Natural Vitamins for HAIR Growth and Thickness =>Updated<=

Vitamins for hair have the same colossal importance as for the whole organism. Suffice it to say that a lack of vitamins can provoke a variety of Hair Problems, in advance before they fall out. Healthy shiny hair is an indicator of your body's health. If you are ill or eat incorrectly, the hair suffers and dims. So, what vitamins and elements and substances should be present in our diet to make the hair feel good Water. The hair on 1/4 consists of water, it provides its flexibility. The body should receive a sufficient amount of water, while do not wait until you feel thirsty.

If you strongly want to drink, it means that your body has already lost most of the necessary moisture. Remember, you need 8-10 glasses of water a day.

Proteins are the building blocks of hair. They strengthen the hair and are responsible for the resistance of the hair to various injuries. Proteins in sufficient quantities are contained in fish, meat, milk, cheese, cereals.
Natural Vitamins for HAIR Growth and Thickness

Minerals for hair

  • Iron helps deliver oxygen to the Hair Follicle. Iron is found in red meat and dark green vegetables.
  • Zinc is a building mineral for hair, which forms a protein structure of hair, preventing their loss. Most of all zinc is found in meat and seafood.
  • Copper is involved in the process of hair pigmentation. You can improve the natural color by incorporating copper-rich foods: liver, fresh vegetables, seeds, nuts, liver.

Vitamins for Hair Growth

Vitamin A protects hair from brittleness. We all know that a lot of vitamin A in carrots, in other vegetables, it is also present in sufficient quantities. Remember that vitamin A, like all fat-soluble, i.e. is best absorbed together with fats, as well as with little heat treatment.

Vitamins B and Vitamins C are important for good circulation of nutrients, hair growth , and also their concentration affects the hair color , its saturation and brightness. Vitamins for hair and proper Hair Care are essential components of beautiful and healthy hair.