Wigs and Hairpieces for Men and Women

Wigs and Hairpieces can be of different shapes and sizes. Each of them is designed to close a strictly defined area of ​​the head and to be in harmony with the surrounding hair. Chignon is safe to use, it is easily worn and removed. If your scalp is completely naked, you can attach the hairpiece with a Velcro adhesive tape. If your hair falls under the chignon, you can tie or attach the hairpiece to them. If the hairpiece is well fixed, then there is no risk that it will fall off the head.

Chignon is easy to get, so try a few styles and shades until you find one that suits you the most. It is best to take hairpieces made not from human hair, but from synthetic fibers, because in addition to being cheaper, they look more natural and easy to take care of. Natural and light, the hairpiece can be changed depending on the fashion.

Some men, especially young people (twenty to thirty-year-olds), do not like to wear hairpieces because of the unpleasant sensation that they do not have their own hair on their head. To give such men more confidence in themselves, ways of weaving hair and methods of their implantation were developed. However, this is not the best way out of the situation.

With the method of braiding, the hair substitutes are woven around the perimeter of the head into the man's own hair. The hair on the sides of the head is tightly braided so that a small patch of hair can be attached to them. This peculiar "pigtail" fixes the patch on the head. Similarly, to the crown of the head, a hairpiece is anchored firmly.
Wigs and Hairpieces for Men and Women
But the chignon causes a lot of problems. First, your own hair grows , causing the hairpiece to "travel around the head", which leads to the need for frequent reinstallation. It requires money and is somewhat inconvenient. Secondly, the tight fit of the chignon makes it difficult to observe the rules of hygiene of the hair.

Dandruff, dirt and the remains of shampoos can accumulate in a pigtail, forming a moist sediment that can cause the appearance of bacteria, skin irritation and produce, in addition - an unpleasant smell. In addition, due to the fact that the hairpiece covers the head, you can forget about scalp ventilation.

Therefore, wearing a hairpiece means forgetting about proper Hair Care, and this should not be sacrificed.

Choosing alternative methods for solving the problem of Baldness, first of all, proceed from your lifestyle and personal preferences. But remember, whichever method you choose, do not forget about hair hygiene, even if there are not so many on your head.