The Mystical and Spiritual Power of Long Hair in History

Long hair has always been a symbol of supernatural power and spiritual wealth.With long hair depicted and the ancient gods and goddesses, and apostles, and witches, long hair is worn by both religious ministers and psychics. The Slavs considered hair a conductor and a store of energy for the body and a source of wisdom, so men wore long hair and beards, and women almost never had their hair cut.

Middle Ages: The Mystical and Spiritual Power of Long Hair in History

As before, witches and witches used their hair as a source of strength, and many modern psychics do not cut their hair short.

A witch, even a fairy-tale, is represented with long, shaggy hair - they say, with the help of hair, they twisted the energy funnel, which helped to contact with the subtle plans and forces of nature. Swathed, tangled female hair - "koltun" - was perceived as a sign of a witch, belonging to the other world.

In the Middle Ages, it was believed that the harmful power of sorcerers and witches through hair extends into space and poisons it. Therefore, the executioners of the holy Inquisition before the torture shaved off all their hair on the body to protect themselves and weaken the forces of evil.

The Indians took scalps from their enemies, because they believed that in this way they kill not only the body, but also the soul. Indians voodoo with the help of human hair turned it into a zombie. Do you remember Zaporozhye Cossacks with long chubs on your shaved head? It was by no means a fashion, the hair was thus just on the projection of the Sahasrara chakra and served as a vehicle for energy from outer space, the Cossacks were knowledgeable people.
The Mystical and Spiritual Power of Long Hair in History
In ancient Greece, rulers and noble people differed from slaves with long hair. A short haircut was a symbol of slavery and suppression of personality, while long hair was a sign of power and wealth. But the soldiers going into battle, had to have long hair, which gave them strength of mind and sensitive intuition. Note that in today's world, soldiers are required to get a haircut so that they clearly follow orders and are subordinate to the commanders.

Frankish kings since the childhood did not shear hair, and if it happened - voluntarily or not - it served as a sign of refusal from the rights to the throne.

Magic and Superstition

A rite of black magic was to cut off the hair of a woman. It was believed that with hair, she would lose her mental and physical health, lose contact with her guardian angel and not live a long life. Girls who became pregnant without marriage were cut off their hair violently as punishment, curse and shame.

They voluntarily cut their hair only after tragic events in life, to leave the old life with the hair and start a new one - the hair is capable of storing the energy memory of events in a person's life. In the Old Testament there are such words: "renounce hair and throw all evil on them."

It was believed that the hair accumulate negative energy from the outside and store the memory of events, so after public appearances with loose hair dancers, priestesses and hetaera performed special rituals for purification. This also applies to the tradition of covering the head of a married woman. Dissolute, not put away under the headdress of hair could be exposed to the evil eye.

When a woman got married and became a member of another family, she had to cover her head so as not to bring misfortune to her husband and his relatives. Leave the house on the street with uncovered head, simple-voiced even at the beginning of the XX century. was considered unacceptable. Accidentally to lose a hat - meant to "make out", that is, disgrace.

Ancient Russia : The Mystical and Spiritual Power of Long Hair in History

Let's return to the history of the Slavs . The braid in which unmarried girls braided their hair, had an extreme sacred meaning.

On the one hand, its strands symbolized and united the forces of the three worlds - Yavi, Navi and Pravda. On the other hand, the soul was connected with higher powers.

And located along the spine, the braid covers its protective energy field of the chakra and serves as a conductor of energy directly to the chakras. That is why the length of the hair should be at least to the center of the chest, where the heart chakra Anahata is located , the center of love, mercy and kindness.

But the longer the hair, the more a woman's vitality. A ribbon, woven into a braid, strengthened the mystical power of hair, depending on the color of the tape. For example, the red ribbon served simultaneously as a charm and attracted love.

Before the wedding, a sad ritual of the "maiden's litter" was performed. It was a leisurely, meaningful process. In the future, to unbind the braid was allowed only before her husband, no stranger to see her hair loose should not.

Married women plaited not one braid, but two. One made her connection with higher powers, and the second energetically connected with her husband, giving him some of the energy to give him strength and protect. Therefore, there was such a custom - before killing the prince, Tatars of the times of invasion of Great Russia first found his wife and cut off her hair in order to weaken the life forces of the prince.

In our time, knowledge of the power of long hair has long been forgotten, but the subconscious mind keeps the image of a woman with long hair, as a keeper of the hearth, wise, kind and loving. That's why men's hearts melt at the sight of long thick female hair, and women dream of such hair.