Best Hair Mask for Fine Hair =>Updated Tips<=

Best hair mask for fine hair. Thin hair delivers to its owners a lot of problems. They look sad and dull, quickly get dirty, do not give the desired volume of hair. Someone shortly cuts, someone is fond of styling and styling, someone just takes them in a ponytail. But masks for fine hair will help give them extra volume and create the desired volumetric styling.

Mask for Thin Hair with Green Tea

Not only will give volume and sensation of a greater density of hair, but also will revive your hair, will make them soft and silky due to an egg in its composition. We recommend a course of 10-15 masks 1-2 times a week.

Depending on the length of the hair, you need 1-3 eggs and 1 -3 tablespoons of chopped green tea (in the form of powder, you can take it from tea bags or grind it on a coffee grinder). For oily hair, it is better to take only yolks of eggs.
Best Hair Mask for Fine Hair
Pour the green tea with a small amount of boiling water, to the consistency of sour cream. Allow to cool, then add eggs. Apply over the entire length of hair, massage the scalp, leave for half an hour. If you use only yolks, you can wash off the mask without shampoo.

Mask of Colorless Henna

Henna can be bought at a pharmacy or a cosmetics store, this is a fine mask for fine hair. Take one packet of colorless henna, pour a small amount of hot water and let it brew for about 30 minutes.

Apply the mask on the scalp and along the entire length of the hair, cover with polyethylene and leave for half an hour. This mask is not very easy to wash out of hair, but the remaining grains are easily combed out of the hair after drying.

Black Bread

For thin hair, the mask of black bread, popular even in the days of our grandmothers, is ideal. A couple of slices of black bread should be broken into pieces and pour boiling water, let it brew and cool. Next, apply on the entire length of the hair and leave for 30 minutes. It will not be easy to wash your hair, but the effect is assured!

Masks Made of Oatmeal

Oatmeal feeds and cleanses hair, and also envelops them and makes them voluminous. For the base, pour the necessary amount of flour with hot water, mix, the consistency should be creamy.

Next to this the mask can not add anything or add anything that your heart desires - yolk, basic or essential oils, vitamins A, E, B . Distribute the mask along the entire length of the hair, warm it and leave it for half an hour.

Masks Made of Cosmetic Clay

Clay is of several kinds and you can choose it for your hair type . Clay is not only rich in minerals, but also has an enveloping effect - the hair becomes more voluminous and heavier.

Gelatin Masks for Fine Hair

Gelatin is known for its ability to envelop. give shine and volume to the hair. Recipes for masks and shampoos with gelatin are varied. Gelatin can be pre-diluted with warm water and mixed with shampoo or balm, or dry gelatin powder added to the shampoo or balm, then applied to the hair for a few minutes. For more please do not visit to see the list of all from the Hair Mask >>> Page.