How to Repair Recover Care Damaged HAIR at Home @Updated@

How to repair, recover or care damaged hair naturally fast at home or salon ? if this is your question then you are at the right place. You may know hair lost shine and elasticity, became brittle and lifeless. Such a state of hair will upset any woman. It is necessary to find out the cause first and then find ways to solve it. Beautiful and healthy hair - not a gift of nature, but the result of regular and competent care for them. Looking at the hair, you can talk about the state of the body and health in general.

Step number 1: We Search for the Reason

Food:- First of all, the beauty and health of hair depends on nutrition. Of course, to improve the appearance, give shine and liveliness to hair can be using masks, conditioners, creams for styling.

But! If you do not feed the hair from the inside and do not give them the necessary vitamins and trace elements to build and grow, you will hardly have to count on strong healthy hair.

Useful Hair Products/Remedies:-
  • Salmon. Contains a huge amount of omega-3 fatty acids and an easily digestible protein. Enter the fish in your diet, you will notice that not only the condition of the skin will improve, but also the hair will get shine. If you do not like fish, the fish oil in the capsules will be the optimal solution.
  • Meat and eggs. Protein is an indispensable component of the diet. It has a direct effect on the construction and recovery of cells in the body.
  • Cereal bread and cereals. Sources of zinc and vitamins of group B. Zinc promotes hair growth, and vitamins of group B strengthen hair shine. In addition, the appearance of gray hair depends on vitamin B 12. It is this vitamin that allows the hair to receive a pigment.
  • Spinach. This plant is a source of iron, which is necessary for the body's cells to exchange oxygen with each other.
  • Pumpkin, tomatoes, broccoli. Sources of vitamin C. The use of these vegetables promotes the assimilation of iron by the body.
In pharmacy chains there is a huge selection of vitamin-mineral complexes from hair loss and for qualitative improvement of their structure.
How to Repair Recover Care Damaged HAIR at Home
Rest and Stress:- Pay attention to your daily routine. Do you have enough rest? Do not neglect a full night's sleep? If the body does not have time to recover, it is more prone to stress. It also affects the quality of your hair.

Washing Head:- Hair is best washed as they become soiled. Otherwise, frequent washing of the head will not give rise to a protective layer on the hair. Better warm water, but cold mouth. So there will be more shine on the hair.

And, of course, do not vigorously rub them with a towel to dry. It is enough to get wet the strands between the layers of fabric and allow to dry in the air. Comb with a better comb with sparse teeth. A hairdryer should be used less often, only when absolutely necessary.

The sun and Frost:- Hair under the influence of the sun lose moisture, respectively, and its shine. Especially negatively, solar radiation affects the dyed hair. The best option will be a panama, a scarf or an umbrella.

The application of special oils or ultraviolet protection agents will help to cope with it, but it is better to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun. And do not neglect the use of liquid, namely water. You must "water" your body.

Strong wind, any rain and frost the enemy of beautiful hair. Elegant hat, fashionable beret or scarf will not only save your hair, but will add charm to your appearance.

We exclude mechanical damage:- Yes, hair decorations: ribbons, hair clips, clips, rubber bands are fine. But weakened hair is better to keep and postpone the use of accessories for the time being. Metal elements or an elastic band that pulls the hair will not add beauty and health to the hair.

Tongs, hair curlers and hair dryer:- You need to get a little patience in order to bring your hair in order. Change your hairstyle for a while. Choose a styling option that does not require ironing or curlers.

Hot hair dryer will only aggravate the condition of damaged hair. If you can not do without it, then apply protective agents for hot styling!

Coloring and wave:- As though manufacturers of paints for hair assured, and influence of coloring disastrously affects structure of hair. Means for chemical wave, paint, even in small doses, but contain ammonia.

Step number 2: We take measures

We change food, or simply enter useful, necessary products. And their use will have a positive impact not only on the hair, but the whole body. The skin and nails will improve.

We add a large amount of water, we take beauty pills (vitamin and mineral complexes). Wear hats and avoid the hair dryer and ironing.

It is noticed that the simpler the composition of shampoo, the better the result. Do not be deceived by all sorts of extracts, additives, extracts. Can it be worth trying a shampoo for children? That's where you can count on a soft, sparing effect.

But the mask and air conditioning should be selected carefully, taking into account the recommendations on the package. Carefully read the composition and purpose. It's okay if the mask is not washed off in 10 minutes. You can go with her for an hour. Wrap your head with polyethylene or just put on a disposable shower cap. Towel the head to wrap the mask in the warmth.

Home Therapy for Hair:- All the most effective and natural in its pure form, we use to obtain an excellent result.

Oils:- At your request, choose any oil available to you: peach, almond, olive, burdock, castor, in general, any. Lubricating the palms of your hands in the scalp and evenly distribute through the hair. After wrapping the head and wrapping the towel, leave it for 2 hours. A few performed procedures, return the hair softness and obedience.

Mask with aloe:- Leave scarlet leaves and wrapped in dark paper and put in the fridge. To sustain on the bottom shelf a week, so fermentation at an aloe will amplify. Grind the leaves either with a blender or finely chopped. Mix three tablespoons of the pressed juice with a spoonful of any oil. Gently rub the composition into the roots of the hair and then distribute it to all the hair. Cover the hair with a film and leave for 2 hours.

If you do not have aloe, then use ampoules with aloe, which you can buy at the pharmacy. This mask will help restore the cells of the scalp.