Glycerin For Hair Growth : Mask with Glycerin Honey and Oils Recipe for Dry Hair

Glycerin For Hair Growth. Glycerin is very popular in cosmetology. At the same time, it is sold at pharmacies at cheap prices. Therefore it is very simple to make a home mask with glycerin. But you need to know some features of this substance, so as not to get an undesirable effect. Despite the fact that this drug has tremendous moisturizing properties, in too high a concentration, it will start absorbing moisture from the skin and hair and drying them. That's why we share with you the secrets of how to make masks with glycerin at home. Even a small amount of glycerin in cosmetics makes it moisturizing. Only its molecule keeps around itself ten molecules of water.

Who is Recommended Glycerin

Therefore, if you have dry brittle hair, then our recipes are simply necessary for you. Masks with glycerin make hair elastic, shiny, moisturized. Favorably affect the scalp, especially in the presence of dryness, itching and dry dandruff.

Curly, hard and naughty hair becomes softer and easier to comb and fit. Painted hair acquires a deeper color and shine.


Glycerin can not be applied to hair in its pure form, only in combination with other ingredients. High concentration of it in the mixture can lead to lightening of the hair.

Apply masks to the hair after washing. It is not recommended to apply the product on the scalp, if it is irritated or damaged. Allergy, as a rule, does not arise, so you can apply this remedy without fear.
Glycerin For Hair Growth : Mask with Glycerin Honey and Oils Recipe for Dry Hair

Masks for hair with glycerin and oils

This combination of components perfectly restores damaged and overdried hair. They are filled with power and energy!
  • Mix two tablespoons burdock and one tablespoon of castor oil and heat lightly on a water bath. Add two tablespoons of glycerin, mix and distribute over the entire length of the hair. Wrap the head with a plastic wrap and leave for 30 minutes. Apply this prescription twice a week for 6-8 weeks.
  • Squeeze the juice of one medium sized bulb. Add a tablespoon of olive oil and glycerin, warm up the mixture a little. Dissolve in it a teaspoon of honey and apply over the entire length of the hair. Cover your head with plastic wrap or a bag and leave for 30-60 minutes. This product accelerates the growth of hair, eliminates dandruff and improves the appearance of hair.

Homemade Mask with Glycerin and Honey

This is an excellent remedy for dandruff and to nourish the scalp. Take two tablespoons of liquid honey (if you have a solid - just warm it up) and a teaspoon of glycerin. Stir and rub into the scalp, massaging it well. Leave for 30 minutes, then rinse.

Recipe for Dry Hair

Mix two yolks of chicken eggs with 1 tsp. glycerin. To moisten the hair, take also a tablespoon of aloe juice. This mixture should be spread over the entire length of the hair for 30 minutes. You can wash off without shampoo. Hair will be lush and shiny.

Masks with glycerin at home can be done by enriching any product with a small amount of glycerin. For example, you can add it to kefir and apply it to your hair as a regular kefir mask.