Shape Color Density and Thickness of Hair

In this article we are going to discuss details about the shape, color, density and thickness of our hair. The shape of the hair depends on the shape of the follicle in relation to the surface of the scalp. According to the type of hair follicle arrangement , three basic hair forms are distinguished:
  • Straight hair is located in the skin almost perpendicular to the surface.
  • Curly hair (wavy hair) - with a slight bend, tilt.
  • Curly hair (curly hair) - growing "S-shaped" in relation to the surface of the scalp.
If you cut the hair across, then the cut of the straight hair will be round, curly hair - an oval, curly hair - even more flattened, reminiscent of a ribbon. The shape of the hair is genetically inherited and inherited, usually from the next of kin.

In addition to individual and genetic features, an important determining factor determining the shape of the hair is racial belonging. So, at Asians hair straight and thick, at dark-skinned people - curly hair.

Density and Thickness of Hair: Number of Hair

The density of hair is a perennial theme of strife. Who has more hair? This topic is a known object of envy. Why do some people have a lot of hair, and the others have exactly half? And the truth, on what their quantity and quality of hair depends?
Shape of the Hair
Since the hair is the appendage of the skin, above all, they are directly dependent on the skin. There is dependence: the thinner the skin in a person, the thinner the hair and vice versa.

The thickness of the hair is different, there is a dependence of the thickness of the hair on the color of the hair . The most delicate hair is for blondes (blondes), for brunettes (brunettes), the thickness of hair is several times larger, and the thickest hair is found in brown-haired women (brides).

The amount of hair on the head varies from 100 to 150 thousand. In brunettes, they are much smaller than blondes, and the redheads close this series. However, experts do not know what to regard as a norm, since the scatter of individual characteristics is very great.

The thickness of hair and its density depends on age, gender and other parameters. How to make hair thicker and thicker, if they are not genetically predisposed to this? There are several ways to achieve greater density of hair by natural methods.
Density and Thickness of Hair
You can use shampoo, it is better to choose a liquid and transparent, because the content of colorants in it is minimal. The only exceptions are shampoos with silk proteins, they just can not be transparent. Please note that it is desirable to avoid detergents with an inscription for mixed hair type.

If you are not sure which category your hair belongs to, better choose a shampoo for all hair types . Thick shampoos should be diluted with water before applying to the hair.

Also, you can recommend using air conditioners that give volume. Choosing this tool, you need to pay attention to how much in it natural components.

Color of the Hair

Hair color depends on many factors, the most important of which are genetic and endocrine factors.

The most interesting is that, being a carrier of a certain color, we are striving for the opposite. Brunettes want to be lighter, ashen blondes tend to become golden, and vice versa, golden blondes vengeance tone themselves with ashy shades.
Color of the Hair
Probably, every woman at least once in her life dreamed of becoming a blonde. This is good, if only she dreamed, more often than not, without thinking twice, she immediately embodies the dream of life - it discolours her hair. Especially if a woman is naturally brunette. Hair, clarified by 6 tones, is hopelessly destroyed.

Why does Hair Color Depend?

What determines the color of the hair , for which hair is subjected to such tortures?

The color of the hair depends on the amount of coloring matter - the pigment that is in the cells of the cortical layer of the hair, and on the amount of air that the pigment is "diluted" with. Strictly speaking, two pigments of melanin play a determining role: eumelanin (black-brown color) and pheomelanin (yellow-red color), the combination of which gives the whole gamut of color shades. These pigments are synthesized by special cells (melanocytes) only in accordance with the genetic program.

The activity of melanocytes is not the same, therefore, the hair of one person differs in color, which gives the hair a wonderful natural appearance, which you can not mistake for the appearance of colored hair, always the same. Over time, the activity of the cells that produce the pigment falls, the hair grows unpainted - gray hair .

Hair color, eye color and skin color - everything in a person is interrelated, therefore it's best to create your own image based on the natural color of the hair.

And yet, blonde or brunette? According to sociological surveys 31 percent of Americans and Germans are not indifferent to brunettes, 20 percent are crazy about blondes. The rest of the connoisseurs of female beauty were not so picky about the color of their wives' hair. In Russia, 39 percent of men prefer blondes, 28 percent like brunettes, another 13 percent fall in love only with the red-haired girl.

But, about tastes do not argue. Doubtfully known that all without exception the representatives of the stronger sex agree in one thing: the girl's head should adorn a mop of lush, thick, that is, healthy hair, as healthy hair on the head symbolizes sexuality, beauty, harmony and femininity.

Know, women, namely healthy and thick hair attract men, and not colored, rare and delicate hair.