause focal alopecia and baldness, it was noticed back in antiquity.

Complete Baldness

Hair loss can be irreversible when the bulbs atrophy. Many women are faced with such a terrible problem as androgenic alopecia. This terrible phrase can mean both serious hormonal changes in the body, and genetically conditioned loss and thinning of hair. One pleases: baldness in women is not complete , unlike men. To struggle with this problem it is simply impossible independently - it is necessary to address to the doctor - only not to that, which from a word "to say lies".

Trichological Approach

Doctors who deal with hair treatment are called trichologists. If earlier we did not know anything about such specialists, today women's magazines increasingly recommend that we apply to trichologists. How can these mysterious people help us, and can they?

Trichologists of a good clinic or laboratory will diagnose the condition of hair, scalp, hair bulbs. They will examine the hair and bulb under a microscope, measure the thickness of the hair and outline the overall situation with the hair. It is possible that you have not properly taken care of your hair and have not even thought about what type of hair you have, the type of scalp and other important issues that can also indirectly affect the loss.

Therefore, a survey of a good and honest trichologist can greatly facilitate your life and give you a clue that it is better to choose from a wide range of products from hair loss and to care for them. But…

Trichological lies. "Trust but check!"

Find a good trichologist is not so simple. Today, beauty is the sphere of business and the industry of making big money, so many "experts", unfortunately, are aimed only at making a profit. In the end, you can be offered very expensive treatment, and even without guarantees, because here they simply can not.

Many clinics convince of the effectiveness of their methods of treatment of hair loss. It can be injections of vitamins into the scalp, massage, rubbing lotions and special remedies.

All this is very expensive and often not very effective. It often turns out that the true problem of hair loss, as already noted, is something quite different. A good specialist should, first of all, help you deal with health, try to identify the cause, send for analysis. Sometimes good specialists can be found at the Department of Dermatology of Medical Universities. And in any case, you should adopt a method such as a head massage (considering contraindications) to improve the flow of blood to the hair. Acts very much.


One of the frequent causes of hair loss is problems with the scalp, namely seborrhea. Let's try to figure out what kind of attack it is.

Seborrhea is the wrong work of the sebaceous glands, resulting in dandruff, oily scalp, scaling, itching and even psoriasis. Seborrhea is dry or oily, but both can lead to baldness, hair loss. If the pores become clogged, the bulb can not function normally, and the hair is gradually thinner. The cause of these troubles may be all the same problems in the body, but, perhaps, just an improper care for the hair. In any case, the means for skin care and hair care should be changed.

At the same time, consider one simple recommendation: wash your head with lukewarm water . From hot water can deteriorate the state of hair and eyesight. An electric hairdryer also applies: either do not use it, or keep it at a distance of 20 centimeters from the hair or more.

Do not believe in "magic" Remedies

For today in drugstores it is possible to find a huge quantity of "miracle" means which "will cure" us from everything on light. However, before you listen to the advice of grief-pharmacists or advertisers and hastily buy "magic" shampoos and lotions, it's better to conduct your own investigation. The tool you need is worth discussing with a doctor whom you trust.

In addition, it would be superfluous to ask about the benefits of this or that hair treatment remedy for acquaintances, and also to look for information about the means on the Internet and look at a couple of forums to read the reviews and advice of companions in misfortune. In any case, whatever you are offered, do not believe in "magic" means - try to analyze, look for information in different sources, the blessing in them today is not felt shortage. With some of the drugs sold in the pharmacy and actively advertised, you need to be especially careful!

These are the drugs that contain minoxidil (or pinocidil and diazoxide) and can really stimulate hair growth. However, with the termination of reception the received effect can be lost ! In addition, the reaction of different people to such funds is different. Someone's hair begins to fall even more ... Thus, with "miracle" means, one must be very, very cautious.

 Lose Weight and Lose Weight

We all want to be slim, like the girls on the covers of magazines, and even terrible stories about the exhaustion of models do not always stop us on the way to cherished thinness. But do not forget that a good hair - one of the main attractions of any beautiful woman, and properly embarked on the path of fasting, we risk losing this trump card.

Sharp weight loss, inadequate nutrition - especially at a young age - all this simply can not but affect the condition of the hair. Therefore, before you go on a diet, it is better to consult a doctor, otherwise the results can be deplorable.

The Most Secret Cause

No less harm to our hair causes stress . Depression, anxiety, depressed state - all this can greatly affect the state of our hair. Sometimes we ourselves do not know the connection between hair loss and suffered misfortune, because hair begins to fall away not immediately after the shock experienced, but in a month or two or even later.

That's why, if you are faced with the problem of severe hair loss, first of all, sit down and think what has happened in your life in the last year. After all, no doctor can help you unless you are cured of emotional wounds. How to be in this situation? It is necessary to seriously engage in auto-training, yoga, sports, a healthy lifestyle, self-regulation. Learn to control yourself and your emotions, then with appearance and health problems will not be!