Mysticism and Psychology of HAIR

At all times, human hair (regardless of gender) was endowed with magical power. According to legends, they largely determine the life of a person, protect him and his loved ones. In psychology, hair is also an archetype. And in the modern world, the condition and color of hair still mean a lot. The color of the hair sets the wearer to a specific wave.

The mystical power of long hair in history:- Long hair has always been a symbol of supernatural power and spiritual wealth. The Slavs considered hair a conductor and a store of energy for the body and a source of wisdom, so men wore long hair and beards, and women almost never had their hair cut. The mystical and Spiritual Power of long hair in history

The power of long hair in psychology:- In the depths of the subconscious of every person, a woman is represented with long hair. Fashion for short haircuts can come or go, and flowing long hair is higher than any fashion. Most men prefer women with long hair and dream of long-haired and long-legged beauty. The power of Long Hair in Psychology

What color should I color my hair:- The passion for changing hair color is familiar to many. It is interesting that with the help of hair color, we can bring our inner world to a harmonious state and cause a certain attitude to others around us. What color should I dye my Hair? Psychology of color.
Mysticism and Psychology of HAIR
The best plots for hair growth:- We set out to collect in this article the most interesting magic tricks for hair health. Will it work, you ask? Well, at least the force of autosuggestion has not been canceled yet, but the fact that thoughts are material, science has already proved.

Calendar of hair cutting:- Haircut hair from ancient times was a real ritual, magical and full of meaning. Favorable or unfavorable day for a hairstyle influences not so much on health of hair, how many on state of health, a condition of a bio-field and well-being of the person. Lunar calendar for hair clip and the Haircut on days of the week

Astrology, haircuts and hair color:- Wanting to change the hairstyle, we can turn to the stylist. But in order to change your life, follow the advice of an astrologer. The color and length of the hair strengthens or weakens certain planets in your horoscope. As with the mind to approach the change of hairstyle and at the same time harmoniously adjust its life path, how astrology, haircuts and hair color are related.