Regrow Hair and Solve (Hair Loss+ Baldness) with Homeopathic Medicines

Homeopathy is a wonderful alternative to treat Hair Loss and Baldness and the homeopathic remedies also helps to regrow your Hair. Hair loss is an absolutely normal process. Each hair has its own life cycle, which consists of 3 phases: reverse development of the hair root, active growth and rest. Therefore, it is natural to lose 80 to 100 hairs per day.

However, if hair loss is intensified, it is most often caused by the negative influence of any external factors or is the result of internal pathological . Mostly men face this, but women also suffer from this problem, although female alopecia rarely leads to complete baldness.

Symptoms of Hair Loss

Signs that the hair fall out, usually clearly noticeable. Anxiety symptom is a condition where the amount of hair that remains on the pillow, the comb or when washing the head, increases noticeably .

In some cases, visual observations do not deceive - the hair, really, begin to fall hard.

It is enough to conduct a simple test:-
  • Do not wash your head for at least a couple of days, because it is during washing that more hair falls out.
  • Then take a lock of hair from the temple area and gently pull it, repeat the procedure on the area of ​​the crown, forehead. 
  • If the number of dropped hairs is more than 20, then the problem is not intended.

Why Hair Falls Out

Increased hair loss is more common in men. According to statistics, more than half of men, having barely reached the age of thirty, notice that their hair has become noticeably more rare. Alopecia is of several types:-
  • Androgenic alopecia :- The reason is excessive production of androgen hormones. This is the most common cause of baldness in men. The effect of dihydrotestosterone leads to suppression of the hair growth phase, and the bulbs are depleted. With prolonged influence of the hormone, the follicles atrophy, the hair growth stops completely. A characteristic feature of this type of alopecia is the initial hair loss in the frontotemporal part of the head, and then in the parietal region.
  • Diffuse alopecia:- It is  most often determined in women. It is characterized by a uniform fall over the entire surface of the scalp, thinning and dullness of the remaining hair. It occurs due to hypovitaminosis, protein deficiency, hormonal failure or stress. In this type of alopecia the sensitivity of bulbs to dihydrotestosterone increases. This hormone enters the inside of the bulb and blocks its nutrition.
  • Nesting alopecia (focal):- in which multiple foci of alopecia appear, which tend to merge and form vast areas where hair is absent. To date, the exact causes of focal alopecia have not been identified, although it is noted that their occurrence is often associated with craniocerebral trauma or infectious and autoimmune diseases.
  • Scar alopecia:- occurs when the hair follicles are inflamed, after which scar tissue is formed. This is a very rare form of alopecia, the appearance of which is provoked by various skin infections, burns, and oncological diseases.
Note! Cases of the appearance of scarring alopecia in recent years have increased significantly. This is due to the appearance of fashion for hair extensions and dreadlocks, which not only harm the hair, but also threaten hair loss.

Female Hair Loss and Alopecia

Most often, women pay more attention to the condition of the hair and try harder to deal with the problem of their loss.
Regrowth Hair and Solve Hair Loss and Baldness with Homeopathic Medicines
Although a significant loss of hair in women is usually episodic, less often, alopecia becomes chronic.

The problem is caused by hormonal problems , stresses , long-term drug therapy , and micronutrient deficiencies (zinc and iron), as well as some chronic diseases.

And although the presence of estrogen in the body does not allow alopecia to manifest itself to the full, it usually does not have a pronounced character, but leads only to a change in their structure and general mediation.

In this case, the problem can not be solved only by the use of therapeutic shampoos or additional cosmetic products, advertising promises a quick restoration of the hair condition.

Diseases of the Endocrine System:- Thyroid dysfunction is one of the most common causes of female alopecia. Dysfunction of the thyroid gland causes a failure of the hair growth cycle, while the period of intensive growth decreases,  and a  large number of bulbs enter a resting phase .

Also, alopecia can cause excessive production of androgen hormones. This loss is often accompanied by skin problems (acne, high fat content), dysmenorrhea.

Dermatological Problem:- Diseases of the scalp (seborrhea, dermatitis) also provoke increased loss. In this case, it is especially important to establish the cause and begin its complex treatment .

Kidney Diseases:- With existing kidney diseases, loss is usually accompanied by dry hair and scalp, which causes their fragility and disruption of growth and structure.

Nervous System Disorders:- In disorders of the nervous system, in particular stress, there is an increased production of the hormone cortisol . Vessels of the scalp are markedly narrowed, blood circulation slows down, and hair begins to drop noticeably.

Problems with the Digestive Tract:- Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract can also provoke hair loss. The main cause in this case is dysbiosis . In this disease, the number of beneficial bacteria is reduced, resulting in a protective barrier of the body is weakened, and toxins enter the bloodstream, are carried throughout the body. Internal intoxication affects the bulbs as well, causing the hair to become dull, thinner and weaker, and then begin to precipitate heavily.

Lack of Vitamins and Trace Elements:- On the state of the entire body, and hair in particular, affects hypovitaminosis and a lack of minerals. In addition to hair loss, there may be weakness, problems with sleep, increased fatigue and irritability. The state of hair is most affected by iron deficiency , which can be observed with malnutrition or excessive blood loss.

Wrong Hair Care:- To baldness can lead and improper care of a head of hear. Especially negatively affects the hair condition keratin straightening , which contains formaldehyde, chemical perm . Try to abandon these harmful procedures and pick up their softer alternatives.

Reaction of any Drugs:- Many drugs work on the whole body, also penetrating into the scalp. To such consequences can lead reception of tablets from the raised arterial pressure , some hormonal agents , antidepressants, diuretics .

Before you begin to treat alopecia, it is important to identify the cause of the problem. To do this, you need to pass the following biochemical and general blood test ,  analysis for sex hormones and thyroid hormones . In some cases, you may also need a trichoscopy . The results of the tests will help to establish the cause and prescribe the appropriate therapy.
Sometimes you may need a spectral analysis of the hair, which allows you to determine the composition of the hair, and hence those trace elements that are in the human body. It is believed that the hair most accurately determines the mineral balance and shows how it changed during the entire hair growth.
With the help of the obtained results of the tests, the doctor will determine the cause of the problem and prescribe the necessary treatment.

What Should you Need to do during Hair Loss

Unfortunately, baldness can indicate the presence of serious disorders in the body. After finding out the reason, the expert selects the method of treatment. Therapy usually consists of 2 items:

drugs to treat the causes of alopecia;
cosmetic products that enhance the blood circulation of the scalp, have anti-inflammatory properties.
Use of only cosmetic products for the treatment of alopecia is not enough. It is important to pay attention to the diet, lifestyle and eliminate those factors that can provoke a condition

Homeopathic Remedies for Hair Loss and Baldness

The homeopathic way of treating alopecia involves the use of drugs that cause similar symptoms in large doses. But if the source material is dissolved in hundreds or even thousands of times, the remedy will, on the contrary, stimulate the body to start the process of self-treatment and direct its resources in order to fight the existing problem. The advantage of the homeopathic method of treatment is its accessibility, the ability to combine with other methods of therapy and the lack of addiction to the means.

The main homeopathic remedies for hair loss include:
  • Lycopodium:- It is used in the treatment of baldness in the early stages, prevents the appearance of gray hair. You can buy the drug in the pharmacy in the form of a powder, which will need to be rubbed into the roots of the hair.
  • Hydrofluoric acid:- Quite a powerful tool in homeopathy, which is used to treat a strong loss of curls and their strengthening. It is forbidden to use acid at home, as there is a high risk of getting scalp skin burns, and large doses can poison the entire body.
  • Potassium sulfurous:- The use of this homeopathic remedy can stop alopecia areata, and also relieve you of dandruff. It is used internally, so you should follow the instructions carefully to avoid side effects.
  • Potassium carbonate:- Moisturizes the scalp, preventing excessive dryness. Not a bad drug in homeopathy, which fights with alopecia in the early stages.
  • Phosphorus:- Most often it is prescribed with sulfur salts to treat large strands. It is an antidote.
  • Phosphoric acid:- A remedy in homeopathy is used to restore hair growth after stress, depression and other emotional experiences.
  • Selenium:- Assigned in the event that, in addition to hair loss, the scalp hurts.
Although homeopathic remdies are used in the home, prescribe their use, dosage and  you should follow the doctor advice. These drugs in large doses are capable of causing side effects, so it is important to keep the dosage and dilution required for each condition.

Natural homeopathic substances

Vegetable remedies from hair loss - various decoctions, masks, etc. The most effective means for regeneration, nutrition, restoring the structure of the hair is yolk, it treats dandruff, strengthens the roots, transforms weak, lifeless strands into magnificent, beautiful hair. To restore hair it is possible homeopathic masks with addition of "D" vitamin, castor oil. One ampoule "D" of the vitamin should be mixed with a spoon of castor oil, the solution should be rubbed into the roots with massaging movements until light redness appears. This procedure is carried out for three days, and for the 4 th - the hair is washed with yolk. Such regular homeopathic treatment allows you to cure even neglected cases, on the bald patches in a month you can see a light furry.

To strengthen the roots of the hair, to restore the head of natural shine, beauty, health will help the use of broths of husks from onions, medicinal herbs of nettle, burdock, St. John's wort. In other words, homeopathy, although it is part of medicine, however, it implies the use of exclusively natural ingredients for the treatment of head of hair, which is suitable for any type of hair.

Effective natural ingredients can sometimes be questionable, because they often include harmful, poisonous substances. However, in normalized doses, the dissolved poison acquires medicinal qualities that can help a woman get rid of many problems with curls.

You Should Know

Sometimes loss is not associated with serious malfunctioning of the body, but is a consequence of stress or lack of nutrients. In this case, simple, but at the same time effective methods will help to cope with the problem:
  • Observe the sleep regime, sleep at least 6-7 hours a day.
  • Avoid overheating and hypothermia of the head.
  • Temporarily give up complex laying, keratin straightening and chemical wave, dyeing with ammonia paint.
  • Try to avoid stress, because as a result of this, a hormonal failure can occur, as a result of which the supply of hair follicles is impaired by nutrients and oxygen.
  • Include in your daily diet foods rich in proteins and healthy fats, as well as vitamins B, A, E, C.
  • Do a daily scalp massage with your fingers or a wooden comb to improve circulation.
  • Refuse bad habits : alcohol and smoking.
These measures should be followed, even if you use homeopathic or other drugs. Thus, the treatment process will be significantly accelerated.