Mask for Laminating Hair at Home: Indian Recipe

Mask for Laminating Hair at Home. This simple, but very, very effective recipe came to us from India. In India, traditionally applied henna (for mehendi) and cinnamon (as an aphrodisiac). They are the basis of our mask for laminating hair at home. But the Indian women are famous for their well-groomed, smooth and shiny hair! We will reveal one of their secrets to you. The mask is very accessible, and also fast, but the effect is noticeable after the first procedure. As a result, natural hair biolamination occurs: the hair shaft thickens, the hair acquires a density and a mirror shine.

Ingredients of Mask

The amount is calculated for medium length hair
  • Colorless Henna - 60 g
  • Cinnamon (powder) - half a teaspoon
  • Oil (sunflower, coconut, mustard or corn) - 1 teaspoon
  • Citric acid (powder) - half a teaspoon
  • Honey - 2 teaspoons
As you can see, nothing supernatural in the composition of the mask, it would seem, is not, and the procedure itself is simple. But all ingenious is simple!
Mask for Laminating Hair at Home: Indian Recipe

Preparation of Hair Mask

Powder of cinnamon and henna must necessarily be sifted through a strainer - not only to remove large particles, but also to loosen them, to improve the access of oxygen to the reaction.
  • So, sift cinnamon and colorless henna in a bowl, mix with citric acid.
  • Add hot water (almost boiling water) until a fairly liquid substance forms. The mask should be fluid. Stir and let the mask cool down to about 45 degrees. By this time, henna will give the gelatinity of our mixture due to its active ingredients and enveloping action.
  • Add butter and honey, mix. It will be convenient if you transfer the mask into a plastic cup.

Application of Hair Mask

Now it's best to move to apply a mask to laminate hair at home in the shower. First, the hair before applying the mask should be washed with a usual shampoo, which will fan hair, opening access to scales of hairs, and dry hair with a towel.

Secondly, the mask should spread over all the hair (when it gets on the body it is also very useful for the skin), so it is convenient to water it on the hair directly from the cup in small portions and distribute your hands over the hair. Massage your scalp as well.

Moreover, the mask is applied very briefly, for only 10 minutes. But this is enough to penetrate the nutritional and hair-filling components. After the first application, you will notice improvements in the appearance of your hair. And how fragrant they smell after this mask!

Rinse off the mask without shampoo, first warm, and at the end with cold water. In order to better washed the grains of henna, you can comb your hair during rinsing with a rare comb, or put your head in a basin of water and rinse your hair. But in any case, after drying and combing the hair, all the remnants of henna will be removed.

And this mask should be applied 2-3 times a month. Gradually, the hair will become very shiny, dense and well-groomed.