How to Wake Sleeping Bulbs for Hair

Do you want to make your hair thicker? Perhaps the best way is to wake sleeping hair follicles. Then the hair will actually become larger, and the braid will be thicker. Part of the hair follicles is in a resting phase, until it is followed by growth, stabilization and loss phases. Sometimes the resting phase is delayed for a long time or too much hair is in this phase, then it even comes to baldness.There are many ways to wake up dormant hair bulbs, mainly this is irritation of the scalp by various methods - massage, burning masks, salon procedures.

Scalp Massage for Hair:- Vigorous scalp massage, especially with the use of oils (for example, Ayurveda oils ), improves blood circulation and nutrition of hair follicles. Increases and the flow of oxygen to the head, which is useful in all respects.

In this sense, active daily combing of hair, aromatherapy with essential oils, and the use of head massagers are also useful. It is undesirable to wear tight hair for a long time.

Annoying Mask:- The principle of action of these masks is also based on warming up and inflow of blood to the scalp. These are masks based on mustard, onion, pepper tincture, cinnamon, and the like. Masks recipes here >>>>

And of course, in parallel with this mask nourish the hair with useful substances and cleanse the scalp. Therefore, they are able to both wake the sleeping bulbs and improve the condition of the hair.
How to Wake Sleeping Bulbs for Hair
Salon Procedures:- In case of serious problems with hair loss, it is always helpful to consult a specialist. The trichologist will determine the condition of the hair, prescribe a diet, preparations or vitamins, will help to select therapeutic procedures.

In the salon you can be offered such procedures as:
  • Mesotherapy - injections into the scalp of small doses of medicinal preparations,
  • ozonotherapy - injections of ozone-containing preparations,
  • darsonvalization - exposure to high-frequency microcurrents,
  • professional massage and others.
Science does not stand still :- And more recently, scientists have established the cause of the fallout and synthesized the substance for the growth of new hair on the head, which causes the sleeping bulbs to wake up and grow!

First, scientists have proven that there are also stem cells in the hair follicles. But research has always been aimed at the phases of growth and stabilization, because no one imagined that the rest phase plays a key role in the growth of hair.

Hair loss leads to stress, and stress increases loss. We make masks, massage, peeling, cleanse the scalp from dead cells to strengthen the blood circulation of the scalp, nutrition of hair follicles, access to oxygen ...

And it turns out that the stem cells of the hair follicles begin to multiply just in case of a lack of oxygen!

After this stunning discovery, a way was also found to achieve the goal - how to wake the hair follicles. To do this, scientists from the laboratory L'Oreal synthesized the substance of stemoxidine - or rather it is a molecule of directed biomimetic action, which creates the conditions necessary for the growth of new hair on the head.

Studies were conducted on 100 men suffering from alopecia, and showed that after 3 months of using the drug, the growth of new hair is significantly enhanced. The agent is applied once a day. Stemoksidin already very soon will be part of some innovative cosmetics for the treatment of alopecia.