What is HAIR ? Types of Human Hair

Hair in a person's life is of exceptional importance, whether he is a man or a woman! The importance and role of hair in human life is very difficult to overestimate. Suffice it to say that their lack or complete absence can cause a lot of problems and troubles, which will greatly spoil the quality of life of any healthy, full-fledged and promising person.

His impressions about the problem of baldness, he asked me to publish a grateful patient. I helped him to solve the problem of hair loss and, as a thanks, he decided to share with me and with you his story and what he had to go through in order to realize the significance and role of hair in the life of modern man.

This is a typical example of the problems faced by a person who began to lose hair early . For ethical reasons, the name is not published. The story of a promising young man who faced the problem of baldness, as he put it - "at the most inopportune moment of his life." The events that took place in his life forced him to look at his hair differently and to overestimate their significance and role in their lives.
I had all the work, career, girlfriend and plans for the future.
He graduated from the institute, got a job at prestigious work in a respectable, respected company. In 4 years he became deputy general director. It would seem that there is everything: career, money, prospects for creating a prosperous family - life is beautiful, but ...
Once, when I came to my favorite hairdresser's, during the haircut, I noticed strange bald patches at my temples. It's strange, but yesterday they were not there, where did they come from? Well ... it seems, dear, you are balding the barber unpromisingly answered. How? I? Well, I did not grunt the barber, playing with his thick hair. Itself only the phrase 'You are balding' so impressed me that I could not think of anything else. Every time looking at myself in the mirror, I saw myself already bald. I was horrified to imagine how my friends and colleagues would look at me, who always knew me with thick hair. And the girl ... she is more likely to find herself a full-fledged guy ... and who will I be so "beautiful" in general?
I began to concentrate poorly on the work, as a result, I was demoted, the career quickly went down. Also, I began to pay less attention to my beloved girl, I decided that I would lose her, and as a result, we stopped relations ... Next, I began to notice that I was embarrassed by other girls and avoided contact with them, and they, girls, no longer attracted me as much as before.
And then I thought, what a horror! I became impotent. I'm now all alone with my problem! And all because of them, because of the hair! As so, before hair in general had no value in my life, I could safely shave them without fear ... and now I'm even afraid to touch them ... I do not know if I'll ever see my bang again ...
I completely lost interest in life ...
This example, unfortunately, is not an exception, but rather a rule. Sad statistics say that in 80% of cases, early hair loss leads to quite painful experiences that can not but affect our self-esteem and self-confidence. These negative changes are transferred to our everyday life, to the results of work and to people close to us.
What is HAIR ? Types of Human Hair
Let's analyze the achievements and losses of our hero in the context of the problem of baldness : work - would the authorities have started dismissing or demoting it simply because they began to melt their hair? And a girl, would she leave him if she really loved him? The answers are unambiguous - NO!

Indeed, if you carefully read the whole story, and especially its ending, it can be noted that losses (meaning positions, careers and girls) could be avoided. How, you ask? It's very simple - do not panic so much about hair loss! Instead, it was necessary to find a balanced and rational way to solve the problem, which later was done. It is panic and fear that are the causes of the problems, not the problem of hair loss and hair loss itself!

For many of you this story may seem stupid and far-fetched, but alas it is not so, and after reading this section until the end you will understand why.

Why are we so painfully worried, losing hair exactly on the head? Why, for example, if we started to fall out of our hair in the groin, would we be more relaxed on our feet? Let's try to figure out what is so special about our hair on the head? And why do they mean so much in our lives?

To do this, you need to understand - What is Hair ?

Today, the direction of esotericism is intensively developing, gaining increasing recognition throughout the world. The opinions and arguments of esotericism about the meaning of hair in human life seemed to me so interesting and convincing that I could not help sharing it with you.

Esoterics in the broadest sense of the word - the science of the relationship of man with the cosmos. Cosmos in esotericism is seen as a colossal, inexhaustible source of vital energy. According to the representatives of this school, the energy of the universe has created and supports all life on our planet.

Today, to deny the existence of the vital energy of the cosmos is as stupid and ignorant as to deny the existence of electricity, esotericists say. Communicating with the masters in this field, it was not difficult to come to the conclusion that hair has one of the most important meanings in a person's life, and that's why.

Christianity says - "Man does not eat bread alone". Esotericism gives this explanation, arguing that we are eating the vital energy from space that is necessary for us to exist as air and water.

Genital energy,  esotericism is seen as a creative, driving energy, initiative energy, action. Without genital energy, nothing would happen in the world at all. Therefore, in some esoteric schools, genital energy is equated to vital energy.

Men, unlike women, can produce genital energy, however - both of them get vital energy from space with the help of what do you think? With the help of hair on the head. Yes, friends, the hair on our head, act as antennas, conductors of this very cosmic energy.

The received energy from space, enters the chest area of ​​a man, where in the opinion of most religious movements, there is a person's soul. In men, almost the whole area of ​​the chest is covered with thick hair, which indicates the center of the accumulation of energy masses. In this area, energy is transformed and spread throughout the body.

Note the continuity of the hairline from the head to the genital area of ​​the male. That's where the association of thick hair comes from -  genital endurance.

Thus, a man with a full-body hair can absorb more life energy, and therefore - can accumulate more genital  energy. For women, this is a sure sign that such a man is genital hardy, and therefore - more attractive as a lover. The opposite conclusion, in the case of rare hair and / or alopecia, it will not be difficult to do.

It is for this reason that in the anecdotes the role of "heroes-lovers" is given to men of Caucasian nationality who, by nature, have the densest hair foliage in the world.

Women do not have such an abundant hair covering all over the body, like men. And not casual. There is an opinion that women are not at all able to accumulate and produce genital energy (no offense, women). It is for this initiator that when getting acquainted and in relationships, men are always more active.

Whence women receive genital energy, the answer is simple: they take it already in ready form directly from outer space. Therefore, nice women are usually characterized by synonyms - angelically beautiful, she has unearthly or divine beauty.

Then, you ask, how do women get genital energy to go to the genitals? Perhaps for many of you this news will "open America," but in fact, women have two genital organs. Have you ever wondered why women hide their breasts, why do not they go "topless" like men do? You have correctly understood - the female breast is also a genital organ, as intimate as a male penis.

In the opinion of most men, the beautiful women are those who release the hair to the waist (to the level of the cob). Explanation from the point of view of esotericism is simple - a woman feeds genital energy at once two of her genital organs, and therefore more genitally attractive.

Thus, by releasing the hair to the shoulder blades, the women project energy to the level of the breasts, transferring the received genital energy directly to their genitals, feeding them. Most women like to dissolve their hair during intercourse, this is done to maximize the body's genital energy. This, by the way, explains the fact that men subconsciously like women with long and loose hair. Such women, in the opinion of men, are very attractive, which means they are more relaxed in bed.

That's why, even in my practice, women do not experience more about rare hair, but that they can not grow to the length they need. Complaining that they, the hair, "do not grow." And for the same reason, the service of "hair extensions" is aimed at women. Thus, if you do not have enough hair to feed the genitals, women use a kind of "extension".

What, according to the esotericists, occurs with baldness. Earlier it was mentioned that our hair on the head - conductors of vital energy. And what is energy from the point of view of physics - this is current.

So, what happens when alopecia is the same as when a wire breaks in an electrical circuit - some of its elements or the entire chain, depending on the severity of the damage, will receive less current, in our case - the body will receive less energy, the same necessary us for life like water and air.

What will be the result? Let's look again at the electrical circuit. When the wire breaks, the chain ceases to function fully. Our body is the most perfect electric circuit, therefore at such "breakage", it starts to work in "economical mode" or speaking computer terminology - "in a protected mode". On what does he begin to save? On what he deems unimportant ...

We said that the energy from space that we absorb with our hair is the energy of movement, initiative, creation, creation. With a full-fledged nutrition of our body with energy, a person develops self-confidence, high self-esteem and libido, they say about such a person - "he works hard, does not get tired and does everything", his labor results are very fruitful. The person is in a good mood, he is always cheerful and optimistic.

As mentioned, if the energy is not received (in case of baldness), our body begins to save and the results of this "saving" for us are quite deplorable:
  • Decrease in efficiency, consequence - low results of work, entail a demotion and, possibly - the collapse of a career.
  • There is a drop in self-esteem and self-confidence in the result - a decrease in  libido.
  • Appears "imaginary impotence" (in men), frigidity (in women) - when in terms of physiology, a person is healthy, but he does not feel attraction to the opposite gender, the result is a decrease in attention to the opposite gender up to complete indifference!
  • Lack of interest in intercourse as such, possible loss of partner.
The final chord of baldness - comes apathy and a complete lack of interest in life!

Does not it look like anything? Let's remember once again the story of our hero given at the beginning of this section, which then, perhaps, seemed ridiculous and silly to you.

Let us analyze the end of history from the point of view of energy shortage, associated with baldness:

"... he began to concentrate poorly on his work (reduced efficiency and low labor results), as a result of which he was demoted (demotion), career quickly went down (career collapse) .He also began to pay less attention to his beloved girl, deciding that she would lose her (loss of self-esteem and self-confidence) as a result, as a result, the relationship with her stopped (the loss of her partner) ... He began to notice that he was embarrassed by other girls and avoided contact with them , and they, girls, already They attract him as much as before (they do not feel attracted to the opposite gender) ... I became impotent (imaginary impotence) ... I completely lost interest in life (apathy is the final chord of baldness) ".

Still think that this story is a foolish invention?

The importance of hair in a person's life is very great. Their condition, health and appearance affects all spheres of human existence.

Hair had, and will have a tremendous value in human life. They will always embody the virility of physical strength and iron will.

Do not think that baldness is not a problem at all and that you should not pay attention to the condition of your hair. Like hair loss, this is a serious enough problem, which carries a deep psychological trauma that can affect or completely paralyze the most important aspects of our life.

There is an opinion that the rules of the road are written in blood, it means that someone first suffered, and then only accepted the appropriate rule. All the examples described here in one way or another are also written in blood. Someone once was mistaken, someone overlooked, did not pay enough attention to the problem. These examples are listed here for you! So that you can see the mistakes and prevent or warn them in your life!

Remember, if there are alarming symptoms of Baldness or hair loss, do not self-medicate.

Types of Human Hair

The type of hair is determined by the place of hair growth . There are three main types of hair that grow on a person's body:
  • Long hair (on the head), they are located on the skin of the scalp, beard, mustache, in the armpits.
  • Bristly hair (eyebrows, eyelashes, hair in the nose and external ear canal).
  • Pushkin hair (located on the skin of the face, trunk and extremities).
At the beginning of the puberty period, the hair is replaced with a more rigid - terminal, which may have a slightly different color and density than the hair of the previous generation.

Long hair - this kind of hair grows on the head, beard, breast, armpits and on the external genitalia. Hair on the scalp undergoes several stages of development: a noticeable growth begins at the age of 2-3 years, and at puberty they acquire their final form.

In the same period, the hair on the pubis and under the armpits changes a little - they become thicker and curly. In ordinary cases, the distribution of hair on the body is dictated by sex, age, nationality.

Pushkin hair is a kind of hair that covers the skin of the hands, legs and torso. Pushkin hair soft, short (about 1.5 mm in length), unpigmented and do not have a brain substance. This is the first hair that appears on the fetal body in prenatal development; they are also called "primary". Shortly before birth, this hair is partially replaced with pigmented hair.

This type of hair , in the first years after birth on the scalp, is transformed into so-called intermediate hair, which, in turn, during puberty, is replaced by terminal hair. The color of the intermediate and terminal hair often does not coincide, in addition the terminal hair is noticeably denser.

Bristly hair (bristles) - these are eyebrows, eyelashes and those that grow in the nostrils. They are quite tough, pigmented, but not long. To old age, these hair begin to grow in a variety on the face, mostly in men.