What color should I Dye my HAIR? Psychology of color

The passion for changing hair color is familiar to all. It is interesting that with the help of hair color, we can bring our inner world to a harmonious state and cause a certain attitude to others around us. Do you want to make a more light and feminine impression, attract the eye - blush. Brunettes are considered passionate and hot, this hair color will give you confidence. The red color suits mischievous and eccentric people.

If you change hair color radically every month, then, most likely, you are still looking for yourself, or something dissatisfied with yourself. Let's talk about the psychology of hair color, about what features are inherent in this or that color and what to expect from it.

It turns out that the color of hair is associated not only with psychology, but also with hormones. Surprisingly, the brunettes have more male sex hormone testosterone, which gives them strong-willed masculine traits. Blondes have a softer character, as in their body more female estrogen hormone.

About Blondes

In myths and tales, feminine images - goddesses, princesses, angels - have blonde hair. They are credited with such traits of character as softness, tenderness, caring, compliance.

Natural blonde roots come from the north, so subconsciously they are perceived as calm, chilly, balanced. In ancient times, blondes were a rarity in other parts of the world, and were perceived as a rare treasure, a heavenly angel, a pure and bright image.

On the one hand, they were more coveted for men as exotic and as opposed to hot-tempered brunettes, on the other - as something inaccessible, unattainable, detached.
What color should I Dye my HAIR? Psychology of color
According to Carl Jung, blondes are still in the subconscious of men, and brunettes seem more earthly and accessible to women.

According to Feng Shui, it is believed that women with blond hair are protected by the water element, and their side of the world is north, because it is from there that they come from.

Most often, deciding what color to color your hair, the girls choose it blond. When you are repainted in a blonde, then your attitude, the attitude of others, and life itself changes. You can feel defenseless, you will be attacked by the increased attention of men, and this can be uncomfortable.

Should you become a blonde?
  • If you are in contact with your femininity and are ready to take on the romantic role of a weak and fragile woman, take compliments, attention, help and care of men - this hair color is for you.
  • If you want people around you to be softer and put less responsibility, and at work colleagues or subordinates were more friendly - you will be comfortable with blond hair.
  • But be prepared for a more frivolous attitude of men - they do not too readily marry blondes, considering them not created for a serious and trusting relationship.

About Brunettes

In contrast to blondes, brunettes are more volitional, strong, purposeful natures. They usually act as femme fatale females, they were both Carmen and Cleopatra.

"The brunette is like a black coffee, hot and inviting, with a bitter taste, burning, with a unique aroma ... once you try, you will not trade, nothing else ..."

Brunettes are provocateurs, they can be very bright, quick-tempered and stubborn. Men consider brunettes more passionate and sexually liberated, their vivid image attracts them.

When girls are repainted in a radically black color - this is a real rebellion, a protest, a desire to prove something. Although if you remember the eastern women, submissive and hidden under the veil, then the question arises - how do they restrain their temperament?

When to choose a dark hair color:
  • If you are attracted by a career and business,
  • When you need to suppress competitors and lead subordinates,
  • when you want to become brighter, more energetic and liberated and make your life brighter.
  • Nevertheless, men prefer to marry dark-haired and brown-haired women than blondes, as they seem more earthy and reliable, more suitable for marriage.

About Brown-Haired Women

Brown-haired women do not have such clear characteristics and pronounced character traits, but they have a strong inner energy.

The chestnut hair has a mass of shades from light to dark, and the more they are light, the more mild and accommodating the character is their owner. At the same time, they are characterized by purposefulness, responsibility, loyalty.

Perhaps that's why men consider them ideal wives. Choose these shades when you want life to get tired and there is a place for serious relationships and family comfort.

Brown hair:- This is the most common natural color on the European continent. They are characterized by lightness and naturalness, they prefer to be themselves, and not to try to declare something with the color of hair or manipulate the opinions of others. Their inner world is completely harmonious, the character is calm faithful and faithful, they are feminine and happy in marriage.

Recolouring in a light brown color, you seem natural and do not represent anything out of nature, thus provoking trust and respect, attracting men, aimed at long-term relationships.

Redheads:- These are the brightest and rare birds that always attract attention. Their patroness was the goddess Venus.

For their extraordinary red-haired have become famous in the Middle Ages as a demonic origin, and then they became a symbol of adultery and "worked" courtesans.

Men adore them for their sensuality, brightness and sense of humor. Often their character is as fiery as the hair color. Vigor, optimism, dreaminess, cunning, vital curiosity - this is what the red hair color brings with it.

If you crave adventures, adventures and adrenaline, you want to change your life and always attract attention - it's your color!

A girl with any hair color is beautiful, and there is nothing better than a natural hair color. Your natural hair color is a kind of hint, why did you come into this world and what kind of behavior you should follow.

If you do not accept your color, repaint is the easiest way to achieve inner harmony, or just experiment and get new impressions. Choosing whether to dye your hair at all and what color to color your hair is up to you.