PRP Hair Treatment Results 2018 Before and After

PRP ( Platelet Rich Plasma ) - therapy is one of the effective, multi-functional and safe treatments for hair and scalp. The essence of the method is the stimulation of hidden tissue reserves using blood plasma. PRP-therapy for hair, thanks to the presence in the platelets of known growth factors, accelerates the natural processes of hair and scalp regeneration. The result of PRP-therapy is hair restoration at the micro level. As a medicinal preparation, a platelet-rich plasma is used, extracted from the patient's blood.

Indications for PRP - therapy or when it is worth going to the trichologist:
  • hair thinning and hair loss
  • alopecia (baldness)
  • slow hair growth
  • seborrheic dermatitis
  • poor hair structure: they become thin, brittle and dry
  • increased dryness or fatness of the scalp, dandruff, itching
Contraindications to the treatment of hair by PRP-therapy:
  • oncological diseases
  • use of anti-inflammatory drugs for two days before the treatment
  • lactation, pregnancy
  • a depressive state, a violation of immunity
  • a syndrome of platelet dysfunction

How to prepare for the procedure

Before consultation, you need to wash your hair using a normal shampoo. On the patient's head there should be no means for styling, dyes, hair should not be brushed or curled, should not be somehow difficult to comb or stab.
PRP Hair Treatment Results Before and After

What is waiting for you: step by step procedure

Primary consultation clarifies the general condition of the patient, analyzes all the factors that can affect the hair condition (lifestyle and dietary habits, chronic diseases, genetic predisposition, environmental factors). Then the doctor carefully examines the hair and skin of the scalp.

If necessary, the patient is assigned to examinations from related specialists and laboratory studies. After all, the health of the hair, above all, is closely related to the general state of the body.

At the first admission the doctor conducts diagnostic trichoscopy and prepares control areas of the scalp for further investigation - phototrichogram. Next, an individual scheme for the treatment of hair and scalp hair, as well as physiotherapy: PRP-therapy, mesotherapy of the scalp.

If it is necessary to carry out PRP-therapy, the patient takes injections into the skin of the scalp. The minimum course of treatment is 5-6 procedures. The injected preparation is an injection form of platelet autoplasm, which is released during the treatment of the patient's blood (centrifugation). Platelet autoplasma contains growth factors, amino acids, trace elements, hormones, proteins and vitamins in a natural combination.

How to behave after the procedure?

Proper home hair care and regular maintenance therapy are the main recommendations for hair care not only after taking PRP therapy, but also in everyday life.

Effect of PRP- therapy course

Even after the first procedures, patients notice a noticeable:
  • Reduction of hair loss
  • strengthening the hair follicle
  • normalization of the sebaceous glands
  • elimination of dandruff, dryness, itching
  • reduction of the cross-section and fragility of the hair shaft
  • increase in diameter and density of hair
  • return hair elasticity, gloss, density
For an obvious result, at least five to six PRP-therapy procedures should be performed. This course will provide a pronounced long-term effect of hair restoration and growth.
  • Name of procedure: Trichoscopy and PRP-therapy of scalp hair 
  • Duration of the procedure:  30-40 minutes 
  • How many prp treatments are needed:  6 - 8 procedures 
  • The effect is noticeable: after 4-5 procedures 
  • PRP for hair loss cost:  Cost may varies from $50 to $2,000 country to country
  • Adverse effects: no Soreness / discomfort: observed patients who are hypersensitive to injections

Recommendations before and after PRP-therapy

To prevent complications and achieve maximum effect it is recommended to observe the following rules: 
  • Stop taking anticoagulants (heparin, aspirin) two to three days before the procedure. 
  • Warn the doctor if you have a sore throat. 
  • Do not prescribe other cosmetic procedures on the same day with plasmolifting. 
  • Do not use makeup for 12 hours after the injection. 
  • Within three days after the procedure, you can not visit the sauna and swimming pool, during the week - a solarium.

PRP hair treatment before and after video

PRP hair treatment side effects

Treatment of hair loss  PRP is  discharged with a simple blood test, and then the specialized protocol  bergmann Kord is used . The autologous nature of the method (i.e., the fact that the materials used  are body- borne  ) makes  PRP  absolutely safe for health and without any side effects.

The method is used by bergmann Kord researchers in accordance with the rules of absolute hygiene and safety and is a simple and painless process. It is also important to add that PRP itself is an antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory biological material and thus provides antiseptic conditions.

The PRP method   has been used for several years with very impressive results in the treatment of orthopedic or chronic wounds, burns, surgical incisions, etc. and is currently used as a treatment (restoration) of hair.

In which cases do you apply PRP hair loss treatment?

PRP  treatment applies to both men and women in cases of initial or extended thinning of hair:
  • In the treatment of androgenic alopecia and female type of androgenic alopecia
  • To enhance the effect of hair transplantation
  • For the treatment of focal alopecia
  • For the treatment of hair loss of various etiologies
  • To prevent hair loss

Is PRP hair treatment permanent solution ?

PRP hair therapy reviews speak for high efficiency, safety, as well as lasting effect.

After completing the course of this procedure, patients note the disappearance of problems with the hair and skin of the scalp. As a result of the normalization of the sebaceous glands, the scalp no longer fats, and such problems as fatty seborrhea, cease to worry.

Platelets enriched with platelets affect the structure of the hair at the micro level. First of all, patients note the growth of new hair, the cessation of hair loss, as well as the silky and shiny hair.
In contrast to plasmolifting, much less injections of enriched plasma are required to restore the hair . It saves you time and money.
It should be noted that the combination of PRP therapy with other cosmetic procedures for hair, bring the maximum result , which persists for two years.