What Causes Split Ends in Hair and How to Remove it without Cutting

Trying to grow hair, did you find out What Causes Split Ends in Hair? At a length of more than 30 cm protective grease is very difficult to reach the tips, as a result - dry, brittle, split ends. It is difficult to grow long beautiful hair when they literally break off at the ends. The only remedy for split hair is to cut them, which also does not bring us closer to the desired length. Conclusion - prevention is necessary and masks against split ends. Let's look at the causes of brittleness and cross-section of hair and think about how to avoid it and what to do when the hair is cut.

The hair is known to be dead, and if the roots are still young and full of strength, then the longer the hair, the older, "worn and shabby" they are at the ends. To restore hair neither independently, nor by means of leaving can not in any way.

Over time, the cuticle is destroyed, especially under the influence of traumatic factors, and the hair is split at the end into two or more parts. The cross section can occur over the entire length of the hair, when they are damaged by the ironing, comb or metal pins.
What Causes Split Ends in Hair and How to Remove it without Cutting

Causes of the Split Ends in Hair

Reasons and what to do when the hair is cut:
  • First of all, the cut ends of the hair are guaranteed to you, if you dye your hair or subject them to a perm. It was after the chemical wave that I first learned what the split ends are. After these traumatic procedures, the hair becomes dry and brittle, and a ruthless haircut is inevitable.
  • Drying with a hairdryer, styling with a thermal roller, tongs and ironing. If you want long healthy hair, you need to learn how to do without these procedures. Hot air dryer switch to cold, and hair learn to curl by safe methods .
  • Rude treatment of damp hair - remember, hair can not be combed and rubbed with a towel. Do not touch damp hair at all, let them dry naturally, so it is advisable not to wash your hair before going to bed or just before you leave the house.
  • A poor-quality comb - metal combs, old combs with jags, rough combing, all this damages the hair, confuses, tears, which will result in split ends. Choose a safe natural hair brush.
  • Substandard hair accessories - metal barrettes, tight elastic bands with metal ornaments, invisibility and hairpins. Choose quality, safe accessories.  In addition to accessories, hair is damaged by tight headgear and clothing, which leads to friction and damage to the hair. It is considered. that for hair it is bad to adjoin to a fur garment.
  • Exposure to direct sunlight , especially in combination with salty sea water - all this dries very much and damages the hair. In my experience, the best protective agent for hair is Panthenol in the form of foam or spray, it protects hair from all negative factors, nourishes them, gives shine and keeps the styling well.
  • Low-quality chlorinated water - what water to wash your hair, how to soften the water, how to wash your hair properly in the article How to wash your hair >>>
  • Substandard, aggressive hair care products. Get a soft organic shampoo that matches your hair type. Avoid aggressive styling tools - they dryly dry your hair, and at a low temperature on the street freeze and destroy hair, read about safe home styling products.
  • Use care specifically for the tips - special masks and indelible tips for tips. Also after washing, the tips can be greased with olive, coconut oil or avocado oil, rastering a few drops in the palms of your hands and gently distributing them at the ends of the hair. Of course, hair will look dirty faster, so this method will suit those who wash their hair daily.
  • Revise your diet , eat more foods that are good for your hair, pick up multivitamins and dietary supplements. Especially if you have problems also with skin and nails - this indicates a lack of vitamins and trace elements. Drink at least 2 liters of clean water a day. In the morning on an empty stomach it is very good to take on a tablespoon of olive or linseed oil.
  • While the hair continues to be cut, regularly cut your hair every two months. If you really want to keep the length, but shear the split hair, try to do it yourself, twisting strands of hair with flagella and cutting off protruding hairs. The procedure is dull and long. Cutting hot scissors will help to grow long hair, although this issue is a lot of controversy, but most likely the effectiveness depends on the quality of the procedure performed, the professional level of the master. Personally, I liked the effect, although I was sheared with hot scissors only once. It is believed that after two or three procedures you will forget about the cut ends, although this measure does not treat the problem on the root, but only gives a cosmetic effect.
  • Masks against split ends  will not restore the hair, but will bring their appearance in order and prevent the cross section.
If proper hair care does not allow you to get rid of split ends, consult a trichologist or a hairdresser for advice.Read articles about Masks >> and Hair care >> Ask your questions and share experiences in the comments!