Wash Hair How Often: How many times should you wash your Hair a week

Wash Hair How Often: How many times should you wash your Hair a week. We will also discuss How to Wash Hair properly.  Wash your hair best after combing. This allows you to wash out of the hair scales dead skin cells, the number of which after combing increases. The result - the hair striking with its purity and brilliance. How often should I wash my hair? Of course, you are well acquainted with the common recommendation to wash your hair after so many days. For example, any glossy magazine will give you "useful advice" in two lines - wash your fatty hair once every 5-6 days, and dry hair - every 10-12 days. If you can hear anything more stupid, it is advisable to miners - "wash with soap once a week."

Wash hair can not be carried out on a pattern or taking advantage of an incipient case. Wash your hair the moment you feel that it has become dirty, greasy, etc.

What should be the temperature of the water? Do not wash very hot or cold water. The temperature of the water should be just above the body temperature. You can use a little cool water if washing is of a daily character and if you do not use soap or shampoo. By the way, yogis believe that one of the causes of early gray hair is the use of excessively hot water when washing hair.

Than to wash hair ? It is very useful to experiment and choose what suits you best and does not irritate the scalp during daily washing. And do not double soap your head (with daily washing). It can (no matter how mild either soap or shampoo) to overdry.

The suitability of shampoo for moderately dry hair can be determined, according to some authors, by wetting them with a strip of litmus paper. Suitable shampoo, which does not change the color of the paper (neutral) or gives a slight pinkish tinge (slightly acidic).
How many times should you wash your Hair a week
Shampoo should not be poured directly on the head, but first on the hands. Rub it evenly over the surface of the palms, and then rub your hair and scalp with your hands. The same must be done when "soaping the head with soap", as they say. The procedure should not consist in "soaping the head with soap", but in soaping the hands first, and then this foam from the hands (hands, in fact) are soaped with hair. Note also that soap in the form of soapy foam less irritating to the scalp.

When washing hair, try not to tangle your hair, so that when combing, do not wring them whole bunches.

How to Wash Hair properly

Wash your hair with cautious circular movements of your fingers, so as not to scratch the scalp with your fingernails, as even a slight scratch allows bacteria to enter the body and cause various diseases.

Rinse your head very carefully. To wash out hair it is necessary until they start to "creak" (and necessarily on all sites of a head, and not in places - the shampoo is washed off longly).

Of great importance is the quality of water. Hard water is unacceptable, since the calcium, magnesium and iron salts contained therein have an adverse effect on the skin and hair, contributing to the appearance of dryness and flaking. With the systematic use of such water, the hair becomes thinner, becomes brittle, falls out in large quantities. Water can be softened by prolonged, at least an hour, boiling and settling or adding 2-3 teaspoons of baking soda to the basin of water (about 5 liters). It is useful to use boiled and filtered rain and snow water.

You can apply and cosmetic drill (1/2 teaspoon per 1 liter of water). Do not use a higher concentration of borax or soda, as this is harmful to the hair.

In ordinary tap water there are a lot of extraneous inclusions, of which we wrote above and which, when the hair dries, settle on them and give them a dull look. A considerable part of these sediments is occupied by calcareous substances. Therefore, after washing hair with soap, it is useful to rinse them with acidic water - it does not damage the skin, but gives the hair extra shine and strength. In addition, in soapy water, soap does not wash well, no foam is formed, and hair is not washed properly. Usually for this use a weak vinegar solution (1-2 teaspoon per liter of water). In some people this solution irritates the scalp. Then use another means: take the lemon, cut it into two halves and squeeze out the juice from it through the gauze into a glass filled with warm water. With the resulting mixture, rinse your head and you will see that after drying,

By the way, about the smell of hair. They have the ability to absorb the surrounding odors. This is well known to everyone who has ever stayed outside the city by the fire - the hair long afterwards retains the smell of smoke. Two or three days after washing (if you do not wash your hair daily), hair still retains the smell of shampoo, but then odors are added to this odor, which start to irritate you. Especially susceptible to foreign smells, fatty hair.

For rinsing dry hair, it is recommended to use water with the addition of the root of a forest marshmallow (2 tablespoons of chopped root pour 1 liter of boiling water and leave for 2 hours under the lid) or lime-colored (2 tablespoons pour 1 liter of boiling water and leave for 20 minutes).

Oily hair is recommended to rinse with water with the addition of a herbal mixture of herbs - horsetail, peppermint, oak bark (2 tablespoons each for 1 liter of water). For light, hair - horsetail, chamomile, kidney hop in the same proportion.

I must say that the use of the substances listed above was intended to give the hair after drying a great elasticity and elasticity. All these organic substances, being in a liquid state, fill cracks and pores, abundantly present on weak hair. When drying, astringents and tanning substances, which are part of these preparations, glue and tighten the inner partitions and external scales of the hair, resulting in the hair acquiring a noticeable elasticity, healthy appearance, glossiness.

Similarly, when rinse after washing with acidified water (table vinegar, citric acid), simultaneously with the neutralization of soap residues (alkali), compression of the outer flakes also occurs, which also has a beneficial effect on the hair.

After rinsing, squeeze out the hair, quickly throw a terry towel. Hair can not be dried too quickly, as it usually happens when drying under a hot hair dryer. A good way to dry - drying a few pre-heated terry towels.

If you decide to dry your hair in the sun, then cover your head with a handkerchief or towel.

After complete drying, the hair needs to be re-combed (the first careful combing is done after preliminary drying with towels). Long hair is combed from the ends, short - from the skin.

I must say that it is necessary to wash your hair, or rather rinse it with clean water, not only after contamination with dust, sebum, etc., but after taking sea baths.

When washing and combing the hair, their enhanced loss is observed. Hair loss is a natural process, but the norm can be considered when within a day not more than 100 hair falls out.

Clean well-laid hair is so beautiful that it often allows their owners not to resort to any other cosmetic means.
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